If you want to save some money on your wedding invitation, you may consider creating the cards yourself. However, even if you have decided to create their own wedding card, you may find it difficult to make. It is true that not all people who are graphic designers and not be more difficult for the average person to create a wedding card oneself.

However, there are still ways to solve the above problem. Of course, you still have to have some basic knowledge of some simple graphics software to the contrary, it remains impossible for you to create your own wedding invitation.

In fact, you can search the Internet and can find a wealth of resources for you to make a wedding card. You can find some free images for web use. You can even find tons of examples of wedding design of the card. Of course, also be a good idea if you can afford the time to make some handmade invitations. However, people are very busy working on now and still has much to do in planning your wedding is concerned. As a result, you may not want to spend much time on your wedding invitations handmade.
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To this end can go even to the idea of ​​a printed invitation and that will certainly save you time. So the question here is, how can you find some ideas for your wedding invitations?

One option is to use some free templates wedding invitation. You can actually find tons of different templates free wedding cards online. You can only perform a basic search on Yahoo with the keyword "free templates wedding invitation to print" and you can certainly get tons of results.

Once the decision to marry, you must prepare a lot of things. This includes weddings, catering, drinks, wedding photography, wedding favors and wedding stationery. You can spend less and save money on these items. I'll try to explain how you can do in the case of Hong Kong.

The first thing you have to think about is the wedding venue. You may want to have your wedding in a five star hotel, but it certainly means a higher budget. If you go for a less formal wedding reception, you might consider the idea of ​​a beach wedding. You can rent space on a beach and this government will only cost a few thousand dollars in Hong Kong.
wedding graphics, wedding borders, wedding clip art martha stewart, microsoft clipart, wedding program clipart, wedding ring clipart, bridal shower clipart, wedding backgrounds-17For catering, if you follow the first step, you can try to get a company that offers outdoor catering. This will be much cheaper to have the wedding reception in a hotel ballroom. A wedding reception in a hotel, probably cost HKD160, 000 to 200 guests, but a wedding reception on the beach just can cost less than half.

Also, always be prepared and bring the liquid to yourself, the cost of liquor supplied by the catering services can be double the cost of carrying the same liquor. You can shop and compare what are the spirits to find the most acceptable, while meeting your budget.

When you are planning your wedding from someone or there are many ideas to make the budget, get gifts and other ideas to be very exciting memorable. This is obviously a very important day and to find the perfect wedding gifts, there are many websites that gives incredible deals for wedding gifts that are free.

If you are getting married, it is necessary to review these websites and websites not only offer gifts for the wedding, but make sure you have all the required information regarding your wedding. Many things that have to be well organized, these websites will help you get the best plan for your wedding, as well as provide more cool wedding gifts.
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Internet is an important resource and you can find anything you are looking for and all you have to do is do some research. For your wedding, there are varieties of wedding gifts and you can have lots of ideas provided by these websites. So many websites that send different offers, including many gifts before testing their products in the future.

With all the expenses that come along with planning and purchasing materials for a wedding, you want to find discounts and free services as possible. However, this does not mean you want to skimp on the quality of the services you are paying. One of the things that you can find for free is the graph of the wedding. If you want the pictures or designs to be included in your wedding invitations, programs, and decorations, ordering free wedding graphics is a great way to personalize your wedding materials without having to dip into the budget.
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You can add a unique touch to your special day with wedding clipart that will allow you to customize everything from your invitations to your thank you cards.

Your wedding is the event of your life what you want it to be breathtakingly beautiful without being outrageously expensive. Since the announcement of engagement to the website, bridal shower, and the ceremony, clip art can help you make the whole experience at once elegant and memorable at the same time that reflects your style and personality. Your special day can be everything you ever dreamed or imagined, and not have to cost a fortune.
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The invitations can be very expensive, so why not make your own? When choosing your own images and text, you can make your invites more personal and even create a theme that can be carried through all aspects of your wedding, such as cards, programs, favor tags. Using clip art, invitations can reflect the tone or mood you are hoping to create, whether traditional, semi-formal, casual, or country.

Scotland always seems to do things their own way and style - and a Scottish wedding is no exception to the rule. In the 21st century, the Scottish wedding is an intricate blend of ancient highland tradition mixed with modern, streamlined rites. Scottish traditions present wedding day have their origins in the 13th century. Back then the medieval Celtic church that proclaims the "banns of marriage 'for three consecutive Sundays. This practice of announcing a forthcoming marriage lasted for 600 years - until in the last years of the 20 became standard to" give notice of intent for a registration office for several weeks before the planned event.
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Wedding favors are small gifts as a sign of appreciation or gratitude to guests of the bride and groom at a wedding or a wedding banquet.

