A little everyday treat.
Got this totally gorgeous & ubercool necklace in the mail today. *swoon*
From Sighfoo/Starving Artist Bazaar on Etsy.

Decided it was about time to pimp me up. A little bit. :)

Have ordered couple other stuff on Etsy lately - but they're like, belated bdaypressies for my fam. I'm such a procrastinator (and hey not my fault they insist on having bdays so close to Christmas when I'm already broke and all that stuff :p) Ohwell. Don't think I should show off their links here cause they're like, watching this blog from time to time but there's no doubt there's a lot of pwetty little stuff on Etsy!! ;p

Anyways.. saw Juno last night. Been seeing people around on various blogs rave about this little nugget and decided it was about time to check it out for myself.... and boy it's so cute, sweet, witty, funny, quirky and all that :) Lots of talkin' - smart & funny talkin in that movie...yeah it might be a bit 'too smartass upbeat in your face' dialogue (reminds me of clerks in that sense actually..just not as uh "crude" :p) but it's really...a feelgoodmovie and well worth the entertainment methinks :)

Oh btw!! Check out Scrappedugnad!! Silje made us a totally cool tutorial involving linoleum and carving to make your own stamp! So awesome!

And tomorrow's Feb kit debut at Bad Girls - will post some of my layouts then I guess :)
Tomorrow's also the kids day off school/kindergarten, which normally woulda been nice & swell but I have an appointment at the hospital so I have to drag them along. Ugh! Ohwell. Promised them icecream when we were done :p

Note to self: Don't ever let the kids play with the brand new bottle of shampoo when it's not even time to start wash the hair. Damn waste!


I promised some peeks for the Bad Girl Feb kit earlier today but the camerabattery died on me before I got to upload them, so .. here they are :) I kinda started slow but in the end I actually got four layouts done in three days. Yay me!

Tomorrow's time for a lil crop! I both hate and love crops. Love peeking at the other gals stuff soaking in all the inspiration. Hate pre-printing photos and staring blankly on my own pages.

Ohwell. Right - the tag - um. Brain's mushy atm. Will think of something soon :D

Round 2, Minnopol at Minneriket :)
Totally love Scenic Route :) :)

Oooooohhhhhh :D
Check this out!!
This is the cover of the Norwegian mag Vi Scrapper.... inc Feb 5th... I wrote a huge article for them about kitclubs.... check it out!! And check Scrappedugnad Feb 6th....there might be a fun giveaway or two there! Kinda! :D

I got a wonderful RAK in the mail yesterday.....sweet Tessa sent me a RAK some weeks ago including a totally lovely wonderful ribbon...I totally fell in love and asked her where she got that from... looks like it's hard to get more of this ribbon as she got it from a Scarlet Lime kit.... but....she got some extra and split what she had and sent me another yard + some lovely goodies! Aww *hugs* you're so sweet & kind and I'm so happy!! (And yeah - that ribbon's used on the above layout :) )

Nrgh. Dead camerabatteries. Sorry! Guess I'll have to wait with the rest of the BG Feb-peeks! :p

Yepyep - Pencillines went live last night - with Suzanne as our guest - she provided us with such an intricate sketch - I first thought!! But - after looking at how she and the other ladies did that one I have to admit it didn't look that hard as I first thought!! Dang! Once again - a perfect example on how I personally tend to over-complicate things!! Lol. I rotated the sketch ( a doublepager! ), squeezed the photos together and placed them like on the sketch - then shuffled the photos some to better fit my photos. See - my layout differs so from the sketch - yet it's inspired by it :)

I used two Daisy D papers of different red shades, some Cosmo Criket chipboards and yummy ribbons I got in a few RAKs at Minneriket, prima flowers and well, diff stuff :)

Been busy playin with my BG kit - I'm done with one (check out the peek - yeah - I played with stark spray haha) & in the middle of my 2nd one :) This kit is so beautiful and I'm seriously in awe re how much stuff Wendy put in these kits!! Seriously - I know the BG kit is slightly more expensive than the average kit out there but there's a reason for it - and to me it seem to be well worth it! :) (And BUGGER I hate it when lush shimmersparklestuff doesn't show well!! hrmf ;p)

