Wedding planner Tiffany Nieves-Cook, of Dream Design Weddings and Events, knows a thing or two about weddings. Not only has she planned them for plenty of high-profile clients, but she also designed her own wedding — including the custom bar and centerpieces pictured here — earlier this month! She shared a few insider wedding-planning tips with us; whether you're hiring a planner or doing the dirty work yourself, read on for her thoughts on planning the look of your big day.
  • It's all about the feeling. As you're planning your wedding's decor, think about more than just how you want it to look. "I would encourage clients to consider their personal style and what they want their wedding to feel like — more of the ambiance or experience they want their guests to have rather than merely a color or style," Tiffany says.
  • Collect photos of decor you like. The first step in planning a couple's wedding, says Tiffany, is getting to know their individual personalities and style. "I review photos of decor that the client is drawn to; this usually offers one or two main components, which sparks the concept. Once started, the whole concept takes on a life of its own and comes together in a magical way."
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  • Add texture. Texture is a huge wedding trend right now, says Tiffany: "Loads of texture, [from] invitations to linens, and wedding gowns. Texture is big for 2011 and 2012."
  • Customize! "To take things to the next level for clients, including celebrities. I like to build custom pieces, from sweetheart and cake tables to props and backdrops," says Tiffany. "This gives the client custom, one-of-a-kind decor elements that will make their wedding even more spectacular."
  • On a budget? Use color. The right use of color can up the "wow" factor on any budget, Tiffany says. "Think deep, rich jewel tones, but use them through the whole wedding — linens, flowers, DIY menu cards, etc. This will create an opulent look that is warm and inviting, and won't break the bank."
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MIAMI, Florida – Today, celebrity wedding planner, Tiffany Nieves-Cook, from WEtv’s Platinum Weddings and Natural Impression Design, the leading designer and manufacturer of high-end custom invitations, announce the introduction of a new luxury invitation collection rightfully named ‘Tiffany Couture by Natural Impression Design.’

The customizable collection combines Tiffany’s platinum style with Natural Impression’s mix of custom design techniques. As the name implies, this line is for customers seeking glitz, glamour, and a completely unique invitation for their event. Tiffany’s very own invitation is the crown jewel of the collection, which also features the Luxury Invitation Suite designed for Grammy Nominated Recording Artist Ameriie. Both are to be showcased at the National Stationery Show, May 15-18 at the Jacob Javitz Center.

“This is truly an amazing collection,” said Eddy Martinez, president of Natural Impression Design. “Our family owned business creates custom designed invitations for celebrities and luxury events on an exclusive basis. Until now, invitations, like the ones featured in ‘Tiffany Couture by Natural Impression Design’ have only been seen on fabulous wedding TV shows. Now we bring the same customization possibilities, opulence and uniqueness to your local stationery store. The concepts come from Tiffany and we at Natural Impression Design bring them to life in her unique platinum style.”

“Tiffany Couture” launches as Natural Impression Design celebrates its 13th year at the National Stationery Show. Tiffany Nieves-Cook will join them in booth no. 3121-3123 for the lines official market introduction.

For additional information and photos visit 

Natural Impression Design
Eddy Martinez, 877-408-8863
naturalimpressions@gmail.com www.tiffanycoutureinvitations.com



At this very moment, my husband’s cousin is disputing her doctorate on the African languages Wolof and Fulfulde, and how the local languages gets new life alongside French in Senegal thanks to the use of SMS (cellphones) & Internet…well, something along these lines..:)

Unfortunately we weren’t able to be there in person, but we’re all proud of her & naturally I created her a card she’ll get with her little gift :)


It’s a simple card – yet pretty fresh and summery in colors.. notice the stupid holes along the journal-note? I started sewing around the edge but turns out my sewing machine is acting bleh once again. Really, I should just bite the dust and buy a new one soon, sigh…I do use it a lot after all :/ Nevertheless…once I realized it was fubar I was like, bleh, and continued sewing holes around the note since there were already holes on it sorta.


I used Pink Paislee’s 365 degrees on this card, along with a birdcage-die cut from a Hambly Screenprints-transparency (seriously, these adds such lovely touches to about anything, and lasts forever too :) ). Tag from Elle’s Studio, wooden button that I whitewashed from Maya Road and hm, yeah, edgepunch from Fiskars…think that’s it for this card.

Have a lovely weekend! :)

Mark and Bridget
19th March 2010
Welgemeend, Cape Town,
Western Cape

Meet Mark and Bridget, a photographer-writer team, and oh! what a great husband-wifey team they are!

Bridget McNulty contacted us a little less than a year ago and very matter-of-factly informed us that we'd be photographing the BEST wedding EVER on the March 19th 2011.

You can imagine our curiosity and excitement when, a year later, we arrived at Welgemeend and found this to be quite true! We were blown away by the love and attention Bridget had poured into every little detail from the tiny succulents to the awesome Skinny La Minx Seating Chart to the 1000 Origami Cranes (999 folded by Bridget, 01 folded by Mark :P), to the Watermelon Lings and Pop Rocks and the 'Book-Ring-Pillow' and and and! Wowzers!

Utter photographic bliss!

Thank you friends, for letting us be part of the BESTEST wedding EVER! :)

Oh, and I almost forget to mention the Super-Moon! The Moon appeared a whole 30% larger on Mark & Bridget's wedding night. Even Nature was celebrating this awesome union! :P



The NFL start wed Migdalia Sosa last month at the beautiful Fontainebleau Hotel. The stunning wedding was planned by NFL Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook 
Marty Booker  Migdalia Booker Tiffany Nieves-Cook

Congratulations to Marty & Migdalia Booker we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!!

Jennifer and Kory are a super cool couple. You might remember their super romantic coffee shop engagement session. They tied the knot the second week of March on a bright and breezy cold day.

It was an honor to have photographed both the son (Andy) and daughter (Jenny) of the Lauer family. When I shoot multiple weddings in a family it is so special to see the parents and even the grandparents again.... and even new little babies! Congrats to Andy and Teresa on their second little miracle.

Now on to my wedding day favs....

winter wedding wisconsin,wedding photography
winter wedding wisconsin,wedding photography

Jenny got the idea of having a special fragrance for the wedding from her maid of honor. I just totally love this idea and recommend it to every bride. Choose a special perfume and wear it on your wedding day, then every time you wear the scent you will instantly be reminded of your wedding and all the feelings and emotions you experienced that day.

winter wedding wisconsin,wedding photography
winter wedding wisconsin,wedding photography
winter wedding wisconsin,wedding photography
winter wedding wisconsin,wedding photography
winter wedding wisconsin,wedding photography
winter wedding wisconsin,wedding photography
winter wedding wisconsin,wedding photography
winter wedding wisconsin,wedding photography

The freezing wind and snow covered ground didn't hinder the ability to get beautiful and heart warming photographs.

winter wedding wisconsin,wedding photography
winter wedding wisconsin,wedding photography
winter wedding wisconsin,wedding photography
winter wedding wisconsin,wedding photography
winter wedding wisconsin,wedding photography

I just LOVE this groom's cake - incorporating the Kory's love of camping and Van Halen....

winter wedding wisconsin,wedding photography
winter wedding wisconsin,wedding photography

I think it is so neat when a DJ invites daughters and fathers and sons and mothers out on the dance floor during the dance. I love walking around on the dance floor with my camera and photographing all the different parent child relationships celebrating along with the bride and groom.

Congratulations Jenny and Kory - it was an honor to photograph your wedding day!