Hambly just finished printing their newest release, and have been busy shipping out the new designs... here's a layout I made for the newsletter sent out re. the shipping. Totally love the new supercute "Elephants in a row" design which I used as the background here (afaik this colorcombo was limited ed...teal on white....BUT you can find it as an overlay, and the lime green paper one is just as yummy), the "Urban Frames" clear stickers makes a nice base for the clustered stuff and I love using rubons and stickers on corrugated paper, cutting them out. Talking about the new designs, I also used a butterfly from the clear stickers & purple "old lace" overlay on the bottom of this layout. And I LOVE Adornits small letterstickers!! They're so cheap and there's lots of letters on one sheet and it looks awesome on pretty much anything :)

And. Check out the nice tutorial by Allison on rubons and canvas at the Hambly blog :)

October looks busybusy - lots of scrappy stuff happening (Papirfesten!! Weekendgetaway! Birthdays to celebrate!) - and - unless they get cancelled as the other workshops I was supposed to sign up to - lots of photography workshops & courses to attend.

Ahwell. We'll see.
Sharing some recent photos..

Ugh. Pink!
Personally I do prefer other colors on her, but when you're lucky enough to get to inherit a lot of clothes you can't be too picky. Besides. She's started putting together her clothes herself while proclaiming she loves pink. At least she's not totally mis-matching...

I finally got around to check out "Fru Luna", a very nice cafe/coffeebar like 2minutes from work... :p

Mm. More photos of Amalie.

Decorating a carrot-cake.

..and oogling the cookies I made the other day....sandwiched the leftovercream from the carrot-cake w/homemade choc chip cookies...yumm..
(ps. where were I "supposed" to focus at...the first cookie? Atm the focus is on the middle one and it feels. Both right and wrong. ALthough I guess that's a subjective matter?)

Presenting a gift to great-grandfather.

*trying to remember I have a son too* *grin*
Just kidding. Either he's out hanging around w/his friends or he's at home doing not much :p
(and yes I know - totally misfocused here, and yet it's one of the better ones of him lately. Ugh. Need to be way better taking photos of him!)

Well. Just thought this was a sorta not too bad motif. Nothing like an old tire just thrown away in the nature. Well. It wasn't that old looking, but it was abandoned..

Random thoughts - mostly work/photo-related:
  • Still working on my confidence re directing shots when needed/required. Totally prefer just staying in the background shooting natural courses sorta, but can ofcourse see that it's not always giving the best results.....hence..need to work on the confidence thing instead of thinking "bleh, wish this or that was done different" when leaving the scene..(which always happens anyways I might add...) Maybe if I write this often enough on the blog I might actually try to listen to this piece of advice..
  • I may or may not have figured out the manual pre-determined WB code. I'm not sure. Shame it's so hard to check incamera (is there a trick?) - what looks like a decent WB on the LCD might turn out to not be so on the screen. How do I really know?! (advanced/split histograms I guess?) And the incamera-screen is strictly speaking not calibred sorta uh? Sigh. And yeah, I could go back to use RAW again - but really - it's a lot of work & space when using jpgs usually's fine for most images..besides...I guess it's a bit as random as the luck you get when sticking to autoWB?
  • Always bring the noteboard&pen along. Always.
  • Remember to jot down things I need to do different/remember to be aware of after the different shots. Things like. Groupphotos w/a mainperson - pull the person in focus a bit more in front of a crowd behind him aka closer to the camera, instead of having him in the middle of the group. Eh. I don't remember more atm. But there's lots of little, annoying basic things which can be improved. Hence. WRITE.IT.DOWN.
  • AIR. Remember to add air & space around the motifs. Screw composition. Or at least composite w/enough air around, as composition is easy enough to fix post-processing due to various photosizes on the finished paper-layouts.
  • It would be quite handy to learn how to clean stuff in the camera. Like. Sensor and stuff. But. It's Scary stuff (yes - capital S!). But handy if I knew the correct way and stuff. I guess!
  • Still can't decide on a 24-70mm or 105mm macro!! Ugh! Advice? Am really leaning towards the zoom, but having a macro would be quite handy...+ it's after all a much longer (?) focal lens than what I have avail (50mm and 14-24mm)...
  • Cute outfits w/high heeled shoes/boots or sensible, durable, boring workclothes for work?? *sigh* I know - it's raining cats and dogs here quite often plus I might be req. to shoot dirty stuff and go to dirty & muddy places.....hm...lots of my photos have been of dirty stuff in one sense or another come to think of it...so. I really should opt for the latter - been using rainboots. But. Want. To. Use. High. Heels!
  • I don't mind sharing photos on my blog, but Flickr or serious photography-galleries or contests? UGh no. The thought of it scares me. Silly I know :/
  • Hai, anybody tried photos on acryl-frames? Like these? Or the alu-frames? How's the quality and diff. vs reg canvas? Any advice on what kind of images for these kind of materials?

