My grandmother-in-law asked me to help her out with creating a wallhanging for a poem she wrote for a nursing home/hospital she attendes at times. Used some old papers from Prima, flowers from Prima and Papirloftet, swirls, transparency from MME, cracklepaint, glimmermist, feathers, pin... I daresay this romantic vintage-style is quite typical for Norwegian scrappers these days by the way...:)

I promised a giveaway - Scrappers Choice was totally generous when I had my demonstrations for them, giving me way more than I needed (oh and Im NOT complaining haha). I thought I'd be nice and pass on the I'm going to give away the small themed embellishment-bags. These bags contains various stuff - some 3d-diecuts, rubons, stickers, flowers, metal-embellishments, epoxystuff - ..and they all contain a leaflet with a beginners guide to scrapbooking (you can also purchase these bags from Foto Knudsen-stores by the way). It's a huge lot and especially great if you're a new scrapbooker and just started out...:)

All you need to do is to drop a comment here below letting me know you're're also welcome to suggest someone else for this prize...I'll draw a winner Saturday evening :)

Title: "A few small bruises" - Maria Mena

Kimberly and Dan are getting married in Door County at the end of May this year. They decided to do their engagement session during a recent wedding planning trip to the Egg Harbor. We were really excited for terrific spring weather... but being on the Door Peninsula the wind made the 35 degree day feel very cold!

Kimberly did a great job styling their session. Their outfits photographed perfectly in the various spots we shot. The only exception was the bitter cold and Kimberly's 3 inch heels! Luckily Dan was able to lift Kimberly over the deep cold snow to get great shots on the beach.

Thanks for a great time in Door County! Your wedding will be such a blast... and hopefully nice and warm.

Enjoy these shots from the session!


The Pencil-Lines sketch #128 went live last night, guested by Birgit Koopson and I did a couple variations of it during my demostrations w/the Scrappers Choice products two weeks ago. Might aswell enclose the rest of the stuff I made during these demostrations too...nothing spetacular, can probably find these layouts around in the stores I visited for demoing, they all got to keep most of them.

Speaking of Scrappers Choice - I got a LOT of stuff from them to work with for the demos, but now that I am done I don't really have any need for most of I am going to sort the stuff then there might be a giveaway or two here on the blog sometime soon.

Title: Xander - Buffy season 1

Jeg har forresten presentert bloggen min på Bloggurat.


This was our 2nd time covering a wedding at San Antonio de Padua and the Nurture Spa in Tagaytay. Back then, we didn't do videos and SDEs and this day became stressful halfway through when before the church ceremony started, the laptop's card reader stopped reading our SD cards - and we didn't have our extra card reader and USB cables with us! Now since we're mostly tapeless when editing same-day-edit-mtvs, no SD card footage means no MTV. All our SD cards will be full in no time if there was no means to transfer the footage clips to the laptop as well.

We sent the driver and our trusty handy-guy to go find a town and buy any card reader but thankfully, after some pushing and prodding, the laptop's reader suddenly started working again. This was a wake up call that now we're thinking we should not only be bringing extra card readers but probably an extra laptop with us as well.

Anyway, Mayee and Victor, thank you for trusting us with your beautiful day and see you soon on your picture selection day!



Megan and Aaron decided to get married at the same beach where Aaron almost got killed by Sharks. Read the rest of the story here at Offbeat Wedding.

Don't look at me - these days it's hard to capture them "naturally" -
they're always making some kind of faces towards the camera :p

So typical.

Amalie and Adrian ran ahead of us, hiding.
Playing along we said out aloud: "Hm. Where did Adrian and Amalie go?" "Hm. Can't see them. Ohwell. We'll just have to drive home without them."
Amalie (hidden, yelling): "We're hiding!! ( short pause) Here! Behind the bins!"
Adrian (sighing, coming out of hiding): "Oh Amalie! Why do you always have to do that!!"

Poor, cute little thing. She loves to hide but she doesn't have the patience (or see the point?) waiting to be found. She always have to a) tell people she's actually hiding and b) in case people didn't get it the first time around - tell them specifically where she's hiding.


