I've had a few family, friends and clients send me emails about our recent trip to Mexico. We returned on April 16 and were only in the country for a few days.

I am completely healthy and taking every measure possible to stay healthy. Thank you for your concerns!


Think I'm done - for now anyways.

Things to note/todo:

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  • Anything else I've forgotten? I'd really appreciate feedback here folks ;p
  • Any questions welcome too :)
And for those wondering: This is a free template called Zinmag Primus 2.0 by FalconHive.com- you can find the template here :) It's a bit of work customizing - but way easier than Zinmag Primus 1.0 which I first downloaded and started tweaking until I found out they released a newer, easier version ;p

NB! If you are uploading the blog-images to photobucket, make sure you upload them in the largest resolution possible (1024x786px 17" screen) to prevent garbling/problems w/images.

And I just can't post w/o photos so....

Just a random everyday photo. Rly.

I first met with Sarah about 6 weeks before her wedding reception. Sarah and Chad were planning their formal reception for April 18th... I usually book weddings up to 18months in advance and to book a wedding only a few weeks out is definitely unique!

Sarah and Chad were married last summer. They quickly moved up their wedding day so that Sarah's grandfather could witness the marriage ceremony. My heart was touched when Sarah told me she had to make a decision to get married in two days to be able to share the special moment with her ailing grandfather. The couple quickly planned their in-home wedding, got food and drink from the local store and invited their closest family. They had a wonderful heartfelt ceremony at her grandfather's beside.

Fast forward to April 18, 2009... Sarah dressed in her wedding gown and Chad in his camouflage vest and tux. They were ready to celebrate with their family and friends at La Sure's Hall in Oshkosh.

The following images are some of my favorites from the day!

Congratulations Sarah and Chad!

Bored of this blogtemplate.
Gonna swap format soon.
Expect some wonkiness & lost links and whatnots for a few days.

Thanks! :)

I am proud to announce that Wisconsin Bride Magazine has chosen my work to be featured on both the cover and inside header pages of it's newest publication, the Wisconsin Bride Resource Guide.

I am consistently submitting my work to publications. Wisconsin bride called me last August to inform me that 6 of my images have been chosen - with two being on the cover. I am so happy that my images were selected.

Some of my couples featured include:
Becky and Jason, Wedding - Kaukauna, WI
Leslie and Josh, Wedding - Appleton, WI
Theresa and Andy, Wedding - Menasha, WI
Rachel and Ali, Wedding - San Francisco, CA
Michelle and Dan, Wedding - Eagle, WI

Cake and ring photos are by Ardent Photography. Other cover photographers include Michael Krakora Photography, Expressive Photography and Artists' Eyes Photography.

Inside pages featuring my wedding photography can be found for the following headers:
A Budget You Can Live With - page 6
The Rings - page 26
Music - page 34
Photography and Videography - page 36

The guide is like nothing else out there. It features not only images from local wedding photographers but real content you want to read. It is also a handy wedding planning tool that can help you figure out your wedding day timeline and keep track of vendor information.

To request your free copy of the guide just visit any Southeastern Wisconsin wedding show or fill out this form at WI Bride's website.

Dropping by quickly to, eh, drop off my two latest stuff for Hambly & Fancy Pants/Pencil-Lines :)

Our April-assignment was to use the journaling-bits - something I did both in the layout here for Skissedilla plus this minicanvas (measuring something like 7x7x3cm)...I have to say I *adore* making minicanvases.....yet I don't do that too often - such a shame! :( Here I played w/glimmer mist, Hambly rubons & Hambly transparency along w/lyrics taken from Maria Menas beautiful song "Just Hold Me" Go here to see what the others in the design-team did for this assignment :)

And this is Pencil-Lines sketch #132, sketched by Michelle and guested by Danielle Flanders :)
Love the Fancy Pantsiness here - some old papers and rubons mixed w/the new transparencies & kraft kuts (LOVES!!)

Alright. Just sent in my suggestion for the winner of my sketch at Skissedilla - so stay tuned to check out who won my RAK... guess that's all for now, take care :)

BTW! Don't forget to check out this Fancy Pants challenge due May 1st!! :)

Title: "Cornflake Girl" -Tori Amos

*** note ***
we are healthy and not affected in any way by the swine flu. We returned to the US on April 16th far ahead of the outbreaks.

In the last 12 months I've traveled quite a bit. I've even been to a few sunny locations like Hawaii and Key West. Even though it might seem like I've been on lot's of "vacations"... none of them can measure up to 5 days of nothing-ness all while enjoying it with your husband.

