We were initially set to do the prenup at The Greenery at Baliwag, Bulacan but the couples' tight scheds only allowed us to come up with a concept and prenup shoot the day before their wedding.

Jen and Mike's SDE is a video that doesn't pretend. It's retro classic, it's wacky and the best of all, it's homegrown. From Luneta, the Manila Ocean Park to the Baywalk with a matching OPM song, this video goes out also to all our OFWs out there working and missing their loved ones left here at home.



Scrappy stuff first, rite?
Spent a few days at Gry's summerplace with Gry and Eli - ♥
Was amazingly unusually effective, whippin' up three finished (!) layouts & a project. Yay me!
The above is one of the layouts I made - figured I'd join ScrappeHusets 3ndypapir-freestyle-challenge. Never really understood wheter you had to use 3ndypapir or not, but it doesn't matter- I love 3ndypapir and jumped headfirst at the chance of using it again :) :) It looks freestyleish doesn't?? I mean. I even sewed all over the layout, creating curly, whimsical stems for the star-flowers :p ♥ Eli and Vibeche on the photos - hey Vibeche, see - Gry and Eli made sure I did scrap at least some of these photos!! :)

Oh, and I am totally in love with Gry's alcove - it's got the most gorgeous natural lighting I've ever seen and I want that room attached to my house liek, now!! (for photographing kids&layouts in ofc :p and look at the cute blanket that backdrops the layout - so - summerplace-y!!)

We brought Gry's cat along - and I have to say I'm intrigued re cat-photographing sorta. Loves!
(and ya, I got Gry's permission displaying her cat on the blog ;p)

Gry & Eli..
Um ya. Gry and Eli teased me for lying on the ground takin photos of the grass, so I sorta bent backwards and snapped a photo of them upside down as they were behind me. Ha-ha. I know. *rolls eyes* Will make a cute layout!!
Look! There's the cat again!
Made tzatziki. Mmmmm :)

O. There's the cat again! ♥
(and - can you imagine - ISO800. Looovessssssss ♥♥♥ Taken at like, 11pm :p)

Then I had to hurry home early this morning, to pickup this girl:

My lovely, gorgeous niece ♥♥
(and my dad - but he's off to some meetings, won't see him again until tomorrow)

We went to pickup Amalie from the kindergarten, and to take some photos. Look at how cooperative they are *cough*

Then I told them they wasn't allowed to laugh.at.all.

No laughing!


Off to pickup my sis at the airport now - she's arriving late because she had an exam to take (am so proud of her and her achievments :) :) ).

Have a nice weekend!! :)

Title: " Happy Phantom" -Tori Amos

Fact: I shoot outside when the weather is wet.
Now, if there is a tornado warning or a monsoon downpour I will find another location that is both safe and beautiful...

Andy and I got married 8 years ago this very weekend - the weekend after Memorial Day. And it rained. Outdoor photos were extremely important to me and I had to beg, beg, beg my photographer to go to a park. Back then, my photographer was shooting with a medium format film camera that wasn't weather proof, and of course he didn't bring any rain gear. Not even an umbrella.

I sure am glad that I forced him to shoot outside during our rainy day. Those are the photos I love the most... especially the ones of Andy and I kissing under the umbrella.

This is why I am sooooo determined to shoot in any weather. It is as important to me that you have outdoor wedding photos as much as it was to me on my wedding day 8 years ago. In order to shoot in the rain I bring 8 black golf size umbrellas for you and your wedding party. I bring rain gear for myself and my cameras. If I know it is going to rain really hard I will scout the area for overhangs so you will stay dry while I shoot out into the openness.

Last weekend I shot an outdoor ceremony at the Paine Art Center in Oshkosh. Of course, minutes before the processional started heavy drizzle. The show went on. Luckily, guests brought umbrellas and the Michelle at the Paine distributed even more. The ceremony was beautiful despite the rain... and I was able to capture some great moments.

The great thing about a light drizzle is that there is no blinding sun and no harsh light that can create ugly shadows. Actually, I'd rather shoot on a dreary day over any other day! The colors from last weekend's wedding are so bright and vivid - an amazing contrast to the wet surroundings.

Full blog post coming soon on Jessica and Jerrod's May 23, 2009 wedding at the Paine Art Center and Gardens - Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Are you worried about rain on your wedding day? Tell me about your wedding day weather worries or true life stories!

Meet Nellie. My mom and dad's newest little puppy. She is a King Cavalier Spaniel. As Tyra Banks would say... she has a bit of "ugly" to offset her "cute".