Have a lovely weekend!! :)

Ps. Anyone's got the Scrapbook Trends April issue yet? Haven't gotten mine but I'm supposed to have three projects in that issue, please lemme know if you've seen them :)

Title: "All this time" - Maria Mena

Um. First.
Let me just say.
Sorry for the zillions of photos shortly incoming.
Creating this minialbum was fun and annoying at the same time. Fun because I loved all the papers and the photos and I felt really good about myself actually using a lot of embellishments and rubons and little bits and pieces (I think I normally suck at this). Annoying becuase I am so so s l o w these days and I itched to do other stuff aswell but I felt like I had to finish this one first.

The album itself is a Mixed Media Bracket Book, an album that comes in different materials - raw chipboard, thick delicious felt and gorgeous transparencies - some w/white patterns printed. I just used a few of the pages in this book, and traced the rest on cardstock and corrugated cardstock to mix it up and stuff. The papers are mainly from Summer Soiree, but I used quite a few bits and pieces from older collections aswell. The embellishments (apart from the butterfly which is thanks to my daugher who loves making these ;) ) are all mostly from various Fancy Pants collections apart from a few flowers and bling from Prima and Heidi Swapp. The flaps/minipages are made of bookmark-protectors which I got from Kine before Christmas because I was supposed to send Christmas-cards in these but as usual, that project sortof fell apart cause I suck at Christmas-cards.... the original idea/concept of using protectors for layouts however I believe originates from Karen Russel - at least that's where I first saw the useage some months ago...but didn't really feel inspired to try myself until I saw some pages in Stavanger from a woman who took one of her classes. So. Freakin. Cool!

Oh. And with so many photos I wanted to add...I couldn't help but having to do a mini within a mini using leftoverpapers from the big mini :p

Right. LOTS and LOTS of photos incoming, so I'll quit yappin' :p

The text is FP rubons on the transparent frontpage while the photos are safely behind it on the next page.
The two first pages - the page to the left is chipboard from the Bracket Book, while the corrugated one to the right was made tracing the outlines from one of the bookpages.
The gang@ the beach. Love the felt heart!!
I used Glimmer Mist here (Jazz Blue & Snow Angel), let it dry before adding white Crackle Paint randomly over the page + the edges. The chipboard is from "The Daily Grind" - mixed it w/some old felt&buttons from FP.

The page to the right is actually a transparent page.
Using a shape from the "Sugar and Spice" chipboard-collection I taped around it w some hospital-tape and added glossy multi-medium to seal the surface before adding white gesso.

Amalie LOVES butterflies and made this one for me :)
Figured I'd use it here so I'd at least know where I had it..
The journaling-circle was cut out from "On a Whimsy: cards" w/my new patterned scissor. yay ;p

Notice how good I have been here using rubons? I'm so proud of myself ;p
The pages here were made from two bookmark-protectors folded in half & sewn to the page. Ribbon-handles makes the pages a bit easier to turn.

Um yeah. Sorta tried to doodle here. Right. Moving on ,p
The flowers were made using Glimmer Mist (Peach & Watermelon) before applying crackle accents on the petals.
More rubons! More inner pages! And hidden journaling! Sorta!
& check out the tabs - some from diecut-sheets and some from Transparent Die Cuts Creative Books :D)

When you put in pages like that (standing) - make sure you actually check how the pages look folded before sewing they won't acccidentally turn out to be like, upside down. Both of them. Cough.
This is one of the felt pages. Lovesit!
Decided to sew around the edge and decorate this side w/paper & a pocket for the mini-within-the-mini :p

This little photo was a leftover from the cover - figured it'd be cool for this mini too.
Like. Mommy-album and baby-album. Eh.

The mini is kinda an oversized matchbook-album w leftoverpages in varous lengths sewn in.
Haven't finished the journaling in here by the way.

And finally! The last page!! This is the back of the album - I put a photo inside a protectorpage and stitched it onto the felt. Protector because well, that way the photo will be protected still despite being on the outside. Oh and note to self: DO NOT PUNCH HOLES WITHOUT ACTUALLY MAKING SURE YOU WONT CUT OVER YOUR CAREFULLY STITCHED THREADS!!!!!!! *sniff*

Long post, lots of photos and blah blah. Just kinda like this mini and thought it deserved a lil closer description.. lemme know if you have any questions :)

Thank you so much to Eli, Marie, Monica, Oddbjørg and Vibeche for the fun & company & the photos for this album!!

BTW! The classes for the PrimaDonna tour that Jen and Tracie are doing this spring has been posted at Steffens now. They're also dropping by Bikuben the next day afaik, in case you miss them at Steffens :D Gogo girls!

Title: Just Hold Me - Maria Mena