Title says it all.
This was a memory which oughta be preserved, regardless of how much it sucked.
And it wasn't that bad really, as Amalie was a nice little girl all night - but I woudln't want to repeat that - not if I can help it (or is it can't? Hm..) :P Anyways. As all the pictures were taken with my mobile I figured smaller pictures were better as the quality aint all that - it's nice (especially for being taken from a mobile) but the colors are somewhat off and the odd flash..ugh I hate direct flash...Anyways...as miniaturepictures they doesn't seem that bad uh... & I really like this sketch provided in DW2007 - jan 22nd - I haven't had much luck with sketches lately (as in things never really clicked), but this one really seemed very nice to work with. I need to work more with sketches aside from just doing them whenever there's a challenge or contest involved. And the 7gypsiespapers! I LOVE them!!! I so wanna order the rest of the 7gypsies-papers from Papirloftet, but something in me tells me to be sensible and wait for the Basic Grey CHA news at least....hmm...I have to ponder about that one for a little more....

I dropped by FotoVideo today to fetch a Nikon D50 - yep - I checked around on the net and found out that I actually was entitled to borrow a camera of "similar quality" as the one I handed in for rep. Hmm. Now, why didn't that woman just say so when I handed in my cam or in the email-conversations later on? Ohwell. Nevermind that. I haven't been impressed by their "service" from prev. experience, so that really shouldn't have surprised me - the "don't say more than you absolutely have to"-attitude. And. When I mailed and asked about borrowing a cam I was lucky - they did have one cam available for rental - so I'm really happy about that. The pictures from this weekend plain sucks - I'm a bit sad and disappointed because of that - but ohwell. No more. I got another SLR now! Wohoo!

I also checked out their calibration-stuff - the cheapest is like, 150$ - but man - I *so* want one! I'm so sick and fed up with being happy about pictures on the screen just to find out it's too dark or too bright in print. Drives me crazy - and with all the printing I actually do I might just aswell buy me one someday soon. Soon.

Og da var flyplass-"marerittet" scrappet. Måtte jo det da. Og siden bildene ble tatt med mobilen og dermed ikke sååå bra så passet det jo greit å forminske de såpass sånn at det ikke helt synes på de fleste bildene :) Skissen er fra 22. januar i DW2007-kalenderen min - en ganske artig og flott skisse å scrappe! :)

Ellers har jeg fått låne et Nikon D50 kamera fra FotoVideo - YAY! Litt lei meg for at jeg ikke oppdaget dette før - at man faktisk har rett til et lånekamera - men det var faktisk helgas mildt sagt ELENDIGE bilder (tror bare 2-3 er scrapbare i 5x7 format - resten bør helst være i miniatyrbilder for å ikke avsløre den elendige kvaliteten så mye) som gjorde jeg ble lei meg in the first place og bestemte meg for å undersøke hva jeg egentlig har rett på mht kamera på reparasjon. Vel. Ikke akkurat "service" av FotoVideo å ikke opplyse meg om dette da jeg leverte inn kameraet mitt eller i de senere emailutvekslingene, men det var vel ikke annet å forvente jf tidligere erfaringer med de. MEN - de hadde et lånekamera inne og det var ikke noe problem å reservere det til meg når jeg først spurte. Det skal de ha! Så... me happy again! Litt så! :)


For booking, reservations or other service inquiries, SMS or call us at:

Landline: 334-9037
Globe: 0906-2722320 (Primary)
Smart: 0920-5016209

Address: (For Appointment Basis Only)
15A Sycamore Tower Dansalan Gardens M. Vicente St. (formerly Dansalan St.) 1550 Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

Click to enlarge.



og vi venter og venter, originally uploaded by aniia.

20.55-21.30-23.30-00.00-00.20-00.45 and counting...

Heldigvis er amalie i et fortreffelig humør og leker og tøyser og nå de siste 20 minuttene har hun hørt på musikk på mobilen min. Jeg har funnet ut at flyplassen har en masse gode lenestoler. Yay! Og nå skal vi faktisk inn til flyet! Jippi!

Edit: Sorry gals! I was bloggin from my mobile and thus chose to do so in Norwegian only. Nothing exciting went on - apart from the fact that my flight kept being postponed whole five friggin times during the evening - from 8.55pm to 00.45am........ fun...NOT! All this just because of some moron with a suspicious suitcase which the guards didn't notice until he was gone from the controlpost and thus had to close off the whole airport and bring all the passengers outside and make them go thru the securitythingie once again ....and when they found the dude again it turned out to be....nothing *rolls eyes* - and it affected pretty much whole the Norwegian aircraft.....and us......bleh..and Im mad at the airportguy who told us on the phone that no, the flight will go on as sceduled (my ass), go to the airport as normal.....(we called right before we were about to leave from home just in case my flight would be delayed so we could like, wait at home instead at the airport...alas.. no such luck :p ANyways. Finally arrived mom at 2.30am or so.

-Ania mobil

26012007093.jpg, originally uploaded by aniia.

Gah! Før vi dro hjemmefra sjekka vi nettet og simen ringte til og med til flyplassen for å sjekke at flyet gikk som det skulle. Joda. Da vi kom frem til innsjekkinga var det utsatt til 21.30 (fra 20.55). Da vi passerte sikkerhetskontrollen var avgangen utsatt til halv friggin tolv! Gah! So far all good dog...håper det holder...

-Ania mobil

Funny. It's alternating between like, total blizzard & calm serenity outside atm. And just my luck - there was some fake terrorist-alert at the airport in Oslo, so several flights are delayed and stuff. It *seems* like my flight have stayed clear of the delayment, but you never know...Amalie is asleep atm - decided to put her to bed at six considering her grumpy mood and the fact that our flight is late in the evening w/the added treat of being even more delayed. I've only seen her fall asleep just like that once or twice like, without being in her own bed or carriage. And we'll travel light this time.

