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An online wedding dress store usually has more to choose from compared with a retail bridal salon, and you'll also find much lower prices. It's a lot of fun to try on wedding gowns while shopping at specialty bridal stores, but considering the extra money you'll spend, is it really worth it? There's a much greater chance that you'll find the dress you're looking for, and one that's within your budget, when you shop at an online wedding dress store.

Wedding Dress ShoppingAlways take your time when you're deciding on your wedding dress, particularly if you're going to be shopping at an online wedding dress store. Unless a gown is custom made it usually requires some alteration, so remember to include that in your list of things to do. A good online store will have an excellent return policy, in case the dress you order doesn't turn out to be what you wanted.

Wedding Dress ShoppingStart looking for your perfect wedding dress in bridal magazines. This way you can formulate some ideas about your likes and dislikes, and you can also discover some terms that can help you find styles you do like. It will also help you narrow down your online search.

With all the online wedding dress stores to choose from, just hop on the Internet and start searching. Regardless of the kind of wedding gown you're searching for, you're guaranteed to find it. You'll find everything from cheap bridesmaid dresses, gothic dresses, to advice about how to design your own wedding dress on the Internet!

An online dress store can provide you with just about anything you would need on the day of your wedding. Along with your bridal gown, you'll need a veil to go with it, as well as matching shoes and earrings. You may also be able to purchase your invitations, programs or wedding favors from an online bridal store.

When I shot this little babyboy for my friend he had still not gotten any name. But not any longer – please meet Erik Nikolai – a cute, adorable baby with strong opinions at times! :D


Look at his reddish hair – awww!


Here’s mommy and daddy – love the way daddy looks at mommy…..♥ DSC_4938tilt

I’ve shared this picture before in the post before this one, but I’m thinking this (more tilted) crop is better…? Edited it different this time too :) DSC_4945

A mothers love…♥ DSC_4814 Shhh…even when crying his face is so cute….I love taking piccies of crying babies (and children ;p) – I really find their faces so much cuter (or at least funnier) then..DSC_4893

That’s right, look towards the beautiful light, little boy! DSC_4906

We had to bribe him a bit during the day in order to keep him content….;) (plus, love the eye-contact them between here)DSC_4916

More love.. DSC_4918

Serenity… DSC_4922 Dunno, just like this piccie too..his little hand holding her finger and the closeness of them both in the background…

I learned that 1. I need more practice with babies in regards of shooting angles and stuff.. 2. It’s not possible to say anything sensible around a baby (all you say is “aww”, “sigh”, “ooohh” and more “aawww”) 3. I SO need a reflector (we used a huge, white cardboard which helped a lot on the shadows and stuff..) 4. I noticed post-procession that I really like the 1:1 ratio a lot on several piccies 5. I want more babies to shoot!

Okes off – busybusy weekend – mom is staying here atm and I need to prepare stuff for tomorrow ‘cause – tomorrow’s liek, nine years ago I myself got a baby in the house……



Since many couples dream of having their weddings in Spain it could help if they had some idea of the ideal Spanish wedding. What better to start than by setting the theme with a quintessential Spanish wedding dress? With it traditional features one can claim to have wed a Spanish bride.

Spanish Wedding DressesSpanish traditions on Spanish wedding dresses are very elaborate. Black is the preferred color which is meant to symbolize the bride's character that is just about to be uncovered by the groom. A matching black veil is desirable while one can also opt for one that is mantilla since it could help them frame their face to the admiration of the attendants.

Spanish Wedding DressesOther colors that are also allowed are white and red so the bride will be fine in any of these. A black shawl draped over one's shoulders may turn out to be a good addition to the bridal gown as long as it complements the gown's color. Several materials of bridal gowns have their origin in Spain and so will make up the Spanish bridal attire. Chiffon, silk, taffeta, organza and tulle are some of the favorite materials from which the gowns are made. The different designs will then be adorned by additional features such as crystals, beadings, diamante and various exquisite embroideries.

Where to get your Spanish wedding dresses

While making the choice of a Spanish bridal gown may be difficult, where to buy one need not be a problem. Major fashion houses particularly those providing wedding attire will always have several collections for your sampling. By consulting your local wedding directory you will find a shop near you from where you can buy a wedding gown. One can also consult their wedding planners more so if they are in unfamiliar location. These will give them an idea of where to get the best bargains. Furthermore attending wedding exhibitions will expose one to a large number of fashion houses with the latest designs in this industry. Finally the internet is one of the most convenient tools to do your search. It will be very convenient if you are looking for detail, want to make comparison in terms of prices, features or colors. One can also find great discounts and buy the dress online without much hassle.