Off to play more before Little Missus Pwincess is home and demands ....stuff. Like. Attention and stuff ;p

PS!! Check out what Tracie has made the last days (+ at this weeks Pencillines)!!! I suppose I'm not really objective but - *melts* ! Big Hugs to Tracie and safe travels!! :) :)

Ps2! Yes! I know I've been tagged! Will play very soon, promise! :D

Ps3! I forgot to mention in the earlier posts: there's a chance to win a free BG Feb for the winner of the Split Coast Stampers-challenge! Yey! :D

Funny thing. I did a little quiz at Glassbooth to check who I'd support/share beliefs with if I was to vote for the US President Campagin. It was just a fun lil' tidbit as I do not have all the insights to how things are or work in the US - like the No Child Behind thing they asked about (just briefly looked at the resume at Wiki - the intentions looked good but good intentions are like, one thing - another is how it's actually executed and the consequenses...I guess.).. but... apparently if I was an American I'd be a Democrat and share 79% similarity with Mike Gravel (who??), 78% with John Edwards and 76% with Hillary Clinton. Right. But then again - if I was an American I'd probably have more and better insight when it comes to what the questions really was about and stuff and the results woulda seen a lil different..maybe? :)

Scrappedugnad went live last night yep - with Amber Skolnick as our guest and this yummy challenge: use stars and paint in your project. I created this layout way back in November for this challenge - sometimes I'm too fast for my own good which means loooooads of waiting until I can finally show and by then I'm not happy about the layout at all (a typical trait w/me - I usually don't like layouts older than 2 weeks). Ohwell. I'm happy I made it though - it's me and Ingunn when we were in Stavanger for Papirfest :) When I got to know Ambers prompt I just HAD to make a layout like this - 'cuz Ingunn's a star ya know... true story! ;) *snicker* I joked with her that it'd be the first of many "star"-photos and layouts she'd have to endure lol ;p Right. The stars - yummy Lil Davis' stars painted w/ dabbers and smudged with vaseline and then repainted and then wiped. I like that technique - a very cool tip that originates from Emily Falconbridge. Papers used here are um, Making Memories and Sassafras Lass :)

Now. Off to take the kids down to watch a basketgame and do some grocery-shopping :)

I found this link through Candice Stringhams blog - a son shows off his moms photos from the 40s and stuff - complete with her own notes and stuff on flickr. His mom even is on flickr too, commenting the commenters. I liked this photo, love this one and the description and this story is so sweet and well, reminds me that old people were young too and had lives before becoming parents kinda (shouldn't surprise me ;p but I don't know if I'd tell about exes to my son and stuff..maybe when I grow really really old and it's all long gone and innocent?) and here's the whole set :) And I have to echo Candice - this really reminds us that simple photos and journaling can give so much to the future generation. I don't think I'll go running around staging everyday moments including myself in the frame now, but I'll certainly gonna give more thought as to how to show the children more of the personal me and daddy and our everyday life in the layouts. I think.

Right. I made this simple layout some weeks ago for a challenge I'm doing as a part of the Bad Girls team over at Split Coast Stampers forum - will be posting sometime today. I think my own challenge will just be, take an old photo and have a go at it - haven't quite decided yet. Tracie and I guested there this Christmas with the Pencillines-gals - now we're back w/the Bad Girls team :) And yes - that's me - celebrating my bday...I liked the thought of singing "happy birthday" to me on the layout *smile* Everything on this layout except the title-thickers and stamps are from different old Bad Girl kits. Used the last of the Prima-bling (dang! I *love* these!!) and am happy I finally got around to use the black filefolder. Inside the filefolder I've tucked a prima-journalingpad noting the things I remember from this photo - well - I don't remember the exact day but I find it amusing to note how I remember the furniture (note the posh green and yellow striped couch - we had that one for YEARS ;p), a little corner of the frames of moms oil-painting (horses in a valley - she was pretty good at painting - but always points out that she never got around to finish this painting - the horses are lacking their shadows :) ), the good old serveware that's still in use today when we get guests at home..ahh... those sweet little memories and connections that gives so much more value to a photo for those involved...
I have to say though - I struggled with this photo for three days!! Gah!! Seriously - I really really wanted to scrap this photo. Yet it was somewhat muddy and dark and well - clashy colours and stuff....so did not know how to scrap this. Whined about it on msn for at least two days to friends who wanted to hear (or maybe they just ignored the whine-part :p). Just didn't want to give it up. Went thru Daisy D and Scenic Route and whatev papers before I pulled out the old BG kits and settled for this. Ohwell. I think I pulled it together okay considering my headaches and the aestetic challenging photo.