Anyways. Been tryin to wrap up some stuff last-minute. I'm terrible that way. So typical me. Some pictures I just had to scrap for DW2007 (frame a large picture with small pictures around) (please ignore the silly "fish"), a card for Adrians friend (bdayparty tomorrow) and a card for dad. Time to fly! Cheerio~

Alright. I know I asked for snow some weeks ago. I know I was worried that Amalie would go another year without knowing/recognizing what snow was. Well. I needen't worry. It's been snowing for at least two days now, the snow isn't going away for the moment being and IT'S FRIGGIN COLD HERE!!!!! And tonight I'm going to Oslo with Amalie and it's like, even colder in Oslo and I'm *so* looking forward to that (notice the sarcasm?). Oh, another thing to look forward to: I'm gonna take the nine o'clock plane tonight - alone - with Amalie - who'll most likely be very awake...and overtired....and probably not in a very good mood (she's been kinda grumpy & touchy the last few days - hope it won't be a part of her personality/traits). Oh how I look forward to that! Simen will be busy with a larger basketarrangement tomorrow, while Adrian will be attending a bdayparty for someone in the kindergarten.

Jeje. Here's two new layouts: "Brother in arms" which I made yesterday after yellin loud on Minneriket for a challenge (and boy I got answers and challenges alright - I snapped 5 challenges in this one - use a songtitle, lift this layout, use blondes, use pastels (Oh Baby IS pastel to me :P) and DW2007 from jan 15th: use stamped bullets for the journaling :P)
The other layout, "Play that funky music baby" was my contribution to Scrappefeber but didn't make the audition. And tbqh, apart from the layouts which really stood out and deservingly got many votes, I suspect that a very few of the layouts which made it just did so because of..uh...how to put it..a few "friendly votings". I know it's not nice to say so, and I know that hey, it happens and that's the way it is - and always has been (If I have the choice of two LO's I think are equally smashing I tend to go for the LO whose maker I know - so I'm not better off myself) - but I'm allowed to say it's slightly annoying in this case. But. The taste of people really IS different, I've learned that LO's of others I've been gushing about wasn't all that for some of my friends. And as a disclaimer, I'm not disappointed about not making it, I'm just annoyed that it's most likely the reason why some LO's actually made it over others imho ...more deserving ones (I saw at least three-four other great layouts which I find weird didn't make it against these :p)
Anyways! I seem to whine a lot lately, but it's unintentional...honest ;)
I love these pictures of Adrian and Amalie - it makes me think of that song which goes "play that funky music white boy"...the expression on her face when she finally makes the tune, and how caring her brother is trying to show her how to blow - I'm very happy to have been able to capture that :) Now. Off to pack for the weekend!

Snø snø snø. Kaldt kaldt kaldt. Sånn kan de to siste dagene oppsummeres iallefall. Brr!
Har iallfall fått laget en LO igår etter å ha ropt høyt etter en utfordring på Minneriket - og fått grundig med sånne og :p Her er hele fem utfordringer fluet sammen! Yay! :) Legger også ved bidraget mitt til scrappefeber...å safe det var ikke så lurt gitt, den skilte seg ikke akkurat nevneverdig ut - og det visste jeg jo egentlig på forhånd :p Kan ikke akkurat si jeg er enig med alle LO'ene som kom videre - de fleste var fabelaktige og fortjente det, mens noen veldig få var..eh, ikke min smak..og jeg hadde gjerne sett andre LO'er i deres sted... men sånn er det bare....smaken er som baken og godt er det vel? :p

Anyways!! Nå MÅ jeg pakke til Oslo og prøve å scrappe sjokoladeplata (to uker på en sjokoladeplate og enda ikke begynt...right!)! Og så HÅPER jeg at jeg får til å treffe Gyda, Kristin og Kathrine imorgen før jeg drar til pappa! Jeg MÅ det - selv om det bare blir fem minutter...*fnis* *vinkevinke* *stikke av* :P

Gotta admit I'm pretty darn tempted...Cathy linked to these tshirts, and well, the segment is uh...true...I'd guess...not that I'd know cause I woudln't have anybody else to compare with kinda..uh..er..right :D Might order one. Might actually wear it aswell on like, bulletproof no-show-grandparents-in-law-days. Or something like that :p

Anyways. Uh. Yes. Finally got around to do Emily's cardchallenge week#3. The question was: "I am..." Well. I immediately thought of Pearl Jam's "I am mine" song - then proceed to think about one of my all-time fave quotes from Tori Amos: "She's been everybody else's girl, maybe one day she'll be her own". Alright. Didn't feel too inspired to figure out cool things about my card this week - sorry - but I did feel like trying out my new chipboardshapes (a lovely RAK from Earane on minneriket :) ) so. Daisy D papers, MM stickers, Cherry Arte chipboardalpha & painted Plain Jane paisley. I wrote Tori Amos' quote around the edge. Not very visible nor easy to catch with that pp, but *I* know it's there and that's good enough for me :)

Still in a low-flow scrappingmode - but I've recently played around with the Bare Elements Josh Wood Blocks. SO CUTE!!!! SO MUCH FUN!! (and so much waitin for the glue to dry for each side :P) Anyways. Here's one look. My blocks has three different looks, and I'll alternate them whenever I feel like doing so. Here's my family at row 1 (yeap, that's me too), Simen's bro's kids at row 2 (all boys :P) and my sis' cwute girls at row 3. It really makes me happy looking at my family and all our nephews and nieces close to me like this - this one is also placed upon the shelf above my scrappingdesk. Yay! I'll share my fave block look in a while. Save the best for the last, no? (and yes, I had three diff. looks on these blocks, but I didn't like how the third turned out. One good advice: Don't stamp and emboss stuff on the papers AFTER they're glued to the blocks. It'll be kinda too late to save the look if it didn't turn out the way you wanted. *cough* :p)

Anyways. I've decided that I'll scrap something tonight. I think it'll do me good. I hate going several days without actual scrapping :p

Her er mitt bidrag til Emily's tredje uke med kortstokkgreia. Denne uken skulle vi skrive noe om oss: "I am..." - vel, tankene gikk øyeblikkelig til Pearl Jam's sang "I am mine", som jeg liker veldig godt, og deretter spant tankene videre til mitt favorittsitat fra Tori Amos: "She's been everybody else's girl, maybe one day she'll be her own". Jeg hadde på forhånd delvis bestemt meg for at denne utfordringen skulle stå i impulsens tegn - dvs - at jeg ikke skulle tenke eller gruble for mye - bare gjøre og skrive det som faller meg inn når jeg ser promptene fra Emily... så. Følte meg ikke så veldig inspirert når det gjaldt utformingen av kortet dog - no ideas - men ville iallefall bruke en av chipboardshapene jeg fikk i en RAK fra Earane Oronar på Minneriket.