They named her Patronella after my great-grandmother. So Nellie for short. Such a perfect name.

The chair is a Northwoods roadside find... as Andy and I were driving up north, about 10min away from the cottage I spotted this Ardent blue chair. The sign said free. It is just perfect!!! Expect to see some upcoming sessions with this chair.


We experienced a couple of growing pains with our last few SDEs. People should really learn not to trust or rely on technology for important things, especially for something like a beautiful Glass Garden wedding.

Erick (MD), however, has technology to thank for with regards to starting and developing his interest with Marlene (also, MD). When we interviewed them separately on how their love story started, it was unanimous that texting or SMS was a key to get close to each other amidst their toxic schedules as interns and practitioners.

Special thanks to ate Mayette (also, MD), THE wedding coordinator of the decade :) for making everything possible for us and for the Doctors Marlene and Erick!



Last year at approx this time I sent in a box with layouts (well, strictly speaking - one layout and several photocopies of layouts) to Memory Makers for consideration for their MMM (MM Masters) 09-contest.

I ended up with a runner-up-spot - yay! (there were 10 winners and 10 runner-ups - I think someone mentioned there were 500+ contestants)
I haven't shared these layouts before, as becoming a runner-up made these images&layouts the property of MMM for a year - but well - it's been a year (and no requests, sniff) and with the magazine folding this fall (double-sniff) - I figured it doesn't hurt sharing the layouts now?

To whoever it may concern - here's the layouts that helped me get that runner-up-spot :)

Making this layout was a bit nervewrecking, as this was the only assigned layout we had to make for the contest - the theme was "wish". Surprisingly it came together quite easily, yay!

I could have done layouts w/sappy wish-stuff for my kids, which would have been the most natural choice I guess - but I figured I'd focus some on me and my wishes instead to hopefully stand out some.

At that time I was soooo coveting the D300 and I knew I would own it some day. Mhm. I was wrong. I now own D700 ;) And ♥ to Christine/Xstine modelling for me here haha (she owns a D300 :p).

Most of the materials are from Prima and Hambly.

My only lettersize. I think it was the last layout I made for this contest too, as I felt I needed something more simple (and having discarded two bleh-layouts I felt a bit GRRR I gotta finish this!). The kiddo endured a quick photo session w/me the last day of school - and his first summer-vacation :) Used Rouge de Garance, Sassafras, RiffRaffDesigns and corrugated cardboard.

Because I don't really feel like I have one specific style I wanted to include a freestyleish-layout. Amalie was busy trying to count at that time - hence this layout - her counting wasn't too steady (still isnt!) - figured a freestyleish-layout would reflect some of that. Used various manufs here- most fond of the heart that I covered w/ribbons here. I was reeeeally hesitant as to wheter (sic!) include this one or not - in the end I was just like bah whatev!

One of the layouts I felt was more "me" of the bunch I sent in and one of the layouts I still love today. I love how effortlessly this one came together - I just knew what I wanted to include here before I started. Oh. And Amalie still loves getting her nails pampered w/black nailpolish. Mwahahahaha :)

Materials include Fancy Pants, MME, KI, RiffRaff Designs, Hambly, Glimmer Mist, Rangers.

RiffRaff Designs+Glimmer Mist+Glossy Accent = match made in heaven!!!!

I was really happy w/how this layout turned out, yet I felt this was the most boring of the bunch. Made this w/leftovers from an old Bad Girl kit :)

Two of my discarded layouts:

Trying to pick just five layouts was a pita - having friends who suggested different layouts was ugh aswell (thanks for the help tho! :) ). I was really close to adding this one instead of the other freestyle-layout. Still thinks this layout is better than the other one - but the other one is more uhm.."look-at-me-ish"?

Tried to do a romantic layout but it didn't quite work out. This is the layout I liked the least. Ugh! Still don't like it :p

It's weird lookin at these layouts again after a year..mm..I think I only really like four of them - "D300", "Endelig sommerferie", "Miss Fancy Nails" and "Schröder".

Mmm thanks for lookin -gotta wrap up packing & stuff, heading out for a much needed girltrip w/some scrappy friends :)

Mhmm, just got this in my mailbox. *boggle* Color me intrigued for sure!! :)

Today we said our goodbyes to Ma - the great-grandmother of the children and a dear familymember. It was a lovely ceremony.

Had to snag some photos of the beautiful flowers..the sky was overcast so it felt pretty easy snapping gorgeous (imo :p) photos of them..
(wtb macro-lens!!)

Mm it's not often that I get a chance to take photos of the oldest nephews - yay :p

Title: "De nære ting"