We stayed at the Riu Palace all-inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The weather was between 80-84 degrees and the only cloud we saw in the sky was on our last day. It took a good day for us to both unwind and actually believe that we were BOTH on this vacation with no responsibilities. No child to potty-train, no dog to feed, no dishes to do, no emails to write... by the second day I told Andy that I had nothing on my mind. No images in my head and no thoughts coming to mind; this has not happened for me in at least 3 years.

Besides laying in the sun we both read 500(ish) page books. I read Twilight and Andy read a thriller. If you know me, I do not read books very often. I'm more of a magazine or blog reader. So for me to finish a book in that short of time is pretty cool. (I could do an entire Twilight review post...)

We also tried out boogie boarding. My friend Marina Miller from Honolulu would be proud that I caught the very first wave with my "rad moves". We only had a little bit of time in the ocean but it was sooooo much fun!

The Riu Palace was excellent. The food was great, the service was amazing, the rooms were modern and soooo comfy, the room service was so much fun and free... I could go on and on.

The only downfall of our entire trip was on the flight from Chicago to Puerto Vallarta... the airline maintenance crew missed flipping a switch that flowed the water to the plane's restrooms. About one hour into our flight the captain came on "we are headed back to Chicago". We had to land, wait almost 2 hours and get on another plane... United Airlines made good on the blunder by offering us $150 towards our next ticket purchase and a free cocktail.

Here are some snapshots from our trip... taken with an 7 year old digital point and shoot camera.

My next "vacation" is only a few weeks away... I will be shooting a destination wedding in Punta Cana for an amazing Kaukauna couple. I am taking Miranda of Reminisce Photography and Design as my second shooter.

If you are looking to book an awesome vacation check out Funjet Vacations online

I'm going to start a little series on random facts and tidbits of information I find. Every Friday you will see some sort of useful, fun or ridiculous fact. The information posted could be about myself or Ardent Photography, it could be about wedding photography in general or it could be something just totally random.

Today's topic combines a couple of facts... a little bit about me and some real info!

I have a favorite PMS color
Huh? Actually, it isn't the PMS you may be thinking of. It stands for Pantone Matching System, and it's a color standard of the graphic design and printing industries. My favorite color is the metallic silver color - #877

Spring 2009 colors get introduced the previous fall during New York Fashion Week
The top ten colors that designers are incorporating into their Spring are interpreted into PMS colors by Pantone. Some colors I am all over this year include: Fuschia Red, Palace Blue and Super Lemon. PMS colors 18-2328, 18-4043, and 14-0754 respectively.

You can view the more information on how the designers have used the forecasted colors in their spring lines here.

Finding inspiration from the fashion world is a great place to start for wedding color ideas. Don't be afraid of color. Color brings a unique flair to your wedding photos. You can take a monochromatic approach or have a main color with a few supporting colors. What ever your tastes... incorporating color with bridesmaids dresses, flowers, linens, shoes or accessories really pull your wedding together and helps accentuate the overall feel to your day and make your wedding pictures come alive.

What is the inspiration behind your wedding colors?

"Summer Soiree" by Fancy Pants Designs makes me so happy!!
It's so summery and so ..bright and happy! :D Happiness is good. I need that now. Happiness and good thoughts.

I felt this paper kind of spoke for itself - w/the fun pattern across the paper...didn't really want to cover it that much...yet I feel like I have to do something with such papers, to make them mine..so decided to sew edges & cut out figures to duplicate them w/popup stuff. I love popup-stuff!

Materials used: Papers, journaltag (ADORE these!), transparency (the frame around the photo - that's the transparency - LOVE it!) & buttons from "Summer Soiree" - felt from older FP-stuff :)

Have a nice weekend!

Title: "Spiderwebs" - No doubt

My little baby turned four.
Decorated her pressies w/yummy 3ndypapir-papers :)

Not sure if she's entirely awake on this photo..her eyes are wide open at least..sorta..:p
Love this photo nevertheless. My baby!
(and yes I guess she needs a haircut soon. At least her bangs)
Yeap. She's four alright.

Here she is w/both her grandmothers. And her brand spankin' new babycarriage courtesy of the grandma to the right.

Had a small, quiet celebration. Too much going on/happening right now to celebrate it properly sorta. And hey, she's happy = we're happy :)

Right. Off to bed. Gotta get up early tomorrow *blergh*

Rehearsal dinner Luau on the beach great way to start off a wonderful wedding weekend.