Ellers har jeg puslet litt med Bare Elements fra Papirloftet i det siste - her er Josh Wood Blocks - det kule med disse blokkene er jo at man kan lage seg forskjellige mønstre og "looks" - og her er et av de; bilder av min lille familie (inkl. meg :p) og våre nevøer og nieser. Guttene er Simens bror sin, og jentene er min søsters. Digger blokkene - går jeg lei av å se på det samme så bare omarrangerer jeg de og får noe nytt å se på. Favoritt"mønsteret" mitt skal jeg vise litt senere tenkte jeg. Kan ikke vise alt på en gang heller..eller? :p

OG!! Scrappefeber's avstemning er igang!! Over 40 flotte LO'er - og kun 20 går videre. Bli med og stem du også! :) Avstemningen avsluttes fredag 26. :)


*updated: June, 2011

1. Where are you located? How long have you been in business?
DLS operates at 15A Sycamore Tower Dansalan Gardens, M. Vicente St., Mandaluyong City.
I have been doing product and corporate photography for the past 5 years, with a few weddings here and there. DLS was mainly a photography portrait studio then but since I have taken cinematography in college, we started doing cinematic videography for weddings in 2008 to cater to client requests.

2. How many are you in the crew?
For a full wedding coverage, we have 2 videographers and 2 photographers plus 1 editor for the onsite MTV and an extra lightsman.

3. For weddings, do you give the prenup locations?
We only suggest good prenup locations. Couples are, of course, encouraged to get the best location they can afford. All transportation costs and meals are to be provided by the client.

4. During a wedding coverage, do we need to feed you?
It will be stated in the contract that our crew should be provided a work table, food and drinks. When a videographer/photographer is hungry, s/he gets distracted, shaky or may pass out. Shooting weddings is one of the most stressful photography/videography jobs. If you want your images to be the best we can provide, then it will be appreciated that we are treated well.

5. Will you be the one covering our wedding?
Yes, except if we mention clearly that only our 2nd team is available with which your director will be Lec  Bartolome. We take pride on our work and thus, we make sure our clients are treated with our personal touch. That's why we only take in 4 weddings a month (provided weddings are on weekends).

6. What's your photography/cinematography style?
Our photography is very much interwoven with our videography which gives us our signature cinematic style. It's a mix of documentary and portraiture with lots of candid shots that really capture moments on photo and on film. We have a distinct post-processing treatment giving images an ageless and classic look that isn't dependent on current trends.

7. What are your payment terms? Do you accept VISA/Mastercard?
We require a downpayment of PhP 5,000 (PhP 10, 000 for Signature Package) to reserve/block out the event date. The balance, minus PhP 5,000.00 will be paid on the wedding day. The remaining balance of P5,000 will be paid upon turn over of the album and DVD. We can accept credit cards but it will mean more hassle and more costs to the client since we can only accept credit card payments via XOOM online payment gateway.

8. What time do you arrive on wedding coverages? And do you have a time limit in covering events?
We arrive 4-5 hours before the ceremony starts and since we don't have a time-limit on coverages, we will shoot until we get our best shots of the couple.

9. What happens if the bride will be coming from the hotel and the groom from his house?
We cannot afford to split our crew so we will only be able to cover the bride's preparations. Unless the groom finds a way to drop by the hotel for a quick preparations shoot, there will be no groom preps to be shown on the Onsite Video MTV and the wedding album.

10. What's your Out-of-Town rate?
We don't charge any out of town rate if the client will be providing the transportation from Mandaluyong to the location and back to Mandaluyong. Otherwise, rates will start from 5k and up depending on the location.

11. How old are you guys?
Our clients are usually surprised to see a very young crew but that may be due to a healthy and fun work/lifestyle :) Young is good. We're full of creative ideas, we watch AXN, C/S, NatGeo, Discovery, MTV, ETC, Lifestyle Network, etc. alot.

12. How soon can we get our album and DVD?
After your event, we need up to 2 weeks to make some edits/color correction to your photos. You will then get DVDs containing all the photos (high res) we've taken. The client will have to choose which photos will go to the album (the number of photos to be chosen will depend on the album size).

As soon as the couple / client has chosen the pictures that will go to their final album, the standard delivery time among wedding suppliers is below 6 months. We usually deliver way faster than that but in case you came in at a peak season, delivery is within 6-8 months.

13. What attire do you and your assistants wear?
We want to make sure that we look professional enough. Assistants usually wear a pair of jeans and black shirts.

14.1 Can we hire a back up / 2nd photographer?
Over the past year, we've agreed to let our couples hire a 2nd photographer. It should however be clear what / which jobs both teams are expected to be doing. If we're the main photographer and the hired backup photographer is assuming the job of the main photographer, we will give way and act as the backup photographer (shooting candids and so on) so you won't have unnecessarily redundant photos.

Overall, your expectations from your hired teams should be understood by all. Wedding pictorials can get pretty tiring and redundant if 2 teams are both alternating taking pictures of 1 bride for example since both teams are expected to produce the same amount/kind of shots.

14.2 Can other people take pictures of us during the wedding?
They're your relatives and friends most likely so the more photos you'll be having, the merrier you'll be.

15. Do you have back-up equipment?
Yes. We make sure we have good redundancy when it comes to equipments. Videos are backed-up as they are taken, we have back up cameras in case 1 to 2 photo/video cameras fail to work.

16. What happens if you get ill?
Unless I'm dying or confined to maximum security, I will be there with my crew. Otherwise, my crew are well trained to do the work.

17. Can I post my photos/videos on my Multiply, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and etc?
The more you post, the more we'd like it. Just please take the time to give us a bit of credit as the guys behind the lenses :)


Post-wedding / Post-production Process

1. After each wedding, the onsite video will be upload via our Vimeo accounts (there are currently 3 accounts to handle traffic) in around a week's time depending on our wedding shoot load.

2. The RAW proofs of photos will be ready for Pick-up in around 2-4 weeks. Couples are encouraged to bring an external hard drive or laptop computer with 20gig free memory space. This is because while we can provide the DVD discs, there are a few instances that the discs get corrupted after a few days after pickup.

3. Production of album and DVD (for DLS Mint and DLS Signature) will start when the couple is done choosing around 100 pictures for the album. Production will take 6-8 months, December and January not included as these are wedding peak seasons. Please note that the 6-8 months production time will only start when the couple has submitted their choices.

