September 12, 2009
St. John's Catholic Church - Little Chute

Reception - Oneida Casino, Green Bay

Tiffani and Scott planned a gorgeous wedding fit for a prince and a princess. Which is exactly the theme of their day. Tiffani chose a gown with a fitted bodice and long train, they had a castle cake and a fairytale book on every table at the reception.

It was an honor to document the wedding of two awesome people. Here are my favorites from the day...

Tiffani and her dad have a very special bond. They took dancing lessons and swirled around on the dance floor! It was so heartwarming to watch...

Ooh it's soon Halloween and while we don't really celebrate it I kind of like it! =)
I pulled out some leftover-papers I thought fit with the Halloween-theme, like the Nikki Sivils Boo-tiful papers (Like the bag in the middle front, and from which the hand cut pumpkins&adorable ghosts are from) and mostly Luxe Designs, Prima and Scenic Route papers.

The folding-technique was learned from this Cosmo Criket blogpost, and I cut my papers to 9x9" to make these (the 3" scraps were used for the roofs).

I borrowed Kine's awesome drippy goo punch and punched away during Papirfest. I did it like, whole friday - it gave me an excuse to have something to do (*cough*) and even if I ended up having like, triple amount of the roofs I thought I needed it was good - turned out the pieces I precut was too small so I had to staple together two and two to make these :p) Thank you so much Kine for letting me borrow your punch all evening!! They look awesome here! I also sprayed my olive-green prima-flowers w/Graphite glimmer mist to get a more themy color on them..

Gonna hit work extra early tomorrow and place these on the desk of the colleauges. There's chocolate inside :) Call me silly but when I first got the idea I decided to just go with it. It's now too late to regret and well, although I kept these SIMPLE it still was a heckofajob. Not gonna repeat the feat anytime soon for sure! :p

It´s been a while since I talked about my job here by the way, so I figured it´s ok to mention it again ;p

So here goes:

Personally I cannot express how deeply satisfactorily it is to be a part of a workplace where you sort of feel you belong. Or maybe rather, where you feel you actually do your share to contribute. A place where people apparently appreciates you and maybe more important, your work, and lets you know about it. It´s really nice :)

I feel I have gained a lot of confidence in both myself as a person and the work I produce. Not that I now think "oh, I´m so darn good&pro now, get the fuck outta here", but in the sense that I feel more braver and confident when it comes to suggest and come with input to ideas both when it comes to taking photos, poses or content in the paper. I don´t immediately panic (inside of me :p) when people look to me for "what to do now?" or "how to do this?" when it comes to me being the photographer. I also feel a bit more calmer in worksituations instead of feeling I need to hurry up because people probably have other better things to do instead of waiting for me (taking pictures). A bit more anyways. The feeling is still there though, but I don't feel as stressed as I used to :p In short. I feel good because I feel (right now) this is right for me - I´m on the right path at last.

I´ve even been on a few freelance-gigs that I got because my work recommended me, and I was all alone w/the responsibility and it wasn´t that scary or bad as I thought in advance. And the feedback so far has been positive..will know more for sure in a few weeks when they start to use/look closer at my pictures....

I´ve also started to write some for the paper. Mostly smaller, "easier" cases and only occassionally. Being a "photographer-only" isn´t really a viable option for a local paper - you have to go to the larger agencies if you want to take pictures only and well...that kind of job is sacre these days (with major layoffs in the larger mediahouses over the last few weeks) :/ So if I can write in addition to take pictures that´s a big plus. So in that retrospect I´m grateful for the practice I get writing, and for the feedback.

