The August gallery for Elle’s Studio is up – check it out – lots of gorgeous projects to feast your eyes upon :) Here’s my contributions this month :) bdaycard2

I love how a cute double-sided paper (and a scrap one at it) and a tag can make such a quick and great card in a snap. All I did was folding the scrap, punching out a butterfly & inking and decorating it with bling and then adhere the tag to the card with 3d foam. Paper from Fancy Pants Designs. DSC_1571

I tried my hands on a simple layout this month. Not sure if it worked out that well, hm. Used lots of tags, rubons and scraps (the paper and rubons ones are from Crate Paper). DSC_1572 DSC_1575 DSC_1577 summerphotos

Then yet a simple & elegant CD-card. Paper from Fancy Pants Designs. summerphotos_cu1 summerphotos_cu2  Not much to report from here. Ping-ponging between different projects at home atm – I have roughly three things on my to-do-list, both academic & scrapbook-related ones, and every time I sit down to do one, I get the urge to get up and do one of the other ones on the list instead. Rinse & repeat after every 5 minutes or less. Ahwell. At least I get a little done here and there, uh? Eh. Right. Just need to manage to finish them too I guess.


Title: “Mary Jane” – Alanis Morrisette

 Along with the privilege of planning weddings with my clients, I also enjoy designing the wedding for them. Being able to take a brides many ideas and turn them into reality is one of my most enjoyable aspects of planning. Below are a few of my favorite before and after photos of room transformations. Enjoy....

Above the BEFORE of my Hutchinson Island Lianne & Danny "Platinum Wedding" episode

AFTER...I love taking impossible spaces such as this couples back yard and transforming it into the unimaginable, I especially love the plexiglass cover over the pool which we used as the couples dance  floor .

 Above the BEFORE photo of the Loews Miami Beach ballroom to be used as the Cocktail Lounge for my "Platinum Weddings" couple Lynda and Alex

                                                        cocktail lounge AFTER

                              The BEFORE of the reception ballroom for Lynda and Alex

                                                          Reception ballroom AFTER

  BEFORE shot of the cocktail lounge prior to transformation for the couples "After Party & Dessert Lounge"

                                           AFTER of the "After Party" for Lynda & Alex

                                                   National Hotel reception ballroom BEFORE


                                              BEFORE at the Grand ballroom Four Seasons Miami


                                BEFORE of the ceremony area at the Biltmore Hotel Coral Gables

                          Above the BEFORE of the Blue Room at the Omni Shoreham Hotel Washington, DC


I hope this gave you some inspiration and sparks some great decor ideas for your own wedding.

Happy Planning.....


 I recently met with Ameriie and her fiance' LG for one of our power planning sessions. We discussed decor and set up for her destination wedding next year. Ameriie is such a creative force herself, our heads were spinning with ideas by the time we were done. I am extremely excited to see everything come together for this fabulous couple. 

Pictured above-  John Cook, Tiffany Nieves, Ameriie, & her fiance' LG


rockstar_card rockstar_openThis is a card I created for Fancy Pants Designs’ productspotlight on the “Like Father Like Son”-cards (the paper, that is). The line is, as the name says, excellent for working on masculine stuff with, and we all know that it’s rare when it comes to scrapbooking & products. At least that’s the impression I personally have.

annealbumHere’s a peek on one of the classes I’ll teach at PACS – the minialbum-one. Its mainsponsors will be Elle’s Studio and 3ndypapir.  And hey, notice my fancy nail? Amalie insisted on decorating my nails with her makeup-plaything.


The days are filled with lots of reading (it’s true!), lectures, thinking about my thesis/paper (I’m not quite sure which word is right?), freelancing and – when time allows – scrapbooking. Oh, and if you’ve been wondering why I’m not available at my cellphone for the moment being (come on, you’ve been wondering *cough* ;p) – you can read all about it at my other blog here (in Norwegian).


Title: “Dangerous and sweet” - Lenka


One of our most memorable shoots and weddings for this year. Here's a sneek peak at our Binondo E-Sessions and their quirky and upbeat SDE!

Just click to enlarge!




While (attempting to) cleaning up my scrapdesk, I came across Amalies hair, cut in 2008. Um yeah. I’ve been intending to scrap it for about two years. Figured – mkay – I oughta do something about it (and have one less crap on my desk) – and used Pencil-Lines sketch #201 to create this layout. It was a twopager, and I guess I oughta take on the challenge to do a twopager soon (it’s not really that difficult, just…not me I guess), but I just smooshed the sketch into this onepager.  The bag the hair is in comes from Scrapbook Adhesives by the way – Keepsake Envelopes.