4. Layouts of the album can be shown to couples prior to printing. Couples may also request which songs we can use for their final edited DVD.

5. Final payment of balances will be expected upon turnover of the album/s and DVD/s.



Corporate Photography (Commercial/Non-commercial): PhP 5,000
  • Unlimited digital shots
  • Hi-resolution images stored in CD as proof and for prints
  • 4-hour coverage of the ff:

  • Corporate events coverage (launching, parties, promos, tradeshows, conventions, meetings/gatherings)
  • Corporate services
  • Product photography
  • Architecture / Interior Design
  • Night Photography
  • Landscape / panoramic photography
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Imagery

  • Pictorial for bands, groups, organizational / academic.



Wow. This one took me like, uh, close to one week to finish off. That's pretty much a new record for me, as I usually spend one to two days on a layout - maybe three including the preparation of the pictures and some pondering on the journaling and stuff. But this long? For just one layout? New record I'm sure. The journaling was the hardest part of this layout - and when that part was fixed & set I suddenly needed the help of someone with QK for some parts ("same" and "mix" - thanks Dinna!) and that took some days aswell. Ofcourse it's not helping much that I'm bizzi bizzi bizzi trying to level up in World of Warcraft in the evenings - we're falling behind and it seems like we actually -gasp- have more "real life" now than we used to in the good ole' days. Kids and lots of other responsibilities kinda. Terrifying. We're growing old! But I digress. Right. This layout. I'm *blush* trying for the Scrapologie DT-spot. Not a chance in hell ofc, but you never accomplish anything without trying, no? Their kits looks totally yummy yummy. And at least it made for some good fun on the journaling side. Haha. Especially that "scandinavian simplicity with few but interesting details" part - LOL. A prettier way to say "I-have-no-clue-nor-ideas-what-to-do-now-so-that's-just-it". Thanks for the help & brainstorming Gyda/Katta/Kathrine. *chuckle* As soon as I've finished deciding what other layouts/projects to send in I'll do that. Soh!

I really adore lettersize these days. So easy (normally :P) to scrap & complete! And oh - CHA is fast apporaching and I totally, totally envy those who'll get to go there and get lost at that convention. Woah. Ofcourse it'd so suck to just see and not be allowed to immediate purchase, like, for own use - but still. All the new and fresh and funky stuff!! *drool* So looking forward to especially Scenic Route and Basic Grey. YEah! And MME - I have no idea what they'll do for CHA but I'm sure it'll be great!

Wow - ny rekord for meg gitt - å bruke cirka en uke på en og samme LO! Vanligvis gjør jeg unna LO'ene - selve arbeidet på de - på en-to dager, toppen tre inkludert litt tenking på journaling-delen, oppsett sånn før jeg setter igang og redigering av bilde. Denne gangen var journalingen en hard nøtt å knekke, men det gikk tilslutt med litt brainstorming og QK hjelp fra msn-damene. Og så må det innrømmes at det at kveldene går unna til WoW spilling og levling for tiden kanskje spiller inn og :p Men. Da var den LO'en laget - skal bare sjekke litt rundt etter hva slags LO'er jeg skal ta med og så skal jeg ta og sende den inn tenkte jeg....til Scrapologie's DT search. Fat chance, men det er da en sjanse enn ingen enn om jeg ikke skulle sendt inn. Eller noe sånt.

Kathrine skrev forøvrig i bloggen sin om det å lage layouter og formålet - og det er forøvrig noe jeg og har tenkt litt på og har skrevet litt om på minneriket - jeg klarer bare ikke å "bare" lage en layout sånn helt uten videre gitt. Jeg må ha et sideformål, "noe" jeg kan lage layouten til. Nettkurs, utfordringer, konkurranser. Og DT søknader *blush* Sånn innimellom er det ganske forfriskende å bare lage en layout "just because", noe jeg gjorde for noen uker siden da jeg følte det ble litt mange konkurranse-og utfordringsLO'er - men utover det - jeg synes fortsatt det er gøy, drivende og givende å lage LO'er til et eller annet utover det at de skal inn i albumene mine. Jeg føler meg heller ikke så fryktelig begrenset av oppgavetekster eller noe med tanke på type bilder jeg bruker - er da sikker på at jeg bruker variert med typer bilder og sånn...tror jeg da? :) Men for all del - det er viktig at dette skal være gøy og noe en kan være stolt av å ha i *sine egne* album - så jeg håper virkelig Kathrine og andre som kanskje begynner å "tvile" finner ut av det *uten* å slutte å scrappe! :)

Anyways. Blir visst en kjapp Oslo-tur for meg til helgen gitt. Hurra for pappa og hans 60-årsdag. Og kameraet mitt er i Estland! *dåne* *sukke* Jaja. Jeg vet iallefall hvor i verden det er nå. :p


Digital Photography: PhP 5,000.00
  • Unlimited digital shots
  • 4-hour coverage
  • Hi-resolution images stored on CD as proof and for prints
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Imagery
  • Digital editing, manipulation, correction and retouching
  • On location / studio
*Studio rate shouldered by client

  • Hair and make-up: PhP 3,000.00 - 5,000.00 (Up to 5 subjects/models)
  • Face / body painting: PhP 10,000.00
*Additional paint / make-up materials if ever, to be shouldered by client


Photo  &  Video Packages

Rates effective starting Oct, 2011. Discounts applicable for those booking within October 2011.