It was a pleasure working with you on all the planning and details for our wedding. We are still getting countless "WOWS" from everyone! Thank you so much for all of your help, and for everything that Bonnie and the rest of your staff and vendors did for us, everyone was wonderful to work with! The whole wedding weekend was amazing!! It was a fantasy wedding come true, or as one guest put it " The Little Mermaids Fantsay Wedding" Ha! We can't thank you enough, it was above and beyond the wedding of our DREAMS!
Kim & Paul

What better way than toes in the sand...

Dazzeling reception

Club style after party lounge


For some reason I've been into creating cards lately..not that much but way more than normal for sure. And not because I like it, but because...it fascinates me in a way. I find it utterly intriguing in fact, simply because I don't feel that I am mastering this "art" and it annoys the heck outta me. Which means I'm putting myself through the suffering of trying and failing, all because I want to figure out the "secret" behind a gorgeous card...I don't know...even creating socalled "average" layouts, layouts that I'm not personally satisfied with does not annoy me this much. I know it sounds silly - like - "duh...it's just paper...and it's just cards for gods sake - it's not exactly rocketsurgery*". I know. I know. Still.


Anyways. Here's some of the better cards I created w/Fancy Pants leftovers. Maybe that's why... because I usually don't feel like cutting into whole 12x12 sheets of papers that I find it hard to combine stuff for a card?? Because I'm limited to whatever pieces of scrap I have at the time? Hm. Still. I should be able to make it work for me, no?

Oh gee..look at her mono-debating cardmaking like it's such a serious, serious thing.

Sorry. Hope I'm not insulting cardmakers out there now. I do finding "discussing" the aspects of a layout within myself a bit silly too. Blush.


Today's Earth Day - did you know that? :) :)
I've joined this movement/project on twitter: Earth Mosaic.... sounds cool, I'll see if I actually remember to do the assignment today - we're kinda preparing for Amalies birthday tomorrow :)

Speaking of Earth Day - Luxe Designs are coming out with a NEW collection today called Ecology - it's beautiful :) :) It'll also be the last collection I'll be working with for Luxe Designs, as the current DT-term is coming to an end... sad, but I'm happy we'll go out with such a beautiful collection :) :)

And boy, Earth Day sure is popular - Hambly Screenprints are doing a giveaway w/their nature-themed products, aswell as having specials on certain products :)

Happy Earth Day folks! :)

Oh, and things to remember:

Title: * rocketsurgery - a coined term within gaming at least - I'm not sure it's common outside of gaming too so I'd just like to say that it's really a word. Sortof. You know. When you think of two things meaning the same and they just merge in the heat of the battle and it sounds funny ;p


Making wedding SDE's are easy when you compare it to making debut same-day-edit MTVs. Everything happens on a faster pace. This event was a major production thanks to Brainbeam Events. Deanne's theme - The Academy Awards Night complete with all the Oscar trophies for awardies (their substitute to the 18 roses/candles/gifts), a stage and set design fit for a night to remember, and an onsite video to seal in the glamour.


I'm Skissedilla's very first guest - a new Norwegian challengeblog based on sketches!! :D
I was so thrilled to be asked - I even made my own sketch for them - yay me! :D Here's my interpretation of the sketch - and head on over to check out their takes aswell :)

Materials include: Hambly Screenprints - papers, rubons, kraft-stickers & transparencies :) Oh, and MM tiny alphas :)

And if you want a chance on this little RAK of mine - including stamps from Luxe Designs, Studio Calico, a bottle of Bronze Glimmer Mist, flowers from Scrappers Choice and Prima, a little bling from Prima & a chipboardalpha from Scrappers Choice - then you have until sunday April 26th to do the sketch yourselves - just don't forget to directlink it to this post :)

Yesterday was also a Pencil-Lines-day, w/sketch #131 made by Anna Bowkis and tags sponsored by Shabby Chic Crafts, who also guested us this week :)

I decided to create a card for my Amalie who'll turn four years old on thursday...using a printable alpha-tag from Shabby Chic Crafts and pretty much just Prima for the rest :) I just LOVE "Mommy & me"!!!!!! :D SO so so cute :D

Oh, and this is me and Eli. And Sonja behind the camera.
Last week we went out for a photowalk to Herdla. Beaches equals skippin' & jumpin'. Everybody knows that. And look @how high I'm jumpin' ;p (okok, might have something to do with the fact that Eli was on the way down while I was on the way up, but...details, eh?)

Oh, and there's me. Again. Yeah. I like to jump. & spread my arms. & spill sand all over.
I think Eli was behind the camera this time.

So does the kiddo. Only. He makes way more awesome postures & faces.
This is from our trip to the summerplace this weekend.

See? Awesome jumpin'. He's got that from me 'natch.

Have a wonderful week y'all :)

Title: "Samson" - Regina Spektor