Title: "Corduroy" -Pearl Jam

Erica and Eric's wedding party stopped for drinks at Anduzzi's before their wedding reception on Friday night. College Ave. was just revving up for it's annual "License to Cruise" car show the night before the famous Octoberfest.

There was a staff photographer from the Post Crescent taking shots... he saw me setting up the wedding party and took a few shots. I am actually surprised the image was published in the paper... I wish I could have sent them the kick butt shot I took!


Amy Gaerthofner of Ardent Photography photographs a wedding party in front of a vintage Chevy Impala along College Avenue in downtown Appleton during License to Cruise on Friday, September 25, 2009. Post-Crescent photo by Kirk Wagner Kirk Wagner

Image Source

These pictures were taken from Michael Sendrey's website. He has an excellent gallery, you can view more of his works there.

Kwalata Lodge, Dinokeng.

Boere-Bosveld Wedding.

It's stupid o'clock in the morning but i just had to post some of the pictures from Louis and Marcelle's wedding which we shot today. They are such a cool couple. Down to earth and laughers. We love laughers.

We spent a bit of time in the bush for the portrait session. What an awesome contrast the beautiful gown is against the stark and dry landscape. We had great fun with an 85mm F1.2 lens we rented. We're not gonna tell you anymore about it - see for yourself!


The kids loves to listen to stuff@youtube and I figured I'd show them some quality-stuff..like Knutsen&Ludvigsen ;p Since my CD is sorta scratched and stuff.... :p

Anyways. Sharing some recent projects....

Fancy Pants Designs "Rough & Tough" collection - not only for boys ;p
Totally loved the photos of the kids from the late wedding we attended ;p Just look at Adrian in the background looking at Amalie......... :p This layout was my contribution to the product-spotlight at their blog..

A cute babycard - love this paper from the "Little Sprout" collection (Fancy Pants Designs aswell). This one was for the spotlight on the "Little Sprout" glitter die cuts (go check out Amy Petermans supercute frame. Loves!).

This layout is made with Nikki Sivils "Boo-tiful" collection and was created for the sketch inspiration. Love the intense colors of this line. Gorg! Go check out the other ladies' interpretion of the sketch :) This is by the way also my last creation as official DT-member of Nikki Sivils - I've enjoyed my term at the doghouse! :)

And finally - here's the Pencil-Lines layout - for sketch #153 w/Debbie Nicholas as the guest. Mixed some Jillibean Soup, Hambly & Shabby Chic Crafts tags for this one :)

Right! Busy w/a few scrappy deadlines looming above me but what do I keep scrapping? Some non-deadline-just-for-fun-stuff! Ahem duh. Have a lovely weekend - I'm atm situated in my scrappy corner sipping red wine & scrapping away *snicker*

Title: "Kanskje Kommer Kongen" -Knutsen & Ludvigsen

I wanted to share a few images of me and my growing belly... and give you a bit of a status on how my pregnancy is going.

I am still feeling great! In fact, I have two weddings to shoot this weekend and my son's 3rd birthday party on Sunday... It should be a whirlwind of a weekend! My ultrasound is in a few weeks, we will find out if we are having a brother or a sister for big-bro Drew.

Side note: I was really sticking it out here, I'm only about 17 weeks in this image... These photos are going to be used in our Holiday cards and I wanted to look a bit farther along than I was. ;-)

This image was taken during our annual fall photo session. This year the Spottswoods took some amazing photos of my family. I'll post more of these fabulous pics closer to the Holidays.

Have a great weekend!

Kirsten and Andrew are two busy and successful people who love art, traveling, their families and each other. When I first met them Kirsten was living in Atlanta and Andrew is in medical school in Boston. They decided to have their wedding at one of their favorite places... Andrew's lakeside cottage on Kangaroo Lake in Door County.

Every last thing was perfect. Kirsten designed all of the stationary and paper goods... including custom letterpress invitations. The guests could snuggle up in a purple pashmina or change into pink flip flops for the outdoor reception. There was even a surprise fireworks display overlooking the water.

I have so many favorite images from this wedding! Thank you so much to both Kirsten and Andrew and both of your families for welcoming Ardent Photography into your special day. I am honored to have documented your wedding day.