Nuff boring talk.
I'm currently workin on future Pencillines-layouts and I have to say: YAY for Rouge de Garance! (Urbaine and Indigo. Beautiful stuff!) Two layouts feat RgD now and I remember why I loved RdG in the first place. So excited to see what's in store for CHA! And re. CHA, did you see the peek what's incoming from Prima?? (check the Scrappy Gourmet blog, "More CHA Sneaks!", at the end of the post) Woah! Looks like a mix of Scenic Route and RdG! I know I'm so excited to see if it's really as cool as it looks like!! Atm I think - yeah - I'm most excited about SR, Prima and RdG for CHA. The MAMBI peeks looked totally lovely and cool aswell and I love AC's thickers and MMs elegant and chick journalingspots!

Now. Check Scrappedugnad sometime today - there'll be a new challenge up there and I totally adore my own layout for that one ;) (oooh yeeyyy don't make your head explode now Ania :p)

Piccies from yesterdays fun with Amalie! Me and Amalie had a girlie-day out hanging around McDonalds eating icecream and visiting her great-grandparents and oooh, exploring the very very cool areas around McDonalds..;) Alright. I might have evaluated the room for a perfect spot to sit & take piccies at. And I'm a sucker for cool backgrounds. Seriously. So when I spotted these containers from inside McDonalds I knew I had to drag Amalie along takin some more photos when done w/the icecream. So cool! And I made a nice discovery in RAW on how to edit those kind of outdoor-photos (basically drag brightness way up and counter with blacks and temperature, add vignetting & adjust the corresponding saturation/lumination) so they'll make a very nice foundation for the extra wrapup-punch in Photoshop :) I know. Color's so fakey...but oh, so yummy! :D Coudln't resist showing quite a number of them - sorry if they're loading slow! :)

I also have those layouts to show:

Pencillines featuring Sasha Farina....one of the faithful followers of PL and such a talented one...love her layouts, love that she's pretty much always doing the sketches and love the fact that she's our guestdesigner this week!! I used the january-kit from ScrapMuse (and a paper from an older kit from same kitclub).... cute K&Co and Making Memories papers...:)

Minnopol at Minneriket has started - first prompt was to make a layout about 10 things you didn't like. I did so - but kinda forgot one more thing I absolutely disliked (IV Antibiotics - I know - it's necessary & kinda lifesaver and stuff, but it doesn't mean I have to like how it's done!). Used a number of leftover papers I had lying on my desk - bits and pieces from various kits and SR papers. If youre able to check out the gallery at Minneriket do so - such fabulous layouts from these gals there!

Oh - I got a nice award from Tessa last night too!
A cute "You make my day"- award :) How nice - thank you Tessa! :D I have to say - you all make my day when you take the time to comment on my posts - I know a number are readin, but not that many compared actually comments - so - you who do - you make my day! :)
(No - I'm not tryin to guilttrip you readers - I'm happy people drops by and I'm guilty of slackin on commenting myself too *blush*)

What are some of the latest trends emerging in wedding photography?

Day After sessions are one of the latest trends in wedding photography. Gone are the days of 'pre-bridal' sessions and worrying about getting your dress dirty. Brides and grooms can participate in a variety of fun, romantic and even sexy sessions after their actual wedding day. Sessions can be done one week, one month or even years after the big day.

There are a variety of session types including the "trash the dress" session that has been making national headlines. A typical "trash the dress" session starts out with a bride in her wedding gown and a unique location. Artfully posed in a beautiful environment with dramatic lighting lends it's style to a high-fashion type of photo. Most of the trash the dress style sessions end with the bride in her gown laying in sand or dirt or even in a pool of water.

