I just have to admit it -- I simply love e!online & their awesome gossip columns! TabFab & Ask the AnswerB!tch especially - so spunky, sassy & simply fab! It's not really the gossips, but rather the way they're writing kinda...<3! :)

Ps! My wishes for the new year? GET VICTORIAS SECRET TO NORWAY GDAMMIT!!!!! *cry* 30$ shipping!?!? *sighs*


My little cutiepie!!! (and my hubby alright :p)
Notice the matching little shoes! =)

Now, I'd love a grownup version of this dress, preferrably one which's short (above the knees :P) and got long splits at the sides kinda. I'm told it's called...hm...dao sai or something like that....*me & my teflon brain* *rolls eyes* ...anyways...I've found a couple on the net, but they're like, 80-100$ or more.... I need a cheaper version, cause...it's just a fun clothing experiment since I'm asian looking and all that, thought it'd be fun & cool having such a dress then kinda :)

If anyone find one, lemme know please :p

...and I think we're done with all the presents and greetingcards - yay! I've also been a good housewife (haha) & made six different cakes, cookies and candies for Christmas. When it comes to food, I really am a good housewife - but that's also pretty much the only housewifeish area that I excel at - I really really suck at cleaning up and that kinda stuff. Give me five minutes in a clean, tidy kitchen and you honestly won't recognize it after - but it doesn't matter that much, cause hopefully my food will make you forget that (alright, that doesn't really work on my husband, but...).

Now, off to make an attempt at cleaning up a tad ....


One of the things that I personally consider "grownupish", is the tradition of sending Christmas greetings around Christmastime (well duh). I *think* I may have tried it once before, but well.... coming from someone who's always way delayed when it comes to sending out thank-you cards, expecting me to be able to send out Christmas Greetings in time every year......well....*boggle*

Anyways...this year we were like, hmm, we should, but do we really wanna bother?
Then two days ago I got so inspired by looking at other peoples Christmas pictures that I just decided aw screw it lets go :P

And here's the results :)

Just hope that people I sent the greetings to get it in time :p

And while I'm in the Christmassy mood - Have a Joyful Christmas all of you!! :)

I'm currently in Oslo, staying at my moms place (which I still keep calling "home", and to which the kiddo keeps correcting me "No, it's not our home, it's grandma and Trygves home!"). Anyways, just wanted to share this picture of me, my sister Pia and our steph-sister Beata and all our children :p

From left to right; Beata, her son Isaac, daughter Zara, my sister Pia, her two girls Rebecca and Tuva, my kid Adrian, myself and my Amalie :)

Gonna stay here until Saturday, then we'll jet back home to Bergen. :) (and boy how I do look forward to taking a plane all by myself with a buggy kid, a whiny baby and loads of luggage....yey!)

Sure thing, I'd love to pay 21 360 NOK instead of 12 990 NOK for a plasmascreen. No worries, I'll dish out 3300 instead of 1990 for that camera. And hell yeah, I'll pay 33 960 instead of 20 675 for the complete Christmas offer of various electronic stuff!! WHAT A FREAKIN BARGAIN!

So, lemme just ask; are people outta their minds?!?


Last time I checked, 21 360 is a way lot more than 12 990. Same thing with 33 960 instead of 20 675. And if I'm not too mistaken, it's still possible to get smaller loans in the bank for a reasonable fee rather than borrowing money from the store just to get some funky showoffthing - and pay like double- 1/3rd more its worth (And oh, don't forget the initial fee of 395 to establish the loan itself. But hey, it's cheap, it really is, according to their webpages).

God, I'm not sure why it annoys me, but it sure does -- the commercials on TV and in the papers and stuff -- get loans for free TODAY. Don't have money? Don't worry, we'll THROW the money after you without checking your financial status - just send an SMS or email us and it'll be fixed in no time! And then there is all these "thank you Thorn" and "weee the Deal man is here with our way too expensive stuff" commercials...I guess they're directed at people who didn't bother learning math at school. *scoff* And since they keep affording and doing these expensive commercials, it sure means they do get an income, which means there's actually people going for these stuff....?

Maybe they bother me because I consider these to be organized scams for people of lower class or eh, weaker mind? And it's annoying that it seem to be so accepted today....*roll eyes again for the n'th time*
I really shouldn't bother, I'm not even affected by this, but still it annoys me!!