How to order for your Spanish wedding dresses

Spanish Wedding DressesThe fact that there are many should not fool one to not making preparations to choose their gown early. The general rule when ordering a Spanish wedding gown is that one should order at least nine months in advance. The process of buying the dress can take any course but eventually one has two broad options. The first one should involve physically selecting a wedding dress and paying for in the fashion house or department store. This requires that one go the shop physically to make the order after which the dress is made and they may be asked to go and try it on if finally packed. The other option is to carry out the whole transaction on the internet. The choice of what option to use lies with the bride.

Italian Wedding DressesAs one of the world' s most favorite wedding venues, Italy is known for its beautiful scenery, special ambiance, fine wine, tasteful food, the warmth and passion of Italians. In tradition, Italy is a land of passion, love and romance. A wedding in Italy could be really incredible. But even if you can not transport your wedding to the Tuscan Countryside, you can also introduce some exuberant spirit of an Italian wedding home.

Weddings are considered to be a very big deal in Italy. Thus there will be a great celebration of the union of the bride and the groom as well as the two families and their friends. The Italian wedding custom usually comes with a Nuptial Mass, following feasting, drinking and dancing. That could be really fun and exciting.

Italian Wedding DressesItaly is one of the most beautiful and temperate countries in the world, considered to be a perfect place to embark on a new life together. The breathtaking scenery will glut your eyes. As the home of some of the greatest works of art, Italy is also a great place for you to declare your love surrounded by historical churches, town halls or some architecture that contain vaulted ceilings and elegantly painted frescos. Also you can choose the Italian countryside, which is full of villas, gardens, medieval towers, and chateaus, for your stunning wedding venue. The possibilities for great locations of wedding in Italy are endless.

Food is truly of paramount importance of any Italian special occasion. Italian feasting is full of gourmet food that is standard and some most wines in the world. Traditionally the wedding dinner consists of fourteen courses, followed by cake with espresso and coffee. If your wedding is off the Italian, you can also honor your Italian ancestry with serving the special Italian dishes that your family hails. And even if you do not have a single drop of Italian blood, you also can add an Italian touch to your wedding in favor of authentic Italian cuisine.

Italian Wedding DressesWhen it comes to planning an Italian wedding, details do matter a great a deal. The keepsakes for guests, long-sleeved wedding dress, the cuisine and the wedding setting are all the great considerations. However, the great fun that includes some of the joyous spirits of the Italian does deserve all you have done.

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I hosted yesterdays Tuesday Tips over at the Pink Paislee-blog with this layout mixing papers from both "365 degrees" and "Bayberry Cottage". I made the layout at a crop and kept staring at the pictures and papers, totally having no idea whatsoever what to do. Finally landed on this pretty classical design and once I finally started on the layout (apart from staring at it that is) it came together pretty quickly.


My tip was that it´s ok to cover up those preprinted words and phrases that doesn´t fit you or your theme, in order to still use them. It helps having a friendly neighbour with cute paper-embellishments which matches your project perfect. I dunno where she got them from, I forgot to ask (too busy stealing this cute lil dude from her ;) ) - if you´re reading this, feel free to enlighten me cuz he and his friends sure were cute!!


Just have to comment on the title, "Foringstid" (feeding time) - I love yellin (ok, maybe not really yellin, but..) "foringtid!" when it´s dinner and stuff cuz...that´s what it is...feeding-time ;p (Not sure how it´s with English but in Norwegian I think the phrase is more often used in conjunction with the feeding of animals and stuff :p). The photos are from a crop at my place and I thought it was funny when I suddenly found people standing in a half-circle around waiting for someone else to finish cutting up the cake or whatever it was at the time..liek, hungry much? *giggle* Ofc I had to run and fetch the camera to snap this moment :)

(and look, am using the lovely notepads again!!! LOVE!)


Wrapping this post with another peek of the adorable baby I shot last week..just started looking through the piccies and editing a few - think I´ll be done with them sometime this week :) Look at his face, aren´t his wrinkles just totally adorable?? Aww....