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welcome to the Hambly Screenprints bloghop for NSD (National Scrapbook Day)!
There’s lots of stuff going on over at Hambly atm. Take this giveaway – simply comment on this post & you’ll be entered to the giveaway of a $25 gift certificate* for the Hambly Screenprints’ webstore, so that you can just pick whatever you like from their vast selection of yummy transparencies, papers, stickers & rub-ons :) And you can check out the other Hambly DT-blogs for even more chances to enter this giveaway – which means you have 7 chances to win if you chose to comment on all the blogs! :)

*only 1 gift certificate person, deadline to leave a comment is May 1st at 11:59pm PST.

To visit the other blogs, check out these links:

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Kerry Lynn

..and me…this blog….;p


There’s also a HUGE online sale going on at the store – 30% for today only –  so hurry up and you can snag yourself lots of steals!


Lastly, there’s an exciting announcement over at Hambly at the moment. If you love creating with Hambly, I’d totally, totally check out that announcement. Good luck! ;)


Oh, and I can’t let you leave this blog without some eyecandy – and since this is all about Hambly I figured I’d share a few Hambly-layouts I’ve created lately – you know – to hopefully make you want to whip out your own Hambly-stash (or shop at the sale…or even better, WIN at the giveaways:) ) & create stuff yourself too….


First a very simple layout, made with purple cardstock (I’ve forgotten how lovely cardstock really is :p), yummy rub-ons and a small mix of both transparent and paper Hanging Helicons. The layout is based on a sketch from Pagemaps, and was created for a contest at the local scrapbook-forum I’m hanging out at (Minneriket, a Norwegian one :)



Here’s another contribution to the aforementioned contest at Minneriket :) Created with a mix of Prima papers and flowers, Hambly rub-ons , transparency and sticker and letters from Luxe Designs & Adornit. Oh, and an awesome cord-brad from Nikki Sivils :) The photo is of me, my sister and our grandfather skating in 1986. We lived not too far away from a skating rink (Valle Hovin) so we used to skate quite often in the winters :)


Love the different oranges here – the rub-ons, the scalloped cardstock-border, the transparency, and ofcourse the photo. hovin_cu2

Creating my own border/edges on the Prima-paper was pretty fun and easy w/the diff colored Hambly rub-ons :)hovin_cu3

I made the flower from two Prima-flowers, a ribbon turned into flower and a brad from Nikki Sivils. Which’s fabric-covered. Lovely :) mannekeng  Lastly – here’s a layout I made of my mother when she was young – back in 1971. She attended a workshop on modelling once, and here she’s showing off what she learned to the photographer :)

This was also created for the contest at the local scrapbook-forum, where we were to be inspired by a black&white 60s music video. It was elegant & cute, so I got inspired by the style & b&w and decided to create this layout w/the photos of my mother and the always elegant Brocade transparency & Hambly Couture-paper. Other stuff includes Making Memories (journalpaper), Prima (bling and flowers), Tattered Angels (glimmermist), ribbon, letters from Luxe Designs and Adornit and punches from Martha Stewart.

1_25-04-2010-10 Here’s one of the photos of my mother – isn’t she beautiful? :) (& I envy her her figure back then ;p)

Thanks for following through – comment away and good luck!! :)


Ps! Don’t forget the Pink Paislee-giveaway – just comment on the post before this one! That one is open whole weekend, which this post will be closed later tonight (see above for the details if you’ve forgotten stuff :) )

Ps2! Fancy Pants also have some NSD fun for you – check out their blogpost for more info – and the contest is open to both US and Internationals :)


Enjoy :)
Off to shoot a wedding now ♥♥♥

Life with baby Emmarie has been a bit rough these first few weeks. We battled a case of thrush, constant crying for 3.5+hours a day and acid reflux. We think we finally have the pretty little thing figured out - it makes me feel so good to know that a little bit of medicine can really ease the pain that she was feeling in her belly.

So now with a sleeping baby and a well-behaved 3.5 year old I am able to finally update my blog!

I am so excited to start my shooting season with Crystal and Greg's May 1st wedding tomorrow. The reception will host over 400 guests - the largest event I've ever been to!

Earlier this week I became an accomplished speaker with the Professional Photographers of Michigan. I presented a boudoir program and hands-on demonstration to a group of 50. I had a great time speaking and think I may have found a new niche for me! I'll blog more about the event with more details and photos over on the boudoir blog at

And, just a reminder to become a 'fan' or 'like' both Ardent Photography and Unveiled Portraits on Facebook... I will soon release the dates and availability for High School Seniors as well as specials and a BIG announcement!

Happy Friday!
Drew 3.5yrs Emmarie 7 weeks - snapshot with a mommy-cam


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Welcome to the Pink Paislee Inspirational Tour :)

It doesn´t get more simple than this - just leave a comment on this post, and you´ll be entered in the giveaway for a 25$ prize pack sent to you directly from Pink Paislee :) And if you like, sit back and scroll down this post to get inspiration on how to make this cute little gift-box from the scratch. At the bottom of this post you´ll also find a list of all the other partipicating Pink Paislee-girls for more chances to win this 25$ prize pack - Pink Paislee is going to give away more than 300$ in prizes total, so don´t miss one single chance to win! :)

Ps. I am posting this Friday morningish my time, so the other girls post might not be up yet - but keep trying, and the giveaway is open whole weekend before the winners are drawn and announced on either monday or tuesday.