And well, I really hope I get to work with this or in similar areas when my practice/interning ends.
  • Ok, not everything is rosecolored - I´ve so far learned that I feel somewhat protective of my pictures when it comes to how they are displayed in the newspaper. I know being in a small, local newspaper is a lot different than being in a larger one where you maybe (??) have no control over how the endproduct looks. It´s both good and bad. I.e. sometimes small technical glitches at the desk may make your pictures look like muddy unfocused shit despite them actually being good (like, probably taking a jpg instead of tif and/or forgetting to update the links in the pdf after updating pictures so they link to the old not-optimal-for-print-pictures). I´m ashamed to say but it sort of pains me when that occassionally happens, esp repeatedly in the same issue, because well...the pictures weren´t that bad, promise!! :p
  • Working at a local newspaper means you probably get to see a few familiar faces when on location. Sometimes I go "oh, that´s the dad of X in the kiddos class, so this is what he´s doing for a living" or "Uh where have I seen this woman before" knowing it´s jobrelated but can´t recall from where. And I´m usually bad w/names & faces - cough.
  • I am still supercritical of my pictures despite my colleauges reassurement that I did get the shot. And I tend to leave a lot of air at the upper part of the pictures. Still. Bleh. Ofc sometimes it´s intentional, but when it´s not and not good for the piccie - ugh! And the WB is still bleh despite my attempts to use manual WB. Besides, it´s not always time to finetune the WB, humpfr.
  • Oh, and I´m soon a pro coffeedrinker! I´ve ditched the milk now, and am trying to reduce the sugar I still have to add to my cup of coffees. Yay..? :p Have to grab a cup of coffee once I get to the office and then uh, I maybe drink a lot of coffee throughout the poor teeth :p

Ok this ended up LOOONg and totally long-winded and hm, maybe a bit braggyish, which's NOT the intention of this post - I only wanted to say I'm happy with what I'm doing right now after a few years not really knowing where I'm headed workwise (not that I do atm, but at least I have gotten a sense of direction of where I want to go) and that it's a good feeling ;)

Thanks for reading if you have done so so far ;p

Now off to pick out outfits and prepare myself for the photosession w/some of the girls tonight! :D Pictures to follow........:D

Title: "All Or None" -Pearl Jam

(oops! sorry! will put the layout back..if anyone ever remembers about this when it's time to put it back :p)

Aw ;)
A bit ago I found several copies of this photo, and although I believe I've scrapped this one before I decided I wanted to re-scrap it. This picture was on all our "thank-you" cards for the gifts etc received at Amalies baptism three and half years ago. I loved this one because Adrian was in the picture too, showing the wonderful caring relationship between the kids. One which hasn't faltered....yet! :) Amalies baptism-pictures were the ones which made me google "scrapbooking" by the way, that one fateful night long ago... my first box of scrapbooking-stuff were ordered pronto the same evening/night, and well... I don't really show any signs of being tired of this hobby yet :)

Anyways. I'm rambling & digressing. Sorry!

This layout was made for the Pencil-Lines #158, which happen to be a collaboration w/the girls at The Next Step :) I have to admit I sort of *cough* missed the objective w/the collaboration, which was a "trick or treat" theme.....*cough* Um. Eh. Look. The layout is cute? :p

I used Fancy Pants Designs stuff for this one - sweet papers and glitter die cut from the "Little Sprout" line, chipboards and buttons from "All Fall" and some bits and pieces from various other collections. The border was made using my MS doilies-punch.

I don't think I've shared my other October-layouts for Hambly Screenprints...
so here they are...a pretty clean&simpleish one using the wintery transparencies & the new clear stickers....showing my mad driving it was dark and it was snow on the ground and it was my first time at that place (Gry's summerhouse) so I thought they had an awesome extra spacey parking-lot....which turned out to be their garden...under the snow that is....hum. Am returning to that place this weekend with the girls+wine+scrappy looking forward to it...:)

Another old piccie...from two-three years ago..?
Gessoe'd the gorgeous Le Romantique paper, sprayed some Glimmer Mist and chunks of gesso and yeah - layered some rubons (LOVE the alpha-rubons :D) and transparencies. Also used a scrap-piece of a sorta ruined KI Lace paper I had on the desk for like, forever & used a tag from Shabby Chic Crafts as a mat for my photo :)

Just wanted to share a nice little thing I saw at Michelles blog - she did a hybrid-step-by-step for a mini-calendar. I love reading her blog and seeing all the creative stuff she do w/digi and hybrid......still I can't get myself to try it out for real...but..have to admit this post made it look pretty tempting! Keep on posting Michelle! Maybe I'll give in one day haha :)

Have a nice week! :)

Another Hawaii wedding feature from Holladay Weddings.



It's been a while since we last did our short wedding film (basically wedding videos with a storyboard). Needless to say, we were really excited to find a couple (and a few willing extras) who were willing to act on cam.

(Doc) Diana met Wolf while on a trip to the Philippines from Belgium and instantly, it's sparks and love at first sight galore!

3 locations - from Luneta Park, Villamor Air Base and the Asian Hospital and Medical Center at Alabang. It was a round trip shoot across the metro that was all worth it in the end.

We can't wait to work on the photos. Stay tuned!



