Wedding ballet shoes are some of the perfect bridal shoes flats to buy for your wedding. Not only are they really light on your feet, but they feel really comfortable as well. Below are the top 10 reasons why I would recommend buying a pair of wedding ballet shoes for your wedding.

Wedding Ballet Shoes-41. They are really comfortable. Flat wedding shoes may not make you look as tall, but they are very comfortable to wear. They are stretchy and will conform to your feet instead of having your feet conform to the shoes.

2. If you have a beach or a garden wedding, you can actually feel the grass or the sand on the ground since the ballet flats are so thin. It's a great feeling to be so connected to everything around you on your wedding day, especially if you love nature and the outdoors.

3. There are lots of different colors to choose from. Personally, I love the beautiful pink and baby blue ones, but there are so many other great colors to choose from as well.

Wedding Ballet Shoes-34. They won't wear out since they are sturdy and made well. These wedding shoes are made really well and won't break apart so you can wear them beforehand to break them in.

5. They will allow you to dance. The great thing about these shoes is that they are made for dancing. So, for your first dance, don't worry about not being able to twist and turn.

6. They are light on the feet. These flat wedding shoes are really light on your feet. The material is lightweight so it won't weight you down. This will allow you to easily glide around the whole day talking to guests and getting married!

Wedding Ballet Shoes-27. You won't have to worry about tripping. For all of you brides worried about tripping down the aisle, buying bridal shoes flats will prevent this since you won't have to worry about a heel. This will save you from plenty of nightmares of walking down the aisle and falling flat on your face on your big day.

8. You won't make much noise. Ballet shoes don't have the same heel as regular flats. So, when you are walking down a hardwood surface whether it is in the church that you are getting married in or in the hotel down the stairs to meet your groom, you will be able to glide down effortlessly and without the clatter of regular heels. For those women who don't like the clap of heels on the ground, these may be the shoes for you.

9. There are many different styles with different rhinestones, bows and designs to choose from. The variety of these shoes is so great.

Wedding Ballet Shoes-1 10. Finally, they are relatively inexpensive. Some shoes are as cheap as $20 while others may be more. If you don't want to spend too much on flat bridal shoes, go ahead and try these on.

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For the typically styled Chinese wedding invitation, you will find that they are usually a red card that is folded with a few particles of gold sprayed on for good measure. As many designs you will find available, you will always see the symbols for the powers of the male and the female. Other designs you might see on a Chinese wedding invitation is the character called double happiness. This is depicted by Xi, or the Chinese character for love. You may find a dragon or phoenix to symbolize the balance of power between male and female.

Chinese Wedding Invitations-3Inside the wedding invitation you may find verses that are considered sacred or a poem which are printed in the style of calligraphy to give a festive air to the invitations. In Chinese culture, the invitation is a vital part of creating the mood of the day.

Chinese Wedding Invitations-2When looking to purchase Chinese wedding invitations you will find a vast selection of both formal and informal invitations that can be handcrafted and for the utmost in elegance, those Chinese wedding invitations that have raised lettering. You can have your invitations designed to complement the theme of your wedding. You might choose from custom-designed wedding invitations or choose a simpler look and find something that is ready made from a wide selection of sources.

Chinese Wedding Invitations-1Where Should You Look for Chinese Wedding Invitations?
There are many venues that you can shop and compare quality and prices when you are looking to purchase Chinese wedding invitations. Depending upon the specifics and the style you are looking for, you might browse the internet where you will be presented with a host of possibilities whether readymade, handmade or designed especially for you. You will be able to comparison shop easily when you do your browsing on the internet.

You will find many selections of Chinese wedding invitations in bridal boutiques and card shops. If you live in an area where there is a market for Chinese goods, be sure you visit there to get a feel for what you are seeking. Even if you don't purchase your invitations from this type of venue, you can get plenty of ideas and inspirations to complement the Asian theme you have chosen.

A Bi-Lingual Wedding Invitation

You can decide whether you want the invitation printed in English or Chinese or even both languages. This is a great option for those who are of Chinese descent and expect to invite many guests who speak the native tongue of China. There is usually no extra charge for this service and you can even have them address the flap or the envelope itself and have it sealed with wax for a really authentic look and feel.

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Are you a petite woman looking for wedding shoes? If so, I have some great advice for you. I've looked through all of the different bridal shoes and found some fantastic options for you.