Here´s the gift-box I made from Pink Paislees "365 degree" collection.
You´ll need two sheets of patterned papers, three different sheets of cardstock, circle puncher, a bone folder, a ruler or something straight to use your bone folder with, adhesive (strong, both liquid and tape and 3d foam), and of course, embellishments. Hmhm, might have forgotten stuff, but in that case, bear with me and just wing it like I do ;p

box_inside_web The box opens to reveal several pockets inside, perfectly sized to hide either cards (give away a gift box with cards!), CDs (your favorite mix of music, photos of your family) or photos. Please excuse my paintcovered hand in this photo ;p

MKay, I’m not too good at explaining, but I hope the photos will be somewhat informal – so just scroll down and/or ask and I’ll do my best to explain :)


Cut the 12x12 cardstock in two (into 6x12"), and fold these in the middle with a bone folder. Repeat if you want more pockets - I just used one sheet, which gave me five pockets.


Cut the cardstock some in the middle on each side - approx 2-3 cm.


Cut a new sheet of paper in two, and use a sheet as the middle wall for each of the pockets you have created. DSC_5457

Cut a half circle on the middle of the top edges of both the pockets and the wall (before adhering them together). That will make it easier for you to retrieve whatever you put into the pockets.


Make a small cut on the bottom near the fold as shown on the picture. DSC_5460

Now it´s time to adhere the pockets together - I chose to use liquid glue here.


Don´t forget the "wall" between the pocketsides :)


A better picture showing the pocket adhered together. Repeat so that you have two separate pockets.


I chose to use 3d foam to adhere the two separate pockets together.


The two pockets adhered together, yielding room for five separate pockets. This is the view from the bottom.


And this is the view from the top. If you want, you can create more pockets - just repeat the previous steps.


Now it´s time to create the box itself - I just eyeballed it, and measured directly on the patterned paper. Cut out a long strip of paper, long enough to fold itself around the pockets you have created, and a little more wide than the width of your pockets. I´d say mine was 12x5,5"ish. (Yesyes ignore chippy nailpolish. Thankyou!)


Use the bone folder and a ruler to create creases where the folds around the pockets will be, to make clean and crisp folds. Remember that it is supposed to cover the whole back, while the front will be a little lower than your pockets.


Using the left over papers I created two smaller pieces/flaps for the sidewalls of the box. I gave them round corners where the corner would meet the front of the pocket.


Using a second, different patterned paper, I created a wide, more decorative border for the front side of the box.


Adhere the flaps to the backside of the paper.


I think explaining is difficult, so I hope this photo shows the progress on the box a little better. The front hasn´t been adhered yet.


Now it´s time to adhere the pocket to the box.


A better photo of the pocket adhered to the box.


A flap was made from the scalloped circlepaper. Decorate it before adhering it to the box.


Time to adhere the rest of the box. DSC_5478

A small magnet was used as the lock-mechanism for the box.


Here´s the finished front :) It´s decorated with transparent border, cork button and a brad.


Here´s the back - I chose to use a strip of scalloped paper and pleated ribbon to cover the end of the flap.


The pockets inside has room to carry both handmade cards, CD and photos. Note: you may want to check the backside of the paper to make sure you avoid the product-info right where you cut it. I didn´t check. Ahwell.


Another closeup of the finished box :)

Thanks for reading all the way down here, and remember to drop the other Pink Paislee-girls a visit to get more inspiration (seriously amazing stuff coming up from these girls!!!) & chances to win more giveaway-stuff! :)

Comment away below here! :)

Here’s the other participating girls – if the list is wrong or something like that, lemme know and I’ll fix it asap :) GOod luck!!

Ania (that´d be me ;p):
Jen M.:
Kayla Aimee:

…and the Pink Paislee blog! :)

Ps. There´ll be another giveaway here tomorrow, this time courtesy of Hambly Screenprints. Don´t miss it! :)


First – quite a few fun stuff happening this weekend blogwise – with both Hambly (see above) and with Pink Paislee. I wouldn’t miss the fun if I was interested in scrapbooking ;p


Second – here’s some peeks from tonights photosession, taken at Ole Henriks photostudio once again. Ronny & Silje had seen my prev photos of Ronny + the studiophotos taken two weekends ago, and wanted me to shoot them for her upcoming birthday. Promised this couple I’d have a few peeks up at the blog while they wait for their CD with the rest of the photos…enjoy your peeks!!



Mmm had to have a few jumpin’ shots – only they didn’t get to jump too much because of a slight accident ;p (naa, they’re fine…a certain pair of pants might not be, though ;p) DSC_7977a

Played some w/editing here – hmmm – not sure what I think of this hue..lovely photo nevertheless :) DSC_7985

Aww look at that look they’re giving each others :) DSC_8021a

Mmm sorta mellow. Me like. DSC_8074

Dance, dance! DSC_8088

Backflip her!
(Ps, not quite sure how to edit these photos, as I’d edit the background out but then I’d loose the movement-trails that goes outside the background-sheet, hmm…anyone got any suggestions?)  DSC_8131 Played some more w/the editing – thought this kind of editing fit w/the motif & attitude – maybe not too flattering, but pretty cool imo. (Thanks for being such a sport ;p)


Had a very fun evening, thanks so much for your time Ronny & Silje (and Ole Henrik)!!