The name "Trash the Dress" is sometimes misleading. It is a catchy name for artistic photos taken in unusual places. I like to call my sessions the "fearless bridal". Because whether or not you actually trash your dress is up to you. Most of the time a little water doesn't hurt the dress and a little dirt can be dry-cleaned making the dress as good as new. If you are worried about ruining your dress you can talk to me before the shoot about location options or even wear another gown.
dramapiece of flair

all 4 love

The reasons some brides choose to do a day after session:
• Want to try a different hair or makeup technique
• Wants to be more sexy with poses
• More time to get artistic photos in another location
• Less stressful
• Not worried about getting the dress dirty
• Feels so beautiful in gown and want to wear it again
• Gift for groom
• Fun!

I had the honor to quote on this trend in the most recent issue of Wisconsin Bride Magazine. For more info see the next post.

Humtehum. I'm alive. Things are happening. I'm happy. :)

First, I'm currently planning and sceduling some future classes for this spring (and the rest of the year :p). I don't think I will be doing massive teaching when it comes to this spring - still have some personal things to wrap up first....but there are a few exciting & fabulous things lined up for sure...I'm not sure if I can tell right now but I will soon I promise :) Best of all? Most of the classes will be open for both sign-languageusers and hearing people.

I also got an amazingly freakin ...I'm almost speechless & was this .. close to fainting....news the other day...I know...I'm such a tease ;p) In a few weeks for sure =) I'm still blushing and almost fainting when thinking about it.

I was forced to do a selfportraitthingie the other day. You like? (no Anna Im so not gonna do this more than necessary!)

Har hatt et par spennende dager nå med noen gode nyheter... om alt går bra kan jeg avsløre noen av planene fremover, men inntil videre......må jeg bare si "ÅÅÅÅHHHHHHH" så kult og la dere vente (as if noen cares :p) Et par av de går ut på fremtidige kurs med meg denne våren...kurs som vil være åpne for både døve og hørende... jeg har ikke tenkt å kurse så veldig intensivt denne våren, men et par kule gigs greier jeg å presse inn - vi får se når ting forhåpentligvis blir 100% sikkert. Ohwell. Back til å fikse samples! *smile* *wink*

Ha en super helg! :D

I have been interviewed in the trash the dress article in this issue of Wisconsin Bride Magazine. I was contacted last summer by the writer of the article. She found my information right here on this blog. I am very honored to have been selected to share my views on this growing trend.

My bride Janelle Jandrain was also quoted in the article. We had so much fun during her after session! She told me it was one of the coolest things she had ever done.

I've been published!
To download a copy of the entire article please follow this link.

I will write a little more today about the fearless bridal sessions that are available from Ardent Photography.

Alright. This Pencillines-sketch was made by the totally deadly talented Janine Langer. I'm so in love with her scrapping-style and she's been so lucky that she's been playing around in a studio twice with totally gorgeous results - have a look! (Eli! Ellen1!!!!!!!! LEIE STUDIO???????? PRONTO!!! :p) Our guest this time was Pam - also known as PamT on the forums..love all the layouts....we were so lucky to be sponsed by Fresh Pages this time - I got a totally yummy Scenic Route-kit - YEAH!! Oh, and in addition to a chance on this months prize at Pencillines (A kit from A million memories) Janine is also offering a RAK of her own to those who does her sketch and link it to her. Yay! And the sketch's in both 12x6 and 12x12.... no excuse to not do it! :)

Right. Mine's w/ the kids looking for blueberries..:)

Renée wondered what kind of filters/actions I used on my photos in this post.
First photo (wet log) was just me goofin around in RAW then doing finishing touches in curves & levels in photoshop for the extreme hues - I'm not that familiar with that kind of editing in RAW yet. (I'm doing all basic editing in RAW first tho, tryin to do advanced editing in raw too but usually end up doing that in photoshop). Photo no 2 (water-measurer) was done in RAW aswell and got its finishing touches with a lomo-action. The street-photo entirely in RAW w/some extra sharpening in PS when done. The two last photos (of the kids) - RAW & lil adjusting in photoshop next (soft light/screen++) . Oh and all resized and stuff for web in Photoshop.