Jeez....Merry Christmas btw, in case I forget this later on :P

Where did the days go!?!? We're already at December, the last month of the year...I've turned a year older/wiser (okay, the latter's maybe a tad dubious :p), became a mother of two and been married for a year already - and I really don't know how everything's happened so fast..

I guess what they say about life is true, the older you get the faster time flies....and it's already too fast for me :(

God I really am gettin old rambling like this :p

Alright, I suppose I gotta admit it - I'm totally hooked on scrapping! It's so much fun, and totally addictive and uhm, sorta dangerous for the wallet -- but hey, who cares, I get to scrap a lot of wonderful memories and keep them safe in a funny environment kinda ;)

I also got my sister hooked it seems, and now she's got some more friends hooked -- it's dangerous! :P It's also nice, cause this makes us stay in touch a little more than we used to aswell ;) Right now we're kinda fighting over who gets to scrap what pictures -- I love the
pictures I got of Rebecca, her oldest daughter, and every time I show her a layout I've made of Becca she's all like "Stop that! I don't have that picture, gimme!!" :p And I'm all like, "oops, did I forget to send you that picture too? =)" *snicker*

Here's a layout I'm extremely happy about -- this is my little one, Amalie ;) It's simple and clean -- I have so much more to learn about this profession, and in the meantime I'm having so much fun capturing the moments that'll mean a lot in the future :)

Oh, I'm also done watching "The Shield" season 1 through 3. And I still believe it's great -- check out season three for some..eh... indepths scenes regarding Capt. Aceveda :P And I'm not talking about the incident only (where he's forced to give a ganster a blowjob to save his life), but about what follows it - the psychological changes that it makes in him. And things like, him admitting the whole thing to his wife and she just walks on him?? Hellooo....?!? Anyways...season four features Glenn Close as a series regular -- can't wait till it hits the DVD :)



Alright, old news for most I suppose (since it's actually three years old), but check out The Shield if you haven't already. In Norway it's been on Canal + earlier, and although my first thought was "ooh, another great series from the HBO network" it's actually from FX (don't ask me :p). Anyways, it's totally mindboggling and awesome -- I know the phrase might be overused, but it's really a groundbreaking series in its true meaning. Anyways, just got to borrow Season One on DVD from a friend, and woah it's just SO good. Forget everything you thought you've seen about cop series on TV. Watch this one instead - you won't regret. Seriously.

NB: Not for those faint of heart. I guess.

as a single mom just started this morning, after saying goodbye to Simen in front of a bus counting what, thirty, fourty, an even larger number ?? of twelve year old kids anxious to go on school camp. It's "only" for a week, but right now I seem to be in it for a looong week with a five month old baby crawling everywhere (and I mean everywhere!) and a four year old who's having a tendency to be pretty whiny too fast. *lets out a deep breath* It'll be okay...I'll survive...I *think* I might be better off than Simen, who's got like, loads of kids to look forward to 24/7.....I mean, some of the best things that I recall from these expeditions from my own childhood were to stay awake at night visiting each others and hiding when the poor, sleepless teachers tried to put us back to bed....:P And the noise level at the bus must be quite fun right now, with all those excited kids :P At least I only got two to look after right now :P And besides......there's like, loads of women (and some men) being this, alone with children, like, every day. I'll be ok......I really will.......... I think...

Yeah! I got a new fave song right now -- The Pussycat Dolls "Don't cha" -- it's such a great concept, that "band" ---- <3 !! (I miss Carmen though, I thought she was a regular in that group, apparantly not :/)

Dont cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me
Dont cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me

(No, I'm NOT talking about myself (jeez I'm not that conceited), I just think the lyric's fun & a bit hilarious.....and they sorta do redeem themselves in the lyrics heh)

Sooo, as I was gonna take on this skirt I haven't worn since like, way before I got preggers, I was like, hmm, is this a little too early? Maybe this one will be a tad too tight? :/ But!! It wasn't!! ;) And it was actually a bit too loose & all that, which I take as a good sign that things are going into the right direction, even though I'm not too sure about that one when I watch myself in the mirror (which, truth to be told, can be a tad dishearting...:/) ...anyways, yay, clebrating that one by eating Mövenpick chocolate ice cream to breakfast =) (best ice cream I know of next to homemade & Häagen Dazs cookie ice cream) ~cheers! :)