Wedding Shoe Options For Petite Women-3Wedding Wedge Heels: First, consider buying a pair of wedge heels. The wedges will be easy to walk in and pretty comfortable. Plus, if you are having an outdoor wedding, your feet will not sink into the ground. Finally, with the wedge, you will be able to alter your dress to the floor and you can still glide around in them. Walking in wedge heels is much easier since you can glide like you do with ice skates or roller blades, something you can't do with regular heels.

Wedding Shoe Options For Petite Women-2Regular heels: Another option is to consider regular heels, but try buying them a bit higher if you want to look taller. 3 to 4 inch heels would be great since it would give you the added height. Plus, if you are used to heels, then it will be no problem to slip on these heels for you. Finally, look in your closet. You may already have a pair of silver or gold shoes that can serve as your bridal shoes. The best thing about that? You will have already broken them in.

Platform wedding shoes: Another option is to look for platform wedding shoes. These are great since they will give you the added height, but also the added comfort. There are many more elegant platform bridal shoes in the market today in countless colors. More and more brides are finding these to be an excellent choice since they have figured out that standing all day in heels can be really uncomfortable. Having that extra padding in front makes the heels shorter and gives you extra comfort.

Wedding Shoe Options For Petite Women-1 Kitten heels: Another option is lower kitten heels. Although they won't be as high, they will definitely be comfortable. Plus, if you are petite, you will still have a little height, but also look really cute in small lower heels. The kitten heel has the advantage of coming in more styles since it is easier to wear lower heels.

If all of these shoes don't work, then look for something fun that you like. As a petite woman, you have many options because most likely, your husband is taller than you. Wearing heels will not make him look short. Not wearing heels will also not be so bad since you will just look small and cute. The only obstacle you may run into is if your feet are smaller than a 6. If that is the case, some manufacturers may not make shoes in your size since many shoe designers stop at a 6. But, if you are patient and look around, you will be able to find something.

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Every couple will try their best to find a unique wedding invitation. This is also the case in Hong Kong. However, couples in Hong Kong often face a dilemma that on one hand they would like to choose some western or modern wedding invitation but on the other hand their parents would like them to have a more traditional design, which is red and gold in color. This may sometimes result in disagreements between the couples and the parents.

Choosing a Wedding Invitation- The Phenomenon in Hong Kong-3

Most couples in Hong Kong have a perception that a traditional wedding invitation is something old fashion, choosing such wedding invitations will ruin their perfect wedding. There is no doubt that most "traditional" wedding invitations provided by the printing company (a printing company, not a design firm) looks very old fashion. They are usually red in color with gold color hot stamping contents. They are considered old fashion mainly because all these invitations look very similar.

The only alternative for these "traditional" wedding invitations are what they call "western" style design. There designs are normally white in color, which is totally perfect in the western world. In Chinese culture, however, white color has a meaning of death. People wear white color clothes when their relatives pass away. Without any surprise, the parents will not like this "western designs" and they will ask the couples to go for a traditional red color design.

Choosing a Wedding Invitation- The Phenomenon in Hong Kong-2One may think that these different perceptions between the couple and the parents should not be a problem if they communicate well. Theoretically this proposition should be correct. However, this is usually not the case in reality. The choice of wedding invitation can result in disagreement between the couple and the parents.

A real case is that there was a couple who loved the white color "western" style wedding invitation design. They ordered and had the invitations done without even informing their parents. After everything was finished, their parents were furious when they saw the white color wedding invitation.

The couple was really in a dilemma since they had never thought that their parents would not like the white color wedding invitation. They tried their best to persuade their parents but eventually they surrendered and made the wedding invitation once again.

Choosing a Wedding Invitation- The Phenomenon in Hong Kong-1 In fact many couples admit that they are not really fond of the white color "western" style wedding invitation very much. The reason behind the decision of choosing the white color invitation is that they do not like the traditional red color design. It is probably because these wedding cards look very similar and it seems that there is no choice for a couple even if they would like to go for a red color design.

This is mainly because these red color cards are not properly designed and they are only provided by printing companies, which are not obsessed to produce high quality wedding invitation designs. Professional designers should be able to help to produce more refined red color wedding invitations.