DLS Mint (Photo + Video)
PhP 90,000.00
  • 2 Photographers
  • Unlimited digital shots
  • 8x10 Storybook Album, 40 pages
  • All unedited photos on DVD
  • Prenup photo shoot (free, non-transferrable/non-deductible)

  • 2 Videographers
  • Onsite Video (Same Day Edit) to be shown at the reception
  • All Canon HD DSLR Cameras
  • Prenup video shoot or concept shoot (free, non-transferrable/non-deductible)
  • Cinematic / MTV style editing
  • Glidecam, Glidetrack dolly setup
  • Wireless lapel 2x
  • Final edited full coverage DVD (w/ chapters, menus, bonus sections)
  • Raw videos on DVD 

DLS Signature Package (Photo + Video)
PhP 135,000.00
  • Includes everything from DLS Mint Package PLUS:
  • Album upgraded to 10x10 Magnetic Leatherette Storybook
  • Video Crane System
  • Save the Date Trailer
  • 2pcs 6x6 Parent Albums
  • 1pc 8x8 Guestbook
  • 11x14 glass framed print
  • Thank You Cards

Photography Only Packages

DLS Complete Photo Package:
Digital Photography + Story Book Album + Prenup: 
PhP 45,000.00
  • 2 Photographers Minimum
  • Unlimited digital shots
  • 8x10 Storybook Album, 40 pages
  • All unedited photos on DVD
  • Prenup photo shoot (free, non-transferrable/non-deductible)

DLS Photo Lite: 
PhP 27,000.00 (service only)
  • Unlimited digital shots
  • High resolution images stored in CD as proof and for printing
  • 2 Photographers max

Pre-nup/Engagement or Pre-debut Photo-shoot
PhP 15,000.00 (stand alone or packaged with DLS Photo Lite)
  • High resolution images stored in CD as proof and for printing
  • 1 Photographer

Videography Only Packages

DLS Video Lite: Onsite Video Only
(same-day edit mtv) *update: 6/25/11
MTV video of the prenup* (*if prenup video shoot is availed), wedding day preparations, church ceremony highlights to be shown during the reception. DVD of the onsite video will be given on the final payment.
PhP 55,000.00
  • 2 Videographers
  • Onsite Video (Same Day Edit) to be shown at the reception
  • All Canon HD DSLR Cameras
  • Cinematic / MTV style editing
  • Glidecam, Glidetrack dolly setup
  • Wireless lapel 2x
  • Raw videos on DVD 

DLS Video Full: Onsite Video with full coverage DVD
30-40 mins of edited video on DVD with interactive menus plus the onsite MTV to be shown during the reception.
PhP 70,000.00
  • 2 Videographers
  • Onsite Video (Same Day Edit) to be shown at the reception
  • All Canon HD DSLR Cameras
  • Cinematic / MTV style editing
  • Glidecam, Glidetrack dolly setup
  • Wireless lapel 2x
  • Final edited full coverage DVD (w/ chapters, menus, bonus sections)
  • Raw videos on DVD 

Prenup Video Shoot
PhP 10,000.00 (concept-video to be mixed with the SDE) 
This is probably the reason you're looking at us for your special event. If you've seen any of our concept-driven SDEs you'll know that we specialize in delivering story-driven concept onsite videos for that maximum entertainment experience for your guests. If you want to show your love story or do interviews or just invent any fictional story wherein you're the stars, DLS will take care of the whole creative execution.

Concept Shoot / Love Story / Save the Date
PhP 25,000.00 (stand alone, separate video)
Want a separate mini-movie to be shown on your reception or for use as your Save the Date teaser? Take us out for a spin and you'll have the video people will talk about - DLS Style.


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  • Upgrade album sizes/covers
  • Video Crane System
  • Save the Date Trailer
  • Guestbook
  • 2pcs Parent Storybook album

* For outside Metro Manila, prices exclusive of trip charges and hotel accommodation.
Out of Town Fee:
Tagaytay, Antipolo, Bulacan, Pampanga, Batangas - PhP 6,000.00

Baguio (PhP 15,000.00)**
Palawan, Boracay, Davao (PhP 20,000.00)***
** plus accommodation
*** plus airfare and accommodation


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LCD Projectors w/ Screen
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*grumble* Our car is officially broken. I have *no* clue on cars whatsoever, and neither has Simen - which means lots and lots of internetreading for me about which car's good and affordable for us. We don't really care about how strong or fast the car is - all we care about is that it has got room for the four of us (and our luggage - which means that Toyota Yaris, although a nice candidate otherwise, is out of the question because of the small luggageroom), is cheap in use (as in cheap on the gas/everydayuse and solid enough to not break down once every six month or less :p) and should be at least only 2-4 years old. Or something like that. People say different things - and the younger the car is the better obviously, but I haven't yet understood what the "limit" or "edge" is - should 2003-and older cars be outta the question? Or is it ok to look at 2002 cars aswell maybe? *boggle* Ohwell...

And while I'm on the whinefest and the topic of lovely extra-expenses - still no word on my SLR yet, which I turned in thirteen days ago from now for reparation. And I'm missing out on so many pictures!! No pictures from the Christmasparty (or well, After-Christmasparty) that the kids were at twelve days ago, no pictures of the supercute bunny Amalie got at that party and how she keeps insisting to bring it with her everywhere and the cute way she hogs it to not lose it, no pictures of the increasing interaction between her and her doll (uh yeah..she's only got one real doll for now...two ragdolls tho..but she never cared that much for them) as when she's feeding the doll and shares her drink with the doll, no pictures from the "familyevenings" where me, Simen and Adrian are all playing the same game (WC3) before Adrians bedtime (yup..we're such a nerdfamily...instead of good oldfashioned ludo we play a game or two of WC3 with Adrian :p) GAH! I MISS MY FRIGGIN CAMERA!! :(

I made another netcourse for Papirloftet while missing my camera. Had to take more pictures and do more editing as yeah - more whine - the little digital cam isn't suitable for indoors-photographing in the dark of the winter. Managed to get somewhat okay but imo dark pictures tho but for the last one - the displaying of the winecase itself. Ohwell. I love the look of Daisy D's Modern Romance, but find it hard to scrap - but for altering they're LOVELY! Think "suitable for presents for uh..grown-up people". Older people. :p

Not much actual scrapping lately for me. I'm stuck on a project for two-three days now - curse the journaling :p Should be able to wrap it up after the weekend tho, as I need some outside help on some of the parts on the layout. BUT! Have you seen the new backgroundpapers from Scenic Route! LOVE!

*mumle* - bilen vår har offisielt avgått ved døden nå. Ser oss om etter en ny bruktbil - men i og med at verken jeg eller Simen har noen som helst peil på biler, så famler vi litt i blinde for øyeblikket - og jeg leser og leser og leser på bruktbilguides og sånn på nettet til øynene blir store og tårevåte og jeg skjønner like lite etterpå. Rett inn og ut med kunnskapene, mao. Håper på hjelp fra andre, mer bilkyndige om hva slags bil vi egentlig er på jakt etter - vi bryr oss ikke noe særlig om hvor fort bilen kan kjøre og sånn - alt vi trenger og ser etter er at den kan ta alle oss fire + ha greit med plass med bagasje (Toyota Yaris er altså utelukket her pga bagasjeplassen - men vi vil ikke nødvendigvis ha en stasjonsvogn heller da), at den er billig i drift (både mht bensin pr mil og med tanke på vedlikehold og ant. verkstedbesøk) og at den kun er maks 3-4 år gammel...eller noe sånt - skjønner ikke helt hvor grensen for hvor gammel bilen "bør" være går da..kan noen fortelle oss det? Det var visst noe med bensinforbruket eller noe sånt, at de nyere bilene var atskillig bedre sånt sett etter uh, 2003 eller kanskje det var 2004...eller noe sånt...?

