Funny how things seem to be way more interesting than they maybe are, when you're supposed to be focused on serious work? I don't know, but I've bee spending waaay too much time on checking up scrapping stuff -- and well, tbh it does look very interesting & promising (to me anyways ;) ), and before I've even scrapped a single picture at all (or LO as it's called - LayOut) I've already spend a good deal of shinies on this newfound hobby....

I sure hope I got some talent for this, so that the money and time spent until now haven't been too wasted *roll eyes* =)

Now, wish my scrappingstuff would arrive in the mail soon so I can start trying this out for real =) In the meantime I guess I'll keep working some on my actual assigned projects :p

Note to self: Make a new timetable =)

My little cute one, aged 3 1/2 months, just got - not one - but two teeth. So what you may think, who cares - there are even babies that's born with teeth (or so I'm told), but hey, I care.... and because I care, I'm making you care aswell :p


And yes, I'm breastfeeding her still......question is, for how much longer ........?


I survived walking around a whole day in those shoes =)
I think I deserve something. Like, a medal or something like that =)