Ahoy Avast! Let's not forget the very important upcoming International Talk Like A Pirate Day - September 19th! :)

I'm not quite sure how to put this, but...I recently started to read the Childrens Bible that Adrian got when he was baptised, like, years ago....personally I have all but good memories from when I was little and was reading in my own Bible (also adapted for children I guess, since I was reading in it all by myself when I was sick and home from school)....I really enjoyed reading it, there were so may fascinating and nice stories in it and stuff.... I also have a faint memory of going to the Sunday School, drawing nice drawings from stories from the Bible & stuff....quite...harmonic memories, sorta..

Anyways, I digress...so, I wanted my son to have the same fond memories like I did, and I was like, okay, four and half years old and hardly knows who this God or Jesus is...might as well learn about them the good way and later face the harsh reality about religions, no? So, instead of fairytales at bedtime (which, by the way, can be quite harsh aswell - I mean, Hansel & Gretel??? Their parents abanodon them on and on again in the huge, dangerous forest, yet they keep wanting to return, they long to go home and do so every single time until next time they put them back into the forest to die??? Hellooo stupid children....wake up! duh..) I put up this project reading stuff from his own Bible...fine.....he loves the stories, okay. Me? I keep getting disillusioned. And I actually do regret putting up this project, but well, it's too late, he's into the stories now and doesn't wanna stop until the book is finished. *sigh*

I knew the Bible was kinda...eh... sided? Partial? One-dimensional? I mean...Gods own people, blah blah blah, oh noes, Gods own people left their own country, now other people took it....what to do? Take it back ofc, cause the stupid people who stayed/took over the country when they left doesn't wanna go away, don't they know it's Gods people who's supposed to have this country....? But hey, who left the country voluntarily in the first place, according to the very same book? And when someone needs a wife they're like, ok, go fetch a woman, who's like "yes take me miles away to some guy I haven't even seen!" (or well, their fathers).

Hm. Maybe it's this particular book. It's very....simple. It's like, "Rut married Naomis son. But he was dead. Naomis husband was also dead. Naomi wanted to go back to Judea." Lots of short, boring, cut down setences. Maybe that's the problem. Maybe I should try find my own, old books, maybe the Bible would eh...sound more fun in there...or something like that..cause even though I'm still sceptical to this whole Bible/religion thing (and even more so when reading it for my kid), I still do believe that a childs faith is a nice thing, to give him a nice, rosey& safe foundament....when he grows up I hope he can read for himself and question why and how can this and that be right, can this really be justified... or something like that...

About yesterday, I forgot to mention how it ended! (no you dirty little minds *roll eyes*)
Anyways, when Simen told our kid that "hey, it's mom's birthday today", he prouldy proclaimed that we needed to get me icecream because that's what they did in the kindergarden -- whenever it's someones birthday they all get to eat icecream. Soo, by the end of the evening he reminded us about the icecream, so Simen had to drive to the videostore to get some, and he also rented a DVD aswell - "Closer". I must say it's simply one of the best movies I've seen in a long time -- it's so smart and intelligent and so raw, so brutally honest... and quite an unusual film sorta, about relationships and cheating and life......love like it is.... with such strong performances (no I still don't really fancy Jude Law for some reason...and it was kinda surreal to watch him in that movie while thinking of all the stuff that's happened to him and Sienna Miller lately (and his ex-wife before that), heh), especially Clive Owen and Nathalie Porter (love her always! Even in Star Wars :p). Hm. I can't recall having seen thit one on the cinemas here, hm. Anyways.....such a great movie, sharp and all that stuff -- it's kinda noticeable that it's adapted from a play, it's conversation is it's strength....and it forces you to use your mind aswell, since the time-line is quite funny in this movie....like, all the unnecessary stuff is cut away....and the introduction of Owens character, the cybersex part -- it was both hilarious and..I don't know...raw? Realistic? And the stripclub scene with Portman & Owen...wow, Portman's damn sexy in there (love the wigs!!) and she really shines as the flirty yet vulnerable temptress... ohwell..watch this movie, it's really great.