Fortsatt ingen tilbakemelding ang kameraet mitt heller - 13 dager siden nå - gah! Alle de flotte mulige motivene jeg går glipp av! Really! Grr!! For ikke å snakke om den mulige regningen da. Gah. *klageklage* Lurte en kort stund på om det var meningen *jeg* skulle ringe verkstedet, men nei - på lappen jeg fikk fra butikken står ingen tlfnr - men jeg skrev opp mitt til de + emailadr min. Grr. Får vel ringe i ettermiddag selv om jeg denne gangen hadde tenkt å ikke virke masete (har en særdeles dårlig forhistorie med FotoVideoamøbene :p), dette er alt for grr - 13 dager - det er vel lov å ringe for å høre om det er noe nytt da eller......

Men. Litt positivt. Nytt nettkurs hos Papirloftet :) Digger virkelig disse Bare Elements tingene - så kule og lette å jobbe med! Og så greit å ha "alt" på et sted da (eller vite at "alt" finnes hos et merke) - slipper lete på ørten Rimi eller Rema butikker fordi X sa de hadde kjøpt den og den tingen som egnet seg til altered item men som selvsagt ikke finnes i *mine* nærbutikker - og sånn :p

Ahh..there. I just mailed my contribution to Scrappefeber. I chickened out. I had the choice between two layouts, and I didn't have the guts to send in this layout. I personally think it's kinda cool in a grungy way, but uh....maybe a bit too different...too..weird? I dunno. I sent a "cute and pwetty but somewhat dull" layout instead. The mainstream one. Ohwell. If I don't make the audition because people are sending in similar layouts so mine won't stand out I'll blame myself cause this woulda certainly made it - well..at least stood out...maybe.... (yeah right:P). Anyways. Notice the rubon-numbers on the photos? That'll do for "add an embellished rubons on a photo" from jan 24th, no? No, I haven't sneakpeeked (or well, I had to doublecheck it :p), but several of the 2p ladies are making layouts from "all over january" and thus I know a bit of what's ahead. Personally I'm more into looking at one new tip each day. It's more fun that way to me :D

Onwards to another issue; Seems like most of my spare time with Simen from now on will be focused on World of Warcraft, not part-time scrapping like before. The new expansion looks nice, and more important - there's finally a purpose, a point in playing - the quest to get to level 70. I'm not the pvp kinda gal - every time I die because some meanie hordes thinks it's fun to take out the priests first (ohwell, that's a good rule anyways..take out the healers :p) I tend to blame Simen cause he's supposed to like, protect me, and that makes the game no fun for little dead me :P
Anyways. I like playing with Simen. He's been kinda neglected lately because of the scrapping. It's nice finally actually playing together having fun doing stuff together. Soh! Just need to get in some scrapping now and then - so not gonna give up this wonderful hobby :)

Da var mitt bidrag til Scrappefeber sendt inn, og jepp, jeg feiga og gikk for den "pene" LO'en istedetfor denne..eh..."interessant for få" LO'en :p Kanskje? En vet jo ikke da. Men! Denne hadde jeg såklart fluet med en DW utfordring - fra 24. jan. Rubons på bildene. Jepp. Det er tallene det om du ser nærmere ;) Altså, jeg snikkikker ikke - jeg digger det å kunne se et nytt tips hver dag - men 2p jentene i den ene DWgruppen lager altså LO'er fra alle dagene i januar, også fremover i tid - så da får jeg med meg det ene og det andre ang. hva slags tips som kommer, da :)

Forøvrig - kan du tegnspråk, bor i nærheten av Ålesund og kunne tenke deg et scrappekurs eller to i mars - ta kontakt med Helle (eller meg). Hun undersøker interessen for dette før vi eventuelt avtaler noe nærmere om jeg skal komme over og holde kurs. Tenker også på flere kurs både i Bergen og Oslo - planene blir nok klare om ikke alt for lenge - gi meg gjerne tilbakemelding på hva dere evt. ønsker :)

Yay. The Burning Crusade releases tomorrow. Or well actually, midnight tonight - here's the countdown site (and the place where you can register your expansion). That's the expansion pack of the game World of Warcraft, if you weren't aware :p Our copies were mailed two days ago - so I *assume* it'll arrive sometime tomorrow. Yay. Looking forward for more xp grinding and leveling and new stuff. I think :p

Anyways. Week 2 of Emilys cardchallenge has arrived - yeah! Sure have been looking forward to that new challenge :D "What's powerful to you?" Hm. I guess that'd have to be love. The love I feel for my children, the love I have for my hubby (at times :P) and the love I hope he'll still have for me for years to come. The background is a collage of various distressed newspapers. I've elaborated on the word at the backside of the card. Not happy about the stamping, shoulda done a little more of that *before* the word was glued on the card - but ohwell...now I know :p

Uke to av Emily's kortstokk utfordring: "What is powerful to you?" Det må vel være følelsene - båndene og kjærligheten en har til ens barn og den en er glad i. Har forklart det litt nærmere på baksiden av kortet :)

Håper alle får en finfin scrappeuke - har et lite "luksusproblem" jeg, har laget to LO'er til Scrappefeber og aner ikke hvilken av de jeg skal velge..urk. Har jo litt lyst til å være med videre og, da. Den fine og "klassiske" eller den tøffe men litt veldig rare LO'en. Mainstream eller uvanlig. *klø seg i hodet* Jaja. Har noen dager på meg til å bestemme meg da :P Begge er såklart fluet med DW2007 utfordringer ;)

Nå er det forresten ni dager siden jeg leverte fra meg kameraet&den ene linsen ...uten noen som helst tilbakemelding...... de skulle jo ringe når de hadde tatt en kikk på kameraet..urk...*abstinenser*