I just found out that I've been selected for the Bride's Choice Award 2009 through WeddingWire! is a great place for online wedding planning... you can see lots of information on local vendors... make sure to check it out!

If you are a past bride of Ardent Photography or of Unveiled Portraits please take a minute or two to leave a review on! It's easy and fast... thanks so much!

Leave a review for Ardent Photography
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"Hot Wedding trends" was the topic of discussion for my speaking engagement at the Elite Bridal Network Event in Key West. I discussed some great tips on this years hot wedding trends while enjoying some fun in the sun as a guest speaker for this week. Extra kudos to all that planned the event as it was wonderful and the food was fabulous. A special thank you to Stephanie at Ocean Key Resort for allowing me to enjoy your Presidential Suite for my stay. Look for more information and photos on this event and the wonderful properties I had the honor to visit during my stay coming soon to our blog.


Me, Mari (who really should blog more often!!!) and her mother (whose name unfortunately escapes me atm - Marte?? *blush* Something w/M which's why the title's like that ;p) decided to have a beer or two at the hotel-bar at Papirfesten. I think it's somewhat amusing (warning: I'm easily amused :p) because us three had one last time we met at Papirfesten three only unless I'm too wrong (I'm gettin' old ya know :p). Anyways. Love the little memories. Loved the company. Hooray for (new? old?) traditions. And so on. :)

Played with the new American Crafts papers (well, not really new, but I bought them at Papirfesten so to me they're new ;P) and some older rubons/stickers/foams/letters aswell :)
Using AC papers makes me happy - love the (usually) bold patterns&colors :)

Ps! Love pink? Hambly? Supporting a good cause? Check this out if so :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009
Ceremony and Reception: Bridgewood Resort and Conference Center, Neenah, WI

Dana and Tim had a fabulous Sunday wedding. The day started getting ready at their home on Doty Island. The couple had their first look in Doty Park and several photos at the Whiting Boathouse.

The day was perfect. Warm, sunny and gorgeous. The grounds at the Bridgewood were perfect for a wedding.

I had a ton of favorites from this wedding...

This darling little kitty kept it's eye on us while we were photographing the dress.

I love photographing the parents at every wedding. They are so proud of their children and are beaming with joy. Having parents this great deserves it's own photo!

I am excited to announce that I am an Associate Photographer with m three studio in Milwaukee!
(photo by Spottswood Photography)

I am so excited that Molly and I have come together in this business venture! Molly and I clicked the first time we met (no photography pun intended) and our photographic styles and backgrounds are incredibly similar. Since our first shoot out together in in the Spring of 2008 we have not only shot weddings together and traveled together but we have relied on each other in many aspects of our lives and our businesses.

What does all of this mean for you? Well, I've already booked a limited number of weddings for 2010 for Ardent Photography. But because I want to keep up with a higher level of shooting and not the high level of administration work (that goes along with all of those weddings) I will be shooting the remainder of my open 2010 dates with weddings through m three studio. Molly will be handling all of the communication with clients, the editing of your images (so you get that signature m three studio look), albums and prints, and I will be the one shooting your engagement session and wedding day.

At this time we have booked several weddings for 2010 under m three studio...

Important note: Ardent Photography will continue to book it's own weddings for 2011 and the future. I am currently accepting 2011 inquiries for Ardent Photography.

See an example of my work with that m three studio touch...

See Molly's blog for more if you would like to book us for your 2010 wedding!

Edited to add:
I am not closing Ardent Photography. I am not selling or merging Ardent Photography. I am still accepting wedding clients and still shooting weddings and boudoir.

For 2010 I decided to lower my work load a bit by not taking on 28+ weddings. My personal wedding goal for 2010 was to shoot 10 weddings. I felt like this is a great number to service my clients with exceptional quality and service. I've now booked my goal for 2010.

Since I will be spending the summer of 2010 shooting those 10 weddings and caring for and loving my new little baby girl (and 3 year old son...) I decided more time would be needed. This means less time during the week in meetings and less time editing lots and lots of images. This way I can still do what I love, which is shooting. I've decided to partner with m three studio for 2010 wedding season as an associate shooter in addition to the 10 weddings for Ardent Photogaraphy. This means I'm taking on a select number of weddings with m three studio... which I'm super excited about because I get to do all the creative fun stuff - shooting weddings!

I am currently accepting 2011 wedding inquiries and plan to accept up to 20 weddings commissions - so if you are newly engaged contact me soon! These open dates will go quickly!