The tradition of distributing wedding favors is very old. It is believed that the first wedding favor, common amongst European aristocrats, was known as a bonbonniere. A bonbonniere is a small trinket box made of glass, porcelain and / or precious stones. The contents of these precious boxes were generally sugar cubes or delicate sweet, symbolizing wealth and nobility. (At this time, sugar was an expensive and treasured only among the rich. It was believed that sugar contained medical benefits). As the price of sugar decreased throughout centuries, the tradition of providing gifts to guests reached the general population and was embraced by couples of modest means.

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Back before we went to Paris, this little one kept bugging us – when’ll we go to Paris? how many days left?


So, about a month before we actually went – I became fed up with her every day bugging and created her this little calendar, using Websters pages, Elle’s Studio-tags, random bits and pieces and ofcourse – Glue Arts.


It turned out rather chunky, and is bound together with a Bind-it-all.


It works just like a Christmas-countdown-calendar…just..this time we counted down to our vacation..


I perforated the tags, making them easy to rip away for every day…


It’s a great way to get rid of random bits and pieces, and at the same time – you can save the tags and reuse them for cards and stuff afterwards.


Nevertheless..the tutorial on how to create this one is found here.



She loved this one for sure, and we didn’t hear much bugging (only her reminding us how many days it was until the vacation, because now she knew ;p)

We spent a wonderful day at Rockhaven Farm in the epic and beautiful Elgin Valley with Graham and Mariam for their wedding yesterday. The sun came and went throughout the day but there were spectacular moments as it reached out from behind the clouds uplifting the hills and orchards that surrounded us, giving everyone some much needed relief from the chill in the air. Summer hasn't come to Cape Town just yet it seems. But it didn't seem to bother this amazing crowd.

Congratulations guys.





Apart from the bats, none of the things used on this box really is Halloween-specific. All you need is to use stuff with the typical Halloween-colors all in one sorta.


The bats were pulled from a bat-vine from Prima, the vine with the pumpkin as well. The glitter cardstock is from Core’dinations, and the papers are from the printery-collection, with some flowers and flocked rubons and mirrorthingies mixed in.


The box reveals a little hat which immediately made me think of a friend of mine…


Pretty leaves..



Just wanted to share this last Halloween-thingie before the actual Halloween :)

Have a spooky night!

Psst. Check out the other Prima-girls’ Halloween-inspo! And here’s how the Glue Arts-girls celebrate their Halloween!

I am extremely excited to be working with recently engaged couple Michelle Du Preez and her fiance' Jon Mafia. We recently shopped for the perfect location and the couple has chosen a spectacular wedding venue in Palm Beach to be announced after invites go out.
I will be posting planing updates so you can follow this amazing couple on their planning journey.I can't wait to see it all come together for them!


Like most around the world the wedding season in South Africa runs through the warmer months of the year but there are a select number of weddings that take place outside of the season in Autumn and Winter. For those of you living north of us this may mean cold, wet weather and even snowy days and long chilly nights. In South Africa almost the opposite is true. Our winters are embarrassingly mild. With most days not far off European summer days. The evening temperatures may be low but during the day, the African sun is warm and energizing.

Lindsey and Hayley celebrated their wedding at Red Ivory Lodge, just as the leaves began to fall and the intense African sun pulled back a little for the long dry Winter ahead. Red Ivory is one of our favorite venues in Gauteng. Originally a modern home built into the hills above the Haartebeespoort Valley, it has recently found new life as an intimate, modern bush wedding venue. It's really special. The panoramic view of the valley, through the floor-to-ceiling glass which runs across the length of the venue, is EPIC!

When we met Lindsey and Hayley for a chat over breakfast in Cape Town they amazed us with the unusual story of how they met. Hayley told us how she picked up a copy of Runners World Magazine and just had to know who this fine man (Lyndsey) on the cover was. Lyndsey, leaning back in his chair in his signature smooth cat way, just gave us a smile as if to say "...and now, here we are getting married." It really is too awesome for words. So we'll leave it up to the pictures from their wedding day.

It was a real family occasion and one where even the friends at the wedding were like family. It's very easy to document a wedding like this as there really aren't any barriers. We were invited into every situation, and very often with a smile.

Congratulations guys. :)