Kirsten and Andrew planted a Ginkgo tree in honor of their new lives together. The Ginkgo is a the tree known as a symbol of longevity, peace, and hope. I was able to obtain a few leaves from their Ginkgo tree to photograph the other symbols of their union, the rings.

Ceremony & Reception: Groom's Family Cottage, Kangaroo Lake, Door County, WI
Wedding Coordinator: Carrie - Door County Events
Caterer: Not By Bread Alone, Green Bay
Stationary: Kirsten Mohr
DJ: RLR Entertainment / Jeremy Peil
Flowers: Helen Anderson, Door County Flowers
Cake: Bill Fairchild
Ceremony music: Allegro

For more images from Kirsten and Andrew's wedding become a fan of Ardent Photography on Facebook!

View a slideshow from their wedding!


We had to reschedule a lot of our prenup shoots when the rainy season came in. With only a week to spare before Bubbles and Kris' wedding, we don't have much luxury for rescheduling. If you can't beat the rain, join it. Well, sort of. We decided to shoot Bubbles and Kris in the pool and underwater! Come rain or shine, nothing could stop the shoot which was a first for us.



There are so many beautiful details from Kirsten and Andrew's August Door County Wedding on at the groom's private residence in Kangaroo Lake, WI. Here is a sneak peak just some of the details from the day...

Full blog post to follow this week!

First we have to thank the King of Kings, Jesus, who is the only reason we are able to tell you about this wonderful news today. He is our centre, our hope and our joy! If you don't know him yet, you are welcome to email, call or come over anytime and we'll tell you all about our
sweet sweet-Jesus!

Second - we have to try and sum-up the crazy beautiful story we have to share with you all. Seriously, some awesome things happened which we could write for hours about. There's a good dose of all the best stuff including some crime and mystery. Haha, no we weren't robbing a bank at the time. Trust us, it's an awesome story. So i think it's best to keep it super sharp and short.

- - - 1 hour later - - -

Ok this story is far to big and editing it and re-editing it we just couldn't keep it short. Forgive us. We do have something for you instead though. We shared the amazing story that surrounds our engagement with the community at 3rd Place this morning and luckily enough it was recorded in order to be put as a pod cast on their website. This will be ready tomorrow evening and so as soon as the link is up we'll post it. Alternatively check out there site over the next day or so and it should be there for you to download.

It's worth it.



Trying out a slideshow featuring photos from Naomi and Ryan's wedding day! Enjoy!

I've hardly taken any photos of the kids since starting to work.
I take a lot of photos at work, and when I get home I'm pretty exhausted. Lazy. And so on.
Note to self: try to change that.
So. I've been walking with Amalie to the kindergarten before work a few times, and figured I'd snap some photos at the same time. So there you go. Amaliemania! ;p

She loves to listen to "mommys music". Daddys music? Not so much. She'll bug daddy to switch.
Mommymusic = a personal guarantee that it's quality music ;p (*cough*) Oh, and whenever she hears a song she knows I like on the radio, she'll bug me and say "Mommy, that's the song YOU LOVE!".

She loves to eat bread with brown cheese (sorta norwegian speciality..goat cheese ;p) with mayonnaise. *ugh* Oh, and with cucumber on top. *doubleugh*

They had the police visiting the kindergarten the other day, and Amalie came home exlaiming that if we ever get thieves in our home we had to dial "one-one, one-one, two!". "One, one, two?" I asked. Yes, "one-one, one-one, two!" she solemny said, if we ever heard "loud noises" we had to call that number. Good girl. Except. It's 1-1-2, not 1-1-1-1-2 sweetie :p

She's been planning her birthday (which by the way, isn't until April next year). We're to buy her three presents, "Littlest pet shop", "princesses" and a third gift she haven't really decided yet. Um. Whatever you say pumpkin.

She still tries to cry whenever she doesn't want to do something, or doesn't like what we're saying. She'll pout and put on her whiney voice and sometimes she'll even cry for real (I usually find that part hilarious, which sorta just insults her further if she catches me almost laughing. Bad mommy). And hang her shoulders forcefully down - the whole deal. She's quick to snap out of it though when she realizes we're not falling for her tricks and (usually) ignore her attempts to protest. Unless she sees me trying to hide my laugher :p

She loves to sing.
And to randomly exclaim: "Mommy's best! Daddy's best!" and won't reveal which one's really the best. We're both equally best.

I might be wrong but I *think* she's imitating me. Or my camera. Or both.
What gave it away? Uh. Just a feeling :p And the fact that she made the clicking sound of the camera & pushed the button once mine did. :p

I'm may be biased but. She's so cute. And spunky. And in dire need of a haircut :p

I'll be back with scrappy stuff on sunday. Or something like that :p