I am excited to continue to shoot boutique boudoir sessions as Unveiled Portraits by Ardent Photography. Because this venture has been soooo successful for me I also want to keep a few open weekends during the summer months to host sessions.

Business has never been so great! I love all my clients and am excited to shoot their weddings and boudoir sessions in 2010.

I had the most amazing weekend with the silly (hihi) girls from Bergen - travelling to Stavanger and Papirfest and all the cool, sweet, funny ladies we met there. We´ve been looking forward to this event ever since uh, April - March earlier this year. The weekend ended so abruptly...sigh....well, time to look forward to next year, eh? :)

Mmkay, shitload of piccies incoming - you´re hereby warned.

Eli and her husband picked me up at 6.30am. Way too early ;p
Note to self: start packing in advance....only got 3 1/2 hours of sleep ...yawn..
We dropped by work to pickup a copy of the newspaper.....Eli had both her husband and children pictured in there plus a little surprise-greeting from me and another friend at work because she (Eli! :p) turned so old *smirk* ;p
Had to snap a photo of her discovering the greeting :p

This is how it looks when scrapbookers are on sightseeing...cameras everywhere and you gotta be prepared to be snapped whenever (even if you're the one snapping is safe...:p
Jadda Eli ;p

More play with leaves! :)

Eli getting misty & thanking people for the gift for her bday :)

Had to take a piccie of my food - ofc ;p
(yummy - eggplant (aubergine), olives marinaded in olive-oil and fresh mozarella :) )

After the lunch we headed over to Scrappejungelen, did a lil bit of shopping then off we went to the Geo-park. Love how they have put together this industrial stuff and turned it into a pretty cool park for kids (and scrapbookers ;p) :) Trying to pose somewhat cool at the (satelite) disc proved bit difficult w/these heels...cough..
(*think* it was Eli who borrowed my camera here)

Ellen giving the swing-rope-thingie a nonchalant push.

Gotta rope in those crazy scrapbookers..

Trude Julie and Kine met up w/us - and more photos were taken :)

Kine brought along her übercool Fuji Instant....(on my wishlist for Christmas right along w/lotta film and a LensBaby and a photobag and a macro-lens and a 70-200 zoomlens and a diana and a holga and and and

It´s exposing!! :p

Eli hard at work with the other girls ;p

Me, Mari and her mother at the hotel-bar enjoying a drink or two (thank you!! :D) and trying to get a photo of us three together :)

Saint Vibeche....;p

Geddit Marie?? ;p

Attended a class w/Dina!!! :D
Had loooots of fun in her photos of the class after I started to play w/the paint (so I stole this photo from my fellow messydoer Marie ):

We had just started here.....brushes are for pansies ;)

My desk when we were finished....:P Darn..wish I saved that piece of paper.......

Spent some time w/that goofy American (*wave Dina*) and my dearest Tracie -
after knowing each others for two years plus, talking on the msn pretty much every day in was really really really great to finally meet her irl :) :) Just wish we had more time together...sigh :)

I´m so embarassed..........:p
(Sorry Tracie but I love this photo of laughing into your shoulder... haha)

Us three (thanks Kristin for the help! :) )

Kine and Eli *loves* :)
The crop..
Lovely Fatima and Linda (Salte) :D

Fatima, Monica, Mari and Linda
Teehee.....just had to add this photo - just look at Linda go WAIT FOR MEEEEE! :D

Somebody forgot that the timer on the camera was set to 2 secs.....
(it's now set to ten ;p)
(and Ellen and Kristin...I SEE YOU!!!)
Ps. Shame we didn´t have an organized groupphoto of everybody at the event...that woulda been great....this was just like 1/6 of the ladies attending..

Me, Oddbjørg and Tracie jumpin´:)
(Thanks for the help, Eli! :) )

Eli and Gry oogling Ellens owl-bag at the airport....:p

And that was all, folks.
Well. Almost, but....can´t bore you w/even more piccies..

Thank you so much for the weekend.....loved every single bit of it!!!! Just wish I could have spent even more time with you...esp those of you I didn´t really get to spend that much time with as we´d liked (which's pretty much everybody come to think of it...wish I could split and be several places at the same time :p) many people around, so much happening....

PS! For those who wondered. I started on a layout on Friday. I finished the (same) layout on Sunday. YEah baby I DID A LAYOUT!! WOhoo!!! ;p