6a00d8341cae8753ef0134866355a1970c For the sketch Pencil-Lines collaborated with Color Combos Galore, and we got this colorcombo to use.

Hmm! I whipped out my Fancy Pants Designs-papers, and found that the Road Show-collection was perfect for this colorcombo.


I also had these black and white photos stored in my (too thick) photobook w/preprinted photos I haven’t gotten around to scrap yet. Yay. Less photos in that book too!

hair_cu2  This tag is one of my faves from Elle’s Studiodate & place tags. Perfect for about anything needing datestuff added to. Notice the glittertransparency? It’s a frame from Fancy Pants, a bit too large for my usual scrapping, but I thought it was perfect used like this for this sketch.


After much contemplating, I created a new blog. I’ve mentioned earlier that I would love to practice my writing, but I haven’t felt that this blog was the right place to do it on. Besides, most of the writing would have to be in Norwegian (although I probably might do a few texts at English as well). The thought is to gather small text – some observations, petites, attempts at novelettes and so on at that place. I’ve called it Tekster i fritt fall.


mini7 It has come to my attention that not everybody have been able to obtain the PDF-file w/the class for this minialbum. The mainreason for this is probably that you need a googleaccount to be able to view/download it, and while it’s fast and free to register for a googleaccount, not everybody wants to bother doing that first. I’ve therefore put it up at a filesharing-server, so you can download it from there too (you have to wait 20 secs before being able to click download). Remember – if you do this class (use the techniques to create a mini or a layout) before Sept 4th, sign up for a chance at The Studio blog on the giveawayprize from Elle’s Studio! See prize below:


Have a nice week :)


Title: “A few small bruises” – Maria Mena


Ey :)
I made a minialbumclass for the Summer Cybercrop over at The Studio.

I dunno when it’ll be up – but do check their site cause they’re having classes and challenges all day today, Saturday. Update: It’s now up! Do download the class instead of viewing it on the web, the quality of the images will be much better on your own pc (at least it is for me, dunno why, maybe it’s the browser?).

In this class, which’ll also be available as PDF, I’ll be explaining how I was thinking and different step-by-step methods for recreating a similar minibook :) Oh, and there’ll be a giveaway by Elle’s Studio to accompany this class…..:) (Thanks Elle, you’re the best! :) )

Speaking of classes and Elle’s Studio, do drop by their blog – they have a hugeass (sorry the wording ;p) class on journaling running almost whole this month, how to go on about it and why it’s so important for your layouts….awesome thoughts and tips to be learned for sure (and a few giveaways here and there too ;) )!

As for other scrappy news:


3ndypapir has a brand new Epla-store where you can purchase papers directly from 3ndypapir if your local scrapbookstore doesn’t have them in their inventory.


Elle’s Studio recently released these two awesome digitag-elements – shown above is the “In the moment journaling”-tags.


Father Christmas is coming to Pink Paislee! :D

Hmmm..can’t think of other scrappy news…hmm…but I am sure I’ve forgotten a thing or two! Sorry! :p



The first day at the University went well. It was just an infomeeting – and although I am not required to take/follow any of the classes offered for the Masters Degree (as I have been through all the obligatory classes years back, and thus can just start on my thesis straight away), I found two utterly interesting classes I am fairly sure I just have to follow (one on media economy (useful!) and another on media reception & understanding the audiences (this is a practical one, and I believe I’ll learn much about politics & the system which should prove useful for future reference) in addition to a refreshment-course on the basics of writing a thesis. Oh, and I want to volunteer at quite a few places. Ugh. So little time, so much I want to do! We’ll see…honestly, I should just start on my thesis straight away and focus on that and that only, but…..


I’ll wrap up with a few more images from the minialbum I created for The Studio’s SummerCybercrop. Remember to drop by them to see the tutorial in its whole!

mini2 mini15

 mini10Have a lovely weekend!

Title: “Cornflake Girl” – Tori Amos

Tiffany of Dream Design Weddings had the pleasure of working with William Grace of the Omni Shoreham Hotel, DC recently for the Wedding of Matilda & Stephen. Here is a "Sneak Peek" of the "Before & After" snap shots. We will be posting the entire wedding next week as Christy from UDS photo has us in suspense until then.

 Tiffany Nieves and  William Grace