The great thing about a chocolate wedding cake (besides the taste, of course) is that it can work for any style of wedding depending on how you design it. Whether your style is glitz and glamor with lots of beading on your dress and Swarovski crystal bracelets, country and homey, or modern and chic, there is a chocolate wedding cake design which will be perfect for you. You can be guaranteed that the groom will be on board with whatever design you choose, as long as the cake is chocolate!

Chocolate Wedding Cakes
A chocolate wedding cake can be the perfect centerpiece for a grand wedding reception. Let's say you were planning an opulent reception in an ornate ballroom in a luxury hotel. Begin by designing a cake which is very tall; five or more tiers would be good - you want your wedding cake to make a statement. Place it upon a silver cake stand and decorate it with fresh red roses between each tier. Top the cake with a small antique silver vase filled with red roses. Then decorate the sides of each tiers with a hand applied scroll pattern in crystals. The sparkling detail will really pop against the dark chocolate frosting, and is a fabulous complement to the bride's Swarovski crystal bracelets, earrings, and bridal necklace.

Chocolate Wedding CakesChocolate wedding cakes can also be romantic. Lighten up the appearance of dark brown frosting with pink and light green accents. The effect will be softer if the cake is frosted in a buttercream chocolate icing rather than a smooth fondant. Expertly made pink frosting roses with green leaves would look sweet and charming placed around the edges of the cake tiers. For a final touch, bands of pink satin ribbon can be used along the base of each layer.

Chocolate Wedding CakesChocolate Wedding Cakes

Exclusive Bridal Gowns
Exclusive Bridal Gowns
Exclusive Bridal Gowns
Exclusive Bridal GownsExclusive Bridal Gowns

Wedding Reception DecorationsWedding reception decorations can be a fun experience that should demonstrate the taste and personalities of the bride and groom. The area will usually be decorated in the wedding's colors or theme and will extend to all areas of the reception hall including the guest tables.

Wedding Reception DecorationsReception tables can be decorated using linens, colored or white, that go along with the wedding's theme. Placing centerpieces on each guest table can help bring the whole area together and could make a nice conversation piece for the guests. There are many options when it comes to centerpieces as far as what can be used. Couples may choose real flowers in vases with water or artificial flowers in vases with water or rocks. If the reception hall allows it, couples could also choose to have small cakes placed on each table. To complete the look and create a nice ambiance, consider adding a few small candles.

Wedding Reception Decorations

Yesterdays Pencil-Lines’ guest was Tara Rosas. You have to check out her layout – it’s gorgeous!

Here’s my interpretation of the sketch:

ania193My step-father sent me this cellphone-photo of me, Adrian & my beloved niece taken at the airport before we were going home. I knew I had to scrap it :)
I’ve been thinking about me and my…well, not really fear, but…maybe more like, resentment – against being in front of the camera. Because. It’s usually me who’s holding the camera. And when once in a blue moon somebody else actually has a camera/takes my camera…well, I don’t really want to be in front of it even then. I wish I felt more free and had better self-esteem to stand in front of a camera and actually enjoying being there (would help if I was prettier too, bwahaha). Hm. Ahwell. I actually liked this photo, and it made me happy. It’s one of the very few photos with me and my closest in it, sorta, so yay.

ania193_cu I whipped out my Hambly-stash for this one.
I gotta admit - it feels a bit sad not being on the Hambly-team anymore – but hey, I’ve been there for close to two years and it’s been two wonderful, awesome years. I’m so happy, surprised & grateful that they actually kept lil’ me around for that long (thank you Allison & kl!)! :D And now – I still have loads of Hambly-stash to keep me entertained for like, at least two more years or more, so don’t think you haven’t seen the last of me & Hambly-scrapping! :D Big congrats to Larissa & Leena for making the Hambly-team – they’re wonderful to work with, their products rocks (but you knew that already :D) & I’m totally looking forward to see what the fresh blood on this new DT will bring for the next year to come! :)

Enjoy your summer! :)

Ps. The kitchen? Well, I’m happy to say that I at least finished one side/wall ;p And it was a throughout cleaning – all the kitchen-utensils in the closets got cleaned aswell! (yes yes, allow me to be proud of something that’s probably the most natural thing in your world :p) Plus – I washed&scrubbed the floor! Yay me! :p Thanks for your (way too big) faith in me & the encouragements ;)

Ps2. Want to scraplift me? Check out this post at Swe Scrapbook! :) And look at the wonderful lifts their DT did! :D

Title: “Silent All These Years” – Tori Amos


"Who would go to Japan to find a Russian? Who would go to Japan to find a Filipina...?" - Probably one of the most memorable lines we've included on a video. Here's a story told on video and on photos - of the peoples' smiles and excitement; of love conquering 3 countries and the months and months of preparation; it's a story of two souls spanning oceans and mountains - to land smack right into each other. If that isn't fate's will, we don't know what is. This is a story of happiness and tears, all the colour and the beautiful intricacies that is Sharie and Victor's wedding.