Wow - what a wedding! I met Seppi years ago when I was in Uni and began to assist him on occasion. He is a super talented photographer, shooting editorial and advertising work. We admire him and his work very much. Enjoy what he does at

It all started with a phone call many months ago that went something like this...

Seppi - " Hey Travis, I'm getting married"

Travis - "Waheeey, awesome"

Seppi "Thanks - I want you to shoot it"

Travis - "Waheeey, awesome"

...telephone conversation ends, Travis turns to Maike...

Travis - "Oh shit"

Maike - "What?"

Travis - "Seppi wants us to shoot his wedding"

Surprised? Don't be. In all honesty there is nothing more frightening for a photographer than to shoot another (very talented and much admired) photographers' wedding. Haha, but we got over the fear and had the time of our lives at their wedding.

Seppi is now married to Leslie who is awesome. She is a stylist. She gave up chilly Canada for sunny South Africa because...well, it's just nicer. :) We love her! We feel like we have been friends forever when we're around her.

There were far too many highlights at this wild wedding so we'll just list them and let you get to the pictures.

- Seppi wore his fathers vintage wedding suit - wool in summer. Crazy.
- The grooms party donned brown leather Converse.
- Leslie's dress was dyed in Rooibos Tea.
- The table numbers were photographs.
- There were flowers in tea cups.
- 3 men stripped down to the Full Monty theme song to reveal silk boxers covered in Canadian flags. Seppi was one of them.
-We ate pasta. Bowls and Bowls of it.
- Seppi and Leslie announced they were pregnant at the reception. Everybody screamed.




Papir i Hjertet, a scrapstore in Norway, turns three years old (how quick time flies!) and has a sketch-contest going on. Loved both the layout- & cardsketch, made by HegeAL – had to join! :) Here’s my cards – hopefully I’ll get a layout done sometime this Easter aswell :) Happy Birthday PiH! :)


The rules, besides using the sketch, was to use at least one paper that’s more than a year old, and to reuse/recycle something non-scrappy. I lovelovelove the woodgrain-papers from Hambly, and despite having a number of both the papers & transparencies I’m so cheap when it comes to using it – I don’t want to be out of it just in case! Well, with this challenge from PiH I decided it was about time to use *some* of it hm? I have no idea how long I’ve saved this scrap-transparency in my scrap-folder – but it’s surely more than a year! :P (It’s one of the original designs from Hambly back when they started doin scrapstuff afaik – at least one of the designs helping Hambly break in to the scrappy market)

My non-scrappy item is the yellow little clips thingie (decorated w/red bling). We did a huge spring-cleaning at work a few weeks ago, and among the things that was found in the old darkroom was a box of this. It looks pretty old, and noone knew what it was for. Here’s some piccies of the box:

stjerneryttere1 stjerneryttere2 It’s called “Stjerneryttere” (translated: starriders), but I couldn’t find anything when googling it. Could it have been something that was used for darkroom-photography, or is it just a random office-thingie? (couldn’t have been much useful as it’s not very good at holding heavier stuff together sort of). Nevertheless, I was asked if I wanted it since they thought it might have something to do w/photography, and I said sure, thinking of scrapping ;) It’s small and cute :)

Anyone out there knows what it is for?

Edit: Lizzie thought it must be something to hang up the negatives with. Ofcourse - why didn't Ithink of the lightness of negatives when thinking they were too small to hold anything of weight - these clips must surely be enough to hold the negs. Sounds very plausible!


Anyways, back to the card. I love to use transparencies like this for cards. Looks so elegant dontchathink :) The transparency-butterflies got blinged up, and I have to say I am more and more in love with the Hambly-kraft-stickers! :)card1a NEW Hambly! Cute hearts-paper! :) I colored one of the hearts w/magenta stickles.


I loved the sketch so much I even made another card, but I don’t really like it as much as the first one. Nevertheless – I tried, that’s an extra chance for the contest, no? =)

Scenic Route paper (loves!) – it’s more than a year old (and SR is no more :( ), embellished w/Hambly rub-ons and another Hambly Kraft-sticker, aswell as cute felt-butterflies I got from Eli long time ago (Christmas –08 wasn’t? :) ). My non-scrappy item here is the borders made from filmrolls – I cut out the borders.

Mkay, off to do some grocery-shopping for Easter then hopefully back to start on the other PiH-sketch :)

In the meantime – have a lovely Easter :)

Ps! Kjære mamma. Ja, jeg har laget kort til mormor og det sendes idag. Jeg er treg, jeg vet det. Sorry! Den som venter på noe godt etc etc....god påske! =)


To be honest, sometimes we don't have the slightest idea how to start shooting our story-driven SDE's. Often, we need to see the location before we know what we can do. With Mels and Joe, I didn't even have a song ready until the day we shot at Total NLEX. All we knew was that the plot was to have them meet there. As luck would have it, everything just came into place. The song we we're thinking of using while still on the road, the location setting, their 'date' setting and most crucially, the sun cooperating.

This video would not have been possible without Mels and Joe - who came ready to act, to entertain their guests; and their will power to make the logistics of the shoot possible.

Another shout out to our lovely coordinator ate Mayette (MCC Events) for making the day stress-free for everyone. We know things are in good hands when you're around.

Photos coming very soon!



We love sharing awesome vendors with you, especially if they share our love for beautifully bespoke weddings. Maike stumbled upon In Good Company while desperately searching for awesome vintage-inspired wedding decor and hiring. Head over to their website for fabulous linen, tableware, decor, free printable goodies, gifts and loads more!


I thought spring had sprung. Like, finally. Only, it started snowing again last night and this morning the roads were all iced down and stuff. Bleh. No snow today, and yesterdays snow has disappeared, but the fact that it actually occurred sort of sets you back a notch. Double-bleh.

I´ve started planting a bunch of herbs and vegetables though. The green little spires makes me happy. I´m not one for flowers and stuff, they just die all the time so it´s wasted money buying me flowers. But useful stuff like herbs and stuff - yeah - I´m a little more rigid about watering and caring. Unless it´s stupid cucumbers. They need so darn much water that once you forget about them just one day they shrink and stuff - no fun! But I digress....figured I´d share the little hostess-gift I made the other day, and which you can see over at the Fancy Pants blog for my "Fancy this" post.


I think seedlings makes cute hostess-gifts. Feels a bit more thoughtful and useful. If the receiver is into herbs I guess. Nevertheless it´s different isn´t?


I started out with an empty jar.


Which was gessoed (I wasn´t sure if watching soil & roots through a glass jar would be any nice).


And decorated with a transparency - an elegant, flocked one from "Road Show", one of the new collections from CHA-W.


Then, after placing the soil&spires in the jar, I just added a tag to it. One decorated with lots of glimmer-mist, a Tattered Angels chip tile (which was painted, misted & glossy accented), ribbon and a rub-on from "Road Show". I even sewed a mini-banner on the tag. Heh. The seedlings are Basil by the way. My fave-herb for cooking :)


I also made a couple cards for the recent product-spotlight over at the Fancy Pants blog - using rub-ons from "My Family".


Simple cards. Quick & easy to make.

Wish you all a joyous Easter. Am still at work, and might work some this Easter, but looking forward to the time off I´ll get too.

Title: Lift me – Ane Brun & Madrugada