For photosessions (like the recent one) I usually do basic stuff in RAW then adjust the levels if needed before running an action, like the Itty Bitty Actions. Love to do vignetting in RAW tho & extra vignetting w/ the burn tool in Photoshop if needed :)

Basically for my own "homephotos" I just goof around w/raw and photoshop playing & trying to learn more on my own. For the more "serious" sessions I tend to rely more on the precious actions when done in RAW - maybe because these kind of photos usually are more suitable for the actions I have, while the homephotos are of various quality (think bad home-lightning :p) *still waiting for my very first photoshop-books from Amazon!!*

Anyways. Leaving you with more favephotos..... some are a tad too blurry....esp cause they were like, cracking me up which is like, not too good cause like - intentional camera shake??? Tsktsk. Note to self: If you're laughing, stop taking piccies! Such a lousy photographer :p Howeveeeeer.....totally loved the chance to do a photosession with those tho and would love more chances to practice because I really do need that *smile*

Her kommer flere bilder fra fotosessionen med K&M. Ca litt over 200 bilder ble til litt under 100 bilder - CD kommer i posten om ikke alt for lenge! Fotosession er gøy - håper på flere sjanser for jeg trenger virkelig å øve meg ytterligere :)

Some piccies from todays photosession - met up with an old & dear friend & her sister. Done with the crude culling + editing, just had to fine-edit these before giving up - have to head to a party where I'll meet up with these + more tonight. Fun times!
(and yes Eli & Ellen I simply just LOVE LOVE LOVE that wall. Sooooo ♥♥♥xoxo!

Right. First. For the scrappers out there. My layout to Scrappedugnads challenge re using "found objects" - given by Colleen from Cupcake Scrapshop. Who's by the way giving out a january-kit to the winner of this challenge so head over and check it out ;) This is Kine, one of the very first Norwegian scrappers I got to know through blogging...back then there wasn't that many of us Norwegians blogging kinda...*smile* My "found objects" here are a gameboard-chip she found at a backyardsale and challenged me to do something about....and her sweet Christmas-card...which I "found" on my table ;) Papers are Rouge de Garance, Hambly & KI...and a Scenic Route star :)

Now. I was strolling yesterday - out looking to take piccies and stuff...it was raining though...so I didn't snap that many photos...my precious cam and stuff...only when the rain paused for minutes kinda... anyways.... a few of my photos from yesterday. Hope to take more today - haven't really taken my "community" picture for the week yet - too much rain to plan any sensible shot kinda. But - am soon headed out to meet an old friend I haven't seen in ages...will snap some piccies along the way :)

Re. last post: Would still love to know more about you too!
And - Kathrine thought I should mention this: You get to be a paid SAHM for about a year for in Norway. Depends a lil about how long you've been working prior to the pregancy. Otherwise you get a one-time-payment. And she thinks Tromsø (Romsa?) will host the Winter Olympics in 2018. Well they can hope :p
Oh and the city I live in atm? It's best known for it's rain. As in. Always rainy. (Not really, but... :p)

A wet log :p

A water-measurer..

Met my kiddo at school..
Kiddo & his gf ;)

Alright. There's an interesting thread over at Bad Girls where people tells a lil about their homearea.... I find it amusing and interesting reading about other peoples countries/areas...in their own words....I wrote this about Norway.....please don't take it for pure fact....this is my limited knowledge/experience.... I might have gotten the facts wrong some places....but I tried to write what came to my mind when telling about Norway....figured it'd be fun to share here too :p
And because I can't post without a photo of some kind; here's an old one from last february..one of the rare days when there was snow around..taken in my backyard/back of the garden at the old house..look! Flare!!

Funny :) Well, I live in Norway...I grew up in Oslo, the capital of Norway...actually I was born in South Korea but I was adopted when I was 7mo old so I have no memories from my time there....