For example, a wedding invitation can be designed such that it is basically red in color, which is treated as a folder containing all the cards, and the cards (invitation card, RSVP etc.) are gold in color. This idea of folder is very common in UK or US. They can be easily seen from wedding invitation providers' websites. However, they are very rare in Hong Kong. With this "East meets West" treatment, a couple can get a unique and beautiful wedding invitation and it can at the same time fulfill the requirement of red color by the parents.

From this example we understand that the wedding invitation providers should start change the way of doing business. In the past a printing company was just focusing on printing something that other companies printed. With the higher expectation of the couples, these companies should work with professional designers to create more unique wedding invitations.

These wedding invitations should be on one hand creative and unique and on the other hand in line with Chinese culture and traditions. In fact some wedding invitation providers in Hong Kong have already started to explore this possibility. With these designs, the requirements of both the couple and the parents will be fulfilled. The wedding invitation designs from Hong Kong may also become a choice of couples in other places around the world, since these designs combine the cultures and traditions from both East and West.

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Weddings are so much fun! Not only do many couples feel like they never want the celebration to end, some also want to get the festivities started as soon as possible. In addition to the post-wedding brunch, one of the ways to make even more of your wedding weekend is to kick things off with a cocktail hour before the ceremony.

Wedding Trend - Pre-Wedding Cocktail Hour-2There are a variety of reasons why the concept of a pre-wedding cocktail hour has taken off. The main one is that it is just plain fun. Your guests will love the chance to mix and mingle while sipping a cool beverage before the formal service begins. It can be a great way for people from the bride's side and the groom's side to get to know one another a bit before the reception later on. In addition, it is just a very hospitable way to welcome your guests to your wedding.

There can be some practical advantages to having a little cocktail hour before your wedding, as well. These days, many couples are choosing to have their formal wedding portraits taken before the ceremony, and the cocktail hour would give you the perfect opportunity to do so while your guests are otherwise engaged. The nice thing is that everyone will look their freshest, with the bride in her un-wrinkled wedding gown and fabulous bridal jewelry, and the bridesmaids still feeling fresh in their crisp dresses and pretty bridal jewelry. This can be particularly smart if the bride and her attendants are wearing fabrics that crease easily.

Wedding Trend - Pre-Wedding Cocktail Hour-1 If you are one of those people who is always running fifteen minutes late, this can be another benefit to a pre-wedding cocktail hour! At least your guests will not mind being kept waiting as much. Guests who are chatting and enjoying a drink or a glass of Champagne are going to be a lot less antsy than those sitting impatiently in their seats wondering if the bride has made a break for it.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you do decide to have cocktails served before your wedding ceremony. The first is that the bride should definitely plan to save her grand entrance for the ceremony. You will have plenty of time to mix and mingle with your guests after the service, especially if you take care of most of the photos beforehand.

Another thing to remember is that you do not have to make your pre-wedding cocktail hour very elaborate. You can choose just a few drinks to serve, and save the full bar for the start of the reception. A nice idea would be to choose a signature drink, perhaps in one of your wedding colors. You can round things out with glasses of Champagne, and a non-alcoholic "mocktail" for those who are hoping to remember the wedding ceremony.

The pre-wedding cocktail hour is a trend that is only going to get more popular. This is especially true for brides and grooms who have their ceremony and reception all in one location, as it is very easy to set up. How wonderful to begin your wedding festivities in such a hospitable fashion!

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For a variety of reasons, sometimes a couple decides to have a very small private wedding ceremony with a justice of the peace, rather than a full scale wedding bash. Whatever the reason, it is not uncommon for the happy married couple to decide several years later that they would like to have a full traditional wedding with all the trimmings, the one that they did not have the first time around. This is a look at the etiquette and practical considerations about planning a big wedding following a private ceremony.

The Big Wedding Following the Private Ceremony-1There can be any number of reasons why a bride and groom might decide to forgo a big wedding and have their marriage formalized by a justice of the peace in private, however there are a few very common scenarios. Sometimes it was a lack of money at the time of the marriage, and as the couple becomes more financially secure, they decide that they really want the fancy wedding that they missed out on having. Other times, the wedding was rushed, due to a military deployment or a pregnancy. Another reason why a couple who would have liked a large wedding may have decided to have a private ceremony is if their marriage took place shortly after a death in their immediate family. It is surely in poor taste to throw a lavish celebration while the family is in mourning, so a small wedding would certainly have been the tasteful thing to do; once enough time has passed however, a big wedding would be perfectly appropriate.