Oh, about my new hobby, I just have to share this layout that I made after inspiration from a contest on a board; the text reads "(my) adorable little babygirl". I'm really getting the hang of this new hobby, it's so fun and challenging and best of all, I had no idea that I could be a tiny tad little creative aswell. And I get to save and conserve my pictures for the future in a beautiful setting, or layout, as it's called. I just got a packet from stickers-planet with georgeous papers and cool alphabetstickers - but one thing I've noticed is that scrapping is really full of..hm....big words sorta. I dunno...it feels like....Mary Poppins....especially the layouts about babies and children, it's a lot of 'cherish preserve adore love tell-the-whole-world-a-lot-of-pinksweetish-huge-wonderful-larger-than-life words' :p Ohwell...in a few weeks I'll be thinking of this as natural myself I guess, assimilated into this kind of mentality.....I can feel it creeping up on me already ....am....trying....to...resist......! :p

But really, it's such a cool hobby! 8)

Because yes, it was a wonderful day! :)

Normally, birthdays are like, well.....it used to be exciting when you were five, or six, or even ten or twelve.....then, as you grow up, it becomes kinda...I dunno....another year, yay...?

But today I had the most wonderful day, thanks to my dearest sweetie -- actually having him walk around in clothingstores and paying attention was.....great!!! :) And it was like, well, he did that for me....! Am so happy!! So we managed to find me a cool dress, a sweet sweater and even some ribbons and stuff for my new hobby, scrapping! And then we went and had sushi, or well, I had sushi (which tasted absolutely delicately) while Simen had noodles....and I even managed to get me some dessert too, chocolate fondant......yumm.....!!!

And when we went home I even tried the weight at my mother in law (who was babysitting our children while we were gone....and we don't have one at our home cause I refuse to have one or else I'd be stuck on it every day and I don't wanna so that's why we're not allowed to buy one because I say so! =) ) and found out that I only have two kilos left to my original weight before the pregancy!! *even more happy* :D

me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Ania, happy birthday to me!!

I got the worlds best boyfriend. He's so cute. So adorable. As a part of my birthdaypresent he's going to take me to the clothing stores, promise to show that he's got more words than just "fine" in his vocabulary, not complain even though we might spend hours, and buy me some clothes. And he's doing that all voluntarily!! No wonder I love him so!!! :)

Sooo, I just read an article at VG Nett that a woman from South Africa have invented a penis trap. The reason for this was to give women an effective tool to prevent getting raped (50 000 women gets raped a year in South Africa).

The penis trap is carried (or do you say worn?) in the womans vagina, and got tags that "bites" into the penis and even makes it way worse if the owner tries to remove it -- the only way to remove it would be to go to a hospital/doctor and get an operation (!).

Sooo, while the intention is really good - to save women from being raped -- I sorta have my doubts cause....well, imagine a scorned woman wanting to get back at a(n ex)lover.....or a drunk woman not remembering that she's wearing the penis trap and hits on some random guy..... *boggle* Or just simply, a whacko wearing it for fun and hitting men (men are so easy :p).

The plan is that this penis trap will hit the market next year...... how'd you prevent such kind of abuse? But then again, raping someone is a terrible abuse of power aswell....so....hmmm....womens way to get back on men?

Ohwell...gives a whole new meaning to the norwegian expression "luremus" I guess :p

Funny how things seem to be way more interesting than they maybe are, when you're supposed to be focused on serious work? I don't know, but I've bee spending waaay too much time on checking up scrapping stuff -- and well, tbh it does look very interesting & promising (to me anyways ;) ), and before I've even scrapped a single picture at all (or LO as it's called - LayOut) I've already spend a good deal of shinies on this newfound hobby....

I sure hope I got some talent for this, so that the money and time spent until now haven't been too wasted *roll eyes* =)

Now, wish my scrappingstuff would arrive in the mail soon so I can start trying this out for real =) In the meantime I guess I'll keep working some on my actual assigned projects :p

Note to self: Make a new timetable =)

My little cute one, aged 3 1/2 months, just got - not one - but two teeth. So what you may think, who cares - there are even babies that's born with teeth (or so I'm told), but hey, I care.... and because I care, I'm making you care aswell :p


And yes, I'm breastfeeding her still......question is, for how much longer ........?


I survived walking around a whole day in those shoes =)
I think I deserve something. Like, a medal or something like that =)