Norway is a fairly large country really - slightly larger than Germany.... but because of the landscape (lots of mountains) there's not that many people living here.....close to 5million people atm... the density is 12/km^2 according to wikipedia...(to compare.....in England (England only, not GB) the density is 388.7/km^2 ...Germany..which's only slightly smaller than Norway in area's got 230.9/km^2.... quite a diff :)

Norway is part of Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Denmark)..... lots and lots of fjords along the western coast....(According to A hithickers guide to the galaxy the creator of Norways fjords got a prize for them ;) )

Hm. Oslo.... I used to love the city...it was my city...despite what the papers wrote I felt safe there....I didn't mind walking home from the subway or nightbus after a night out.... now...Im scared and sad heh... I don't know if it's because I moved from Oslo when I was 18 or because I got children and another perspective on life....I think the latter....hm...I digress...

Oslo is the capital and the biggest city.... at the SEish part of Norway... about 500.000 people lives there I think...big concentration of foreginers... everybody moves to Oslo kinda...
I moved to Bergen when I was 18.. to study here and fell in love w/my hubs so I stayed here....it's at the western coast of NOrway... Bergen is the 2nd biggest city in Norway..I live about 10min outside of the city at an island with like only 30.000 people (hey correct me if Im wrong!)...

In Norway....there's a lot of wooden houses....I mention this because I know wood is kinda sacred at some parts of the world.... so some foreginers usually remark that there's a lot of wooden houses here.... esp outside the cities.... while there's a lot of "blocks" (not sure on the spelling? tall/large buildings where theres lots of apartments together) in the cities there's also a lot of people living in their own houses esp outside the cities...

The roads sucks here.....seriously.....we have had a number of swedes visiting lately....they all go wtf the road sucks once they get in to NOrway from Sweden... :p

We're a monarch...we got a king and stuff.... but he has no real power..it's mostly just name/tradition.... we have a parliament..democratic parliament....prime minister...

The religion...we have a state Church of Norway....everybody who's born are registered to this automatically....you have to tell them to not be in their lists kinda...according to wikipedia about 83% are members of Church of Norway.....which is lutherian btw.. only 10% attend church regulary though... and there's huge debates (but has been so for the last 20 years or so at least :p) about separating state and church....guess it'll go on for another 20 year :roll:

Hmhm more? *scratch* We have a nice health service...well.....it's being complained about at lot..but at least it's free when it comes to necessarities (sp?).... like.... someone in my extended family married a woman from South Africa...and she was amazed that giving birth was free....according to her they had to pay for all the controls during the pregancy and equipment and stuff used for giving birth at hospitals in SA (which in turn amazed me - please correct me if this is incorrect..I believe there's someone from SA here too?).

We don't homeschool... at least it's very very unusual that I know of. All children are required to attend school from 6-um... 15 I think... then the majority continues school (high school?) from 16-18...but it's not obligatory.... a large number moves on to college/university..more and more the last years..

Military...boys are required to serve the military for a year when they're 18...usually they're like, sent up north haha.... if they can't do the military due to various reasons they're to do community service instead (a lil longer than a year)...girls can apply but for now it's not obligatory for them...

Sports....soccer (which we call football) is the main sport no 1 I guess :p Skiing and stuff are popular too... oh yeah..we have snow...sometimes :p At the western coast (where I live) it's more usual having a much milder climate than north/east.

I'm contemplating taking part of a photochallenge that's about taking photos of your community once a week. I'll share the photos on my blog if anyone's interested in seeing how it is around here...havent started yet but fairly sure I will...:)

If you actually have read all this...and would like to tell me about your area...I'd totally LOVE to read! On the BG forum or your blog or in the comments whatever - just let me know and I'd really love to learn more :) Norwegians..feel free to correct me haha :p

Now. New dugnadschallenge coming tonight! Stay tuned cause it's seriously a cool one! :D

party under the willow!
©2007 Ardent Photography LLC

I am in the process of filling a few orders. I came across this lovely formal photo from September of 2007. I love the tree, the colors and the pose of the wedding party.

The past two days I've been smiling ear to ear. I just love going back to the weddings I've photographed. I remember the moments and I love seeing what photos you choose for your prints. I am so honored to be part of such a special day in your life. It is so fulfilling to know that these photographs will be treasured by your family forever.