The Big Wedding Following the Private Ceremony-3Here is the thing: if you are already married, you are already married. When having a formal wedding following an earlier marriage ceremony, it is technically a renewal of vows. Much of what you do can be the same as any first time wedding, but a few changes are in order. Can the bride wear a long white gown? Absolutely. Is a long veil and a train appropriate? Not to be a downer, but no. A floor length bridal gown with a stunning piece of hair jewelry instead of a veil is the way to go. You can still have bridesmaids, all dressed up in pretty dresses and bridesmaid jewelry precede you down the aisle, and by all means, have a flower girl if you wish.

The Big Wedding Following the Private Ceremony-2 As for the actual wedding ceremony, it can be anywhere you wish, from a church to a private club to your own home. Many couples will choose to have the large wedding on the same date as their original wedding anniversary, although is is not mandatory. The reception can certainly be as lavish as for any first time wedding. Just skip the garter toss, please!

Gifts are a large part of weddings, but most couples who are already married prefer to make it clear to their guests that no gifts are required. Never write anything about gifts on a wedding or vow renewal invitation, not even if it is a no-gifts request. Ask your close family and friends to spread the word instead, which is very effective. Should someone choose to give you a present anyway, just graciously accept it and consider yourselves lucky to know such generous people. By the way, a bridal shower is not appropriate for a woman who is already married. You could, however, have a special night out with your bridesmaids; it would also be the perfect time to give them their bridesmaid jewelry gifts.

Perhaps the most fun part about planning a big wedding after a private ceremony is that you finally get to have exactly what you want. By the time a couple gets around to it, the bride is usually mature enough that she is comfortable taking the reigns, rather than deferring to her mother on the wedding details. After years of dreaming, it is truly a delight to see your wedding vision come to life!

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Saunter down the aisle in a wedding dress that not only looks fabulous on you, but also is from the height of fashion. With a couture wedding dress, you can be sure of getting a style that is truly unique for your special day. Flounced necklines, breathtaking draping, interesting appliques, and other design details help each gown reach the height of its potential. Look through these favorite styles and see which one catches your eye.

Wedding Dresses - The Couture Difference-4

That aisle will seem more like a runway in the Elke Style Gown. The dramatic flounced halter neckline adds depth and eye-catching texture that will turn heads as you approach the altar or spin across the dance floor. The trumpet cut will hug your curves while the flowing train and organza material provide superior style and quality. Show your love for your fiancé and your love of fashion at the same time with this unique and trendy dress.

Wedding Dresses - The Couture Difference-3

You'll be a vision in ivory or white in the exquisitely tailored Billie Style Gown. Complete with a slimming sash and full A-line skirt, this strapless tea-length dress displays an incredible amount of ruched and ruffled taffeta appliqués. The asymmetrical bodice creates a modern effect while the silk taffeta will gracefully flow as you walk to provide the regal look of a goddess. Arrive dressed to the nines for your ceremony in this striking dress.

Wedding Dresses - The Couture Difference-2

Try out a new approach to wedding fashion with the ivory and silvery horizontal stripes featured in the Striped Silk Organza Strapless Gown. A silk satin ribbon adorns the waist for a finishing touch while the sweetheart neckline and silk satin trim bring a princess look to this strikingly modern dress. Say "I do" in a gown that no one will expect-especially your husband to be.

Wedding Dresses - The Couture Difference-1 Take your groom's breath away in this graceful, elegant yet modern style. The Bo Style Gown has beautiful lace accented by illusion net straps for rich texture and a stunning contrast. The sweetheart neckline emphasizes the bust's natural curve while the intricate floral embroidery creates a fine, delicate appearance. Perfect for a number of different body shapes, this dress will transform a special evening into an enchanting one.

Drop-dead gorgeous doesn't even begin to describe this elaborate wedding gown. The sweetheart neckline and silk satin belt feature extensive beaded detail that draws the eye to the bust and waist. The large skirt appliqué ties in with the beaded detail to present a unified appearance for a magnificent ensemble your friends will have to see to believe. The long, trailing step down train adds a touch of luxury and hidden pockets are an added bonus to this incredible gown.