And we're back on track!
Did this layout for the KI blog & DW2007 Jan 1st challenges. I love it when I can do two things at once :) KI Blog: I used the fall papers & alpine hip chip. The pictures are from a visit at Simens grandma...in the spring :P As for the DW2007 - Jan 1st was about cropping smaller pictures making a collage. I think the journaling is a bit unbalanced, other than that the layout feels okay. One of them decent layouts - not too satisfied, but not dissatisfied either :)

These pictures reminds me of another thing though. I keep thinking that I'm not that bad at using everyday-pictures, but truth to be told - I *suck* when it comes to making layouts of others but my own children. The interaction with other familymembers is just as important as the pwetty little faces of my children ( :p ). To preserve memories is also about showing the children who they were surrounded with, and that's what I'm determined to do better in 2007. For what I know they might get bored with seeing closeup portraits of themselves when they grow up, and rather want to see more pictures of their beloved grandparents, grand-grandparents, uncle, aunt, cousins, distant relatives, friends and so on. (Alright I think that'll be too true :p). Actually, I think the cue is to balance out all these different kind of pictures and motifs. And I *will* be more aware of the pictures I feel are less scrapable - but just as important (The real challenge would be making them scrapable, no? Besides..I think it's just in my mind. The feeling that these pictures are less scrapable.). Soh!

Og da var enda en LO komplettert - denne gangen til den artige utfordringen på KI bloggen - som jeg fluet med en av DW2007 oppgavene. Utfordringen fra KI bloggen var å bruke papirene/produktene til andre typer bilder enn det temaet for arkene gikk ut på. Her er noen familiebesøkbilder fra våren parret med høst-kolleksjonen deres (som jeg forresten bare digger - så rike, varme farger! Nydelig!) DW oppgaven gikk ut på å croppe bilder og lage en collage ut av de. Det ble ikke så verst - og viktigst av alt - jeg ser det at selv om jeg synes jeg er ikke så verst til å bruke "hverdagsbilder" i scrappingen min så er jeg helt ELENDIG på å "inkludere" andre enn mine barn i LO'ene mine. Og det er jo helt ....shameless egentlig? Jeg tør påstå at når ungene blir store så blir de like, om ikke mer, interessert i LO'ene der de kan se sine slektninger og venner, som i LO'ene der de får servert closeups av trynene deres over hele LO'en liksom. Slektninger som kanksje ikke er lenger når de har skjønt poenget med album (om de kommer til å gjøre det da :P). Så. Jeg har funnet enda et scrappeforsett for 2007: Scrap flere bilder som jeg av en eller annen grunn føler ikke helt er scrapbare - men som inkluderer flere enn mine unger og som er like verdifulle å bevare.

Ellers. En liten kuriositet. En ganske fascinerende en synes jeg - om det med kulturen og sånn faktisk stemmer, og at det er anerledes enn slik sånt sees på her i Norge og vestlige land.

One of my fave songs from Gwen Stefanis new CD is "Early Winter". When things go bad it helps me listening to songs. It kinda helps putting words on the feelings this way. I also love songs that puts me in a certain mood, songs that reminds me of past times either just because I listened to that song at a certain time/period or because the words reminds me of a situation.

You, you know how to get me so low
My heart had a crash when we spoke
I can't fix what you broke
You, you always have a reason
Again & again this feelin'
Why do I give in?
& I always was, always was one for crying
I always was one for tears

The sun's getting cold, It's snowing
Looks like an Early Winter for us
Looks like an Early Winter for us
An Early Winter
Oh I need you to turn me over

It's sad the map of the world is on you
The moon gravitates around you
The seasons escape you
& I always was, always was one for crying
I always was one for tears
No, I never was, never was one for lying
You lied to me all of these years

The sun's getting cold, It's snowing
Looks like an Early Winter for us
Looks like an Early Winter for us
An Early Winter
Oh I need you to turn me over

Why do you act so stupid?
You know that I'm always right

Anyways. Just saw this commerical for this calendar from SEI: "
Looking for a unique 2007 calendar?" Well really. Sure it looks nice, but unique? When the whole thing is like, premade and ready to go - just add pictures, stickers and journaling? Wouldn't really be *that* unique then uh? :p Just asking :p

I recently finished up a bunch of layouts for various contests just so that I'm ready for new ones you know, and needed a breather so I made this layout just for fun. Think it'll fit with the DW2007 challenge from Jan 3rd - add a splash of bright color to a neutral background. I'll settle for that :) I wanted a no-brainer layout tonight, hence the pretty naive and simple style on this one.

Yay! Endelig ferdig med bidragene mine til Scrapbookmästare, og med alle LO'ene bortsett fra sjokoladeplata (som jeg tenker jeg tar imorgen :P) til the M game på Minneriket. Det har vært spesielt gøy å lage LO'ene til den svenske konkurransen - har ingen illusjoner om å nå opp, men det er jo klart - en må jo våge...kanskje jeg har flaks og klarer 25. plassen? Det hadde vært gøy :p Dessuten er jeg skikkelig fornøyd med LO'ene jeg har laget her, så bare det i seg selv er supert - fine LO'er i albumet mitt! :)

Nå trengte jeg en liten "pustepause" mellom LO'ene jeg lager til div. utfordringer og konkurranser, for jeg må jo innrømme at ja, det er sånt som jeg synes er gøy å lage noe til :p Så derfor lagde jeg denne LO'en ikveld - veeeldig enkel og litt naivistisk kanskje? Først tenkte jeg på den gamle freestyleutfordringen om å IKKE bruke lim til å feste ting med...men så fikk jeg lyst til å prøve maskeringstape til å skrive journalingen på...og så fikk tapen meg til å tenke på barnehagen min og hvordan de brukte denne typen teip og skrev ting på og sånn med tykk tusj og voila... en layout down the memory road :p Og ja, jeg meldte meg på DW2007 på LM. Det må da vel være overkommelig å flue utfordringer og konker og sånn med DW2007? Satser på det :) Tenker denne kan gå for utfordringen fra 3. januar - å adde en dæsj farge på en nøytral bakgrunn :p

Ps! Nå har de åpnet for påmelding på scrappefeber.blogspot.com :)