Look like a Grecian Isle goddess in this slim and dazzling dress. The fabric sash adds an element of softness and elegance at the natural waist as the silk chiffon will provide light, airy movement as you walk. The one-shouldered style has a floral layout along the strap and hemline for a three-dimensional appeal that creates a sensational style you won't want to be without. Designer style combines with premium quality in the Mallorca Style Wedding Gown-a devastatingly beautiful gown you'll be able to pass down from generation to generation.

Set a trend in wedding fashion with the unique and inventive Silvana Style Wedding Gown. The heavy flounce silk chiffon detail on the hemline matches the flounce detail along the neckline for eye-catching texture that will provide graceful movement as you walk down the aisle. With its flare shape and silk organza material, this wedding dress will get noticed by even the most seasoned fashion designers. Make a statement that no one will ever forget with this one of a kind wedding gown.

You'll feel like you're in a movie star's wedding with the beautifully draped and finely crafted Silk Charmeuse Strapless Gown. To create a shockingly exquisite focal point, bias-draped pleats radiate from the silk rosebuds on the front of the gown, accentuating the waist and bustline. The back is nicely draped as well, ending in a modest train to complete this chic and fashion-forward design. Give yourself the royal treatment on the big day and wear a spectacular dress that you'll wish you could put on every day.

Look and feel incredible as you say your vows in the couture dress that complements you. Shape, cut, length, details-there are many factors to consider when dress shopping, but once you find "the one", you'll recognize it as your best choice. Make your grand entrance a moment frozen in time-the perfect start in the perfect dress.

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Hello friends!
Be sure to check out our our new Cape Townian friends at The Pretty Blog! Awesome wedding love, inspiration and of course beautiful photography! x


While trying to catch up w/various scrappy assignments, I found these cards made for Fancy Pants Designs for July that I’ve forgotten to share saved for a rainy day (mmwell it’s not raining here. Yet :p):


First off – a birthdaycard for a little cute dude whom Amalie hangs around with in kindergarten. The Kraft paper is from an older boy-line from FP, the tag from the Rusted Sun notebook-journal. Letters from the Kraft line also.henning2

The chipboards are from an even older line of chipboard-embellishments, from last year I believe, or maybe even two years ago. Totally cute and I’ve been saving them for so long – but what’s the point hoarding when it’s been a year or more?? Sigh. My pretties.

I painted a thick layer of crackle paint (dino & leaf) & reg paint  (the star), sprayed glimmer mist (gold & olive green)  & layered glossy accent upon them when dry. Lovelovelove the shimmery, awesome look when combining chipboard, crackle paint, glimmermist & glossy accent! I’d do it way often if I had 1. more chipboard 2. more patience (it’s usually an overnight and a little more-process).tyra1

The second card was another birthdaycard for a girlfriend of Amalie. They pretty much always hang together when in kindergarten. tyra1a

It’s a tri-fold-card made using mostly Dancing Girl-stuff. And the aforementioned chipboards, this time w/regular paint and glossy accent only. tyra2Needed the inside to be fairly cute aswell ;p

ania197For yesterdays Pencil-Lines #197 we were sponsored by Nikki Sivils. Our guest was Rae Barthel, who made an awesome card outta Anna’s sketch. I made a card with the My Sweet Cherry Pie-line. Check out the other girls creations with Nikki Sivils! :) 


Figured I’d round up w/some photos from yesterdays trip to the theatre. We watched Shrek 3…in 3d (ofcourse – the glasses gives it out, doesn’t? :p). These pictures were taken before the movie actually started, while there were still some (dim) light in the room. This was ISO3200 by the way and I used my 50mm.

I’m testing a new “logo” on the pictures. Dunno if I’ll keep it – but it looks cute doesn’t? The label is from Kitchy Digitals – purchased via 2peas.DSC_1604a

Amalie is very vary of loud noises. And the theatre is way too loud for her – and we didn’t remember that fact until it was too late. Ugh. She spent the next two hours in this position – her fingers in her ears (and dropped using the glasses as it proved too difficult with two fingers in the ears). Note to self: remember earplugs next time! :( When we were done she was happy about the movie though.DSC_1606a This dude however, was as happy as can be.


Have a lovely week :)


Title: “Rockferry” - Duffy