Ah! Playing with cards is fun! So when Ali E posted her weekly challenge in the AEzine about displaying your (or well, in this instance, mine :P) word easily spotted at the workspace I looked at the cards and thought it'd make a nice miniplaque to stick on my shelf along with some other minipictures that's uh, leftovers from layouts where I didn't need them afterall. Anyways. As my cam still is away (no word on wassup yet), I had to use my mobile to take this picture. Not too bad a substitute no? Here's a closeup aswell. Oh. And don't worry. I took one of the jokers. Still got 52 cards just for Emilys challenge :)

There's actually snow outside right now - but for how long - well, that remains to be seen. It stopped snowing now for a while and it's pretty wet outside. Still. Wish I had MY CAMERA to capture the little whiteness so I'd have a proof that YES we actually got some snow this year :p Ohwell. I think there will be an official word on it soon, haven't seen any yet - but since Kathrine already posted the link at her blog I hope it's ok that I am too: Scrappefeber by Hobbyhimmelen! Sounds like fun, no? Another challenge to add on my gotta-join list. Phew. It's starting to GROW :p (10 days into january and I've got 11 layouts made. Not too shabby :) Hope I can keep up with the growing list of things I wanna do and join :p )

Ali Edwards har en ukentlig newslettergreie der hun utfordrer leserne til å gjøre forskjellige små ting. Forrige ukes utfordring var å finne et ord som skulle være ditt eh..ledetrådord liksom, for 2007. Jeg falt helt og holdent for hennes ord for 2006 - "play". Denne ukes utfordring var å ha dette ordet lett synlig for en - jeg valgte å lage et kort (fnis...kort er gøy for tiden :D) med ordet PLAY på og klistre det på hylla over scrappepulten min. Altså, "lek" - det er jo egentlig det jeg gjør allerede da, med scrappingen min - men en reminder er alltid velkommen. Lek mer med farger. Lek mer med oppsett. Lek deg gjennom hele prosessen. Ha det gøy. Nemlig.
Våge mer kanskje. Vi får se. :)

Ellers - den har ikke startet enda og jeg har ikke sett noen offisiell word ang den noensteder, men siden Kathrine postet linken i hennes blog så våger jeg å poste den her jeg også: Scrappefeber! En ny konkurranse der Hobbyhimmelen står bak. Spennende! Dette må jeg definitivt få med meg :) The M game på Minneriket (Som forøvrig er verdt å sjekke ut! Digger reglene der - akkurat den konkurransen er kjempefin for både de som har mye og de som har lite scrappetid :) ), og Scrappefeber. Det burde være mer enn nok til å holde meg opptatt om kveldene fremover, eller? Og så pushe inn litt DW2007 greier innimellom, og flue så mye jeg kan. Og gjerne få med meg noen effers-greier og. Yep. Plan!

Ahh..I love blogging, and I love checking out what's going on at my blogger friends. They always inspire me in one way or another, and enlighten me on small and big fun things going on. Thanks to Lene who's doing Emily Falconbridges card-challenge. It was so inspiring and looked so fun that I just had to run to the store to buy myself a card-deck too and start on my own cards :D This is week one: "What are you proud of?" Well, I honestly think of anything else apart from the obvious, my family, which I think is pretty much a given - at least for me, but my hobby. Scrapbooking. I'm not necessarily always proud of anything I make (two recent layouts come to mind heh), but I'm proud of having found this hobby in the first place, thankful for what it gives me, for the fun I'm having in the process of creating stuff.....and so on and so on ;) So. Here's my take on week one. Which I now see is pretty much inspired by Lene's card now that I checked hers again *blush* Hope you don't mind Lene! :D Now. I know I'm NOT the best at keeping such long-duration journals. BUT. This really do seem doable. Decorate 52 small cards in 52 weeks? No problem! We'll see how I'm doing 52 weeks from now. If I'm not on this art-journal anymore then something really is wrong with me :P (or that I've finished the whole thing already :p)

Anyways. Checking in on Kristina Contes blog I noticed a worrying post. About people - other bloggers or forumwriters or whatever calling her names and stuff. Ugh. I don't know what's happened. I just know it seemed very unfair and uncalled for, from her post and view at least. And now her blog is gone. Gah. What's wrong with people who always have to do mean personal attacks? *sigh* I hope she'll be back soon. She seem like a cool and spunky kind of girl, and I really like what she's doing scrapwise. EDIT: Ahh..she seem to be back :) Maybe it was just a little random downtime, a coincidence, or she actually closed it then changed her mind... I dunno. She disabled the ability to comment tho. Glad she's still posting :)

Oh. I joined the Calendar Girls DW 2007 group. Maybe I'll join LM's too. I'll try to combine stuff so it won't be that difficult keeping up in time :)

Jeg digger å følge med på hva som skjer rundt omkring med andre scrappere - og jeg er takknemlig for at de fleste deler villig med seg av ting som skjer - både når det gjelder scrapping og ellers. Jeg blir ganske ofte inspirert og synes det er gøy å kikke litt rundt - og denne gangen ble jeg skikkelig inspirert at jeg stakk av til butikken med en gang :p Lene er nemlig med på Emily Falconbridge's art-journal - å dekorere 52 kort (kortstokk-kort :p) i løpet av året. En gang i uken poster hun en oppfordring - og denne ukes oppfordring var å fortelle hva som gjør oss stolte. Jeg har ærlig talt lite å være stolt av føler jeg bortsett fra familien min - men jeg er faktisk ganske stolt av hobbyen min om jeg kan bruke det ordet. Stolt over å ha funnet den og over gleden den gir meg underveis selv om jeg ikke alltid er like fornøyd med sluttresultatet. Men det å endelig ha funnet noe som jeg faktisk trives ganske bra med å gjøre - og som attpåtil er "artistisk" - det er jeg stolt av.

Ellers har jeg blitt med på DW2007's utfordringsgruppe med the calendar girls på twopeas. Fluer jeg denne med andre utfordringer og gjøremål burde det ikke være alt for uoverkommelig, eller...? We'll see :)

Forresten! Lyst til å bli en godterismaktester? Send en mail til
panel.norge@leaf.no :) Har vært snopetester for de i uh, iallefall over ett år, kanskje to snart..? Artig "jobb" og så er det litt kult å få snop tilsendt hjem til seg :) Skulle bare ønske de også hadde sjokolade i sortimentet deres.....jaja :)

Feel free to check our